Police say booze-fuelled riot was planned

Police say booze-fuelled riot was planned

Police say a booze-fuelled riot that broke out at the BW Festival
in Gisborne last night was planned “by the main agitators”. More than 80 people were injured
and seven were taken to hospital after the riot
that lasted three hours and led to 63 arrests. The riot broke out in two
of the festival campgrounds around 5.30pm with police being pelted
with cans and other objects. Vehicles were also flipped
and several fires were lit. Police say the riot had been planned
by a group of drunk festival-goers before a “mob mentality” developed.

4 thoughts on “Police say booze-fuelled riot was planned

  1. When I observe the mindless antics of the crowd in the above clip, I am forever assured that my own idiotic antics during my formative years were not so idiotic after all.

  2. NZ at its finest…. Well done Aotearoa and welcome to a brand new year hope the parents of these kids are so damn proud!!

  3. As someone who also attend RnV there was evidence of potential unruly behaviour brewing by the 4th day.  We were most unfortunate to be in this campsite when the riots broke out which started with tent fires been lit across all sections of the camp.  A small minority of alcohol fuelled campers were egged on by youth who stood by and watched the carnage unfold.  A Security vehicle was tipped over during this time and fences dividing  the four camps were rushed by up to 300 youth who chanted '5,4,3,2,1 Green Beans' pre action. Should campers have been informed of the rules regarding division of camps and the change of access to campsites pre ticket sales this may have never occurred. Lets hope if there is a 2015 RnV that the planning is thoroughly thought out covering the BW demographic mindset.

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