Power Rangers Cosmic Drift | Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Racing Cars

Power Rangers Cosmic Drift | Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Racing Cars

(powerful rock music) (sinister laughing) Excellent. Finster, make me a monster. (speaking in foreign language) (wacky laughing) (door knocks) Huh? (screams) Alpha, our friends,
Peelander-Z have been kidnapped. We must save them. Oh no. My favorite band. Ay yi yi. Assemble the team of Drift Rangers. Right away Zordon. (car engine revving)
(tires screeching) Can I please have your autograph? Of course.
(powerful rock music) (watches beeping) I’m sorry sweety, but I gotta go. [Man] It’s Morphin Time. Triceratops. Pterodactyl. Mastodon. Sabertooth Tiger. Tyrannosaurus. [Rangers] Power rangers. Teleporting now. (mystical rumbling) [Zordon] The Putty’s van
is on the mountain pass. You must hurry, before it’s too late. We’re on our way. (trap music)
(cars racing) Come on guys. Let’s get em. (tires screeching) Watch that ledge. (loud trap music) (tires screeching) I see em. I’m going ahead. (tires screeching) [Alpha] You’re gaining on them. Keep going. (car engine revs) Ah-ha. There you are. You mind if I cut in? [Tyrannosaurus] By all means, my friend. (tires screeching)
(funky trap music) Hoo. You like that? Watch out those are booby traps. (trap thuds)
(melodic trap music) [Pterodactyl] I’m hit.
My steering is dead. (car crashes loudly) Are you okay? Yeah. I think so. (power wrench whirring) [Tyrannosaurus] Guys. They got away. (Putty laughs) Got em. Rangers, we found the Puttys. They’ve just delivered the band to Boulderdash and Roach
Sputnik on Industry Island. Ay yi yi. This doesn’t look good. They’re building some type of weapon. They’re here. (laughs maniacally) Excellent. Quickly, hook them up to the cannon. Get down here boulder brain. Yes, yes, they’ll do. Come on. (car engines roar) What’s your status. Right behind you. All fixed up and ready to rock. They’re gonna drain the band’s energy to power the cannon and destroy a city. Not if we have anything to say about it. (powerful trap music)
(tires screeching) They’re in range. So nice of you to join the party. Just a little more juice. (Peelander-Z screaming) Our cannon will be at full charge. (tires screeching) (car engines roaring) (funky trap music) (frantic screaming) Hurry, they’re closing in. (trap music)
(cars racing) We need to slow them down. Blast them. Heat laser.
(laser fires) [Tyrannosaurus] Incoming. (lasers firing) (ethereal trap music) Time for a little bowling. (Ranger yells in a foreign language) How do they drive like that? (car engines roaring)
(tires screeching) Whoa, that was a close one. (loud trap music) (boulders crashing)
(lasers firing) [Tyrannosaurus] It’s
time to take this trip, Cosmic. Go Rangers. You can do it. They must. It’s our only hope to free the band. (Puttys yelling) Calculating for angle, velocity, torque. Yes. The Cosmic Drift we’re
opening will create a vortex that’ll send these monsters
back where they came from. (mystical whirring) Copy that. Let’s send it, dudes. Okay, warm em up. (tires screeching) Almost there. (Puttys yelling loudly) Ready? [Rangers] Ready. ♫ Go, go Power Rangers (car engines roaring) It’s working. ♫ Go, go Power Rangers Arg, curse you Earthling. (explosive whooshing)
(Puttys yelling) You haven’t seen the last of us. Morphenomenal. Yes. The band is safe. Congratulations Rangers. When you work together,
you can do anything. Recharging Peelander-Z. Peelander Z. (punk rock music) [Zoltar] Excellent
driving Drift Rangers. (crowd cheers) You saved Peelander-Z and
defeated the monsters. They’ll be back. Stay vigilant. Let’s rock. (energetic punk music) ♫ Mad tiger ♫ Mad tiger ♫ Mad tiger (heavy rock music) (energetic punk music) Are you ready? Yeah. Let’s do it. Let’s go. (frantic yelling) (screaming) (cheering) (energetic punk music) ♫ Mad tiger, mad tiger, mad tiger (laughs) (bass drum thumps)

86 thoughts on “Power Rangers Cosmic Drift | Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Racing Cars

  1. This video is about cart racing Power Rangers but uses the mighty morphing Rangers instead of the turbo Rangers >:/

  2. WTF?……..those cars did look kind of cool though and the drifting was awesome. It does really annoy me though that this was all MMPR based when Turbo would have been perfect for something like this.

  3. I'll admit, I definitely liked this. I didn't understand it, but I liked it. Although I would like to point out, it needs some eurobeat to fuel the P O W E R D O R I F T O . . .

  4. They're up and flying as they gun their cars around the track, morphin' and slamming pedals like they're never coming back. Adventures waiting just AHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAD!


  5. Blue Ranger – 2012 Toyota GT86
    Pink Ranger – 1993 Nissan Silvia
    Red Ranger – 1990 Nissan Silvia
    Yellow Ranger – 1995 Nissan 240SX
    Black Ranger – 2013 Ford Mustang GT

  6. i bet you that when ninja steel ends the one after that will be uchu sentai and it will be named Power Rangers Cosmic Drift
    I BET YOU ALL ON THIS ONE it will happen

  7. Cosmic Drift sounds like the name of a Future Power Ranger Season! And it could be if you know what the next Super Sentai is, WINK WINK!

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