Racing Catamaran as a Minimalist Liveaboard? | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 3

We’re on Orcas Island. We’re going to see Nice Pair. Here we are 10 minutes before we’re supposed to leave to go look at Nice Pair. Lauren’s doing photo work. And I’m still editing video. So it’s taken me 10 years to get here
but I’m finally able to work remotely. I have a partnership in a digital creative
agency and I can work anywhere we can get internet. I’m able to do some work remotely as well mainly photo and video editing. The boat were going to see in
Seattle is called Nice Pair. We knew about the boat because it was pretty famous in the Great Lakes racing circles. A friend of mine has sailed on the boat
in one of the races and I knew that she was for sale a couple years ago when the
current owner bought her and I was pretty upset that I missed the
opportunity. I was very excited to see her on the market again and pretty pumped to head up to Seattle to take a look. We’re in Seattle. You have mine and I have yours. The trip itself to get to the boat was
quite an adventure we took a train a plane another train and then two ferries to get to the boat. You forgot the bus and the taxi. And the paddle board. [Laughing] The first ferry took us from Seattle to
Friday Harbor which is kind of the main hub in the San Juan Islands. Hi puppy! [Whistling] Hey buddy! Fido?… Rex… Paws?… Awh, those are terrible names. We had a couple hour layover in between
our ferries so we got to spend a little time walking around the town and getting
some lunch. It was a cool little place and I so wish we would have had more
time to spend there. Are you coming or going? We are going to Orcas. Going to look at a boat. Oh really? What kind? A catamaran. Nice! We took a train and a plane, and another train and two ferries and I wish we were staying longer than like 14 hours. It’s longer than 14 hours. Ok like 8 waking hours? Ya. [Laughing] This is where I’d wanna go someday with a van, spend some time just hanging out. AAHHH! It’s our hotel. There’s our bed. And there’s Nice Pair. I’m so happy right now. So I have a confession to make. Oh yeah? I told them then it was an anniversary special trip. [Laughing] Are you serious? I said if there’s anything you could do to make our trip a little bit extra special. I’d greatly appreciate it. Really? So that’s why we got an upgraded to a room with a view. Because we paid for the cheapest shittiest room in this place
right over the kitchen and they probably gave us one of the nicest rooms in this
whole place. Alright let’s go look at a boat! [Singing] Going on a nice pair hunt.. Going on a nice pair of hunt. [Laughing] Welcome to Nice Pair. We made it! That’s your double berth, babe. No I mean technically this is. Is there a kitchen in here? Ya I think it’s in the other hull. That’s a hole. Still have standing headroom here. which is nice. Chicago Yacht club. Maybe we should just do bunk beds. Jackpot What is that? This is what sailing is all about! What else do you have down there? Ohh that’s adorable. Cutest fishing rod ever. We’ve got some water in the bilge. This is definitely old boat. There’s holes
everywhere. In fact it’s as old as me. And there’s just so much stuff that’s
changed and done differently and patched and like what’s rotten like that’s wet. Let’s go topside. That boats name is Bob. The trimaran? It’s beautiful. Chilly, pine trees. Smells wild. So if that boat’s name is Bob… is it still a she? We live down in San Diego. Oh, whereabouts? Oceanside. Ok, I’m from San Diego. Moved here about 6 years ago. It’s a beautiful area this is our first
time up here. Are there accommodations in the boat? Not much! [Laughing] This particular boat was built with just tramps like this and then after the fact to come in and build a deck in a deck house. Oh okay. So the plans originally can make it…. Yea. So he bought it to race it. And it’s stripped down. It’s a fast boat. It holds a hell of a lot of sail. I’ve been seeing it here for the past couple of months. Are you going to buy it? Thinking about it! That’s a seal! Oh, he’s eating off the boat?! Ya I think so. I think you’re right. So what do you think? It’s a fixer-upper… I don’t know. She feels nice. Just super spartan. Kind of like a tree
house. Can we live in a tree house? If the tree house has a sink. Ya it was missing a sink. And a place to keep your toes warm? Toes warm? Yeah because my feet are freezing. Laughing] What do you think? It’s a sweet catamaran. it’s very technical. I think there’d be a lot to learn. Cause it’s a race boat? I like it. I do too! We’d have to put some money into it. And how much would it be to build the deck house? Cuz we need that. After inspecting the boat in person we decided that we really liked this boat. I really wanted to go do a sea trial because I needed to get a sense of how this boat moved through the water. I also wanted to figure out how the boat came apart and went together on a trailer so that if we did buy the boat we could do that ourselves. I called the owner and agreed to fly up two weeks later to help him
take the boat from O rcas across to Anacortes This is hour you haul out a 38 ft beach cat. There we’d disassemble it load it onto the
trailer so he could take it back to his place in Reno Nevada. In the end after three
round-trip tickets to Seattle… many rounds of negotiations with the seller… We didn’t end up getting the boat. It did require a lot of work before we could actually move aboard and cruise on it. I was pretty heartbroken for a while but I think we’re gonna be better off. I got my bag. [Lauging] And that one is mine. I got my bag. See ya Nice Pair. We’re about to move out of California.

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