Panama City Pirates (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 37

Panama City Pirates (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 37

Really? so much more Say container ship off say container ship up Tugboat after every kind of art A bit of History You can think of jet skis that was not just Yeah, just crazy by closing a large wake wake up, Elena women But bags today, but I’ve just come outside and you know the sun’s coming up and I think I think it’s all worth the awful sleep some to say this in the morning Balboa yacht Club is their styling vessel [Lavaca] [bonded] power water taxi portable? at the Bellboy yacht club water Taxis run 24 hours a day for free and we were only a five-dollar taxi ride from the City center So this is what I’ve been saying for the past week at the bulb or your class [marina] [up] here and rex is a bit of a legend rexy the water taxi save me a bit of work [to] Time the leaf that flies of your tender on and off. There’s also a laundromat here. Which is super cheap It’s 50 cents a wash and dry Toilet shower blocks freestanding and restaurant, which [is] awful. It’s pretty awful We just got [back] from the supermarket and as we were unloading all of the stuff All of the groceries onto a car a drunk dude goes that’s my cart if you want to use it you got a painting Then I was helping alone to do that and some other guy goes I’ve got your gas fitting which you’ve been after for about a week So I like to run off and now Elena is over with the drunk dude on the boat Unloading off of it Unloading all the shopping and I’m thinking I’m going to get in trouble when I get home Doesn’t he know? Okay monique. Hello, jim. Oh, not me. She didn’t give you any money. No no no dinero [oh], no, no, no Dinero – [okay] Okay, [a] lovely lady code Emma took us for a tour of a city. She calls home. Do you mind if I film you I? tell my [boyfriend] he’s australian yeah – yes, and he’s Obsessive, we’re really [likable] [I] want [I] wonderful and he both a favor everything he have to our fix yeah to fix yeah, I have to do many jobs there, but It’s a project. Yeah, he’s right. That’s really cool Basically the City is divided into two Parts one being the old town which is filled with cute little alleyways and has a very rich [history] will have a new This altar here they when the pirates were coming. They painted it black so they didn’t know it was cold Henry Morgan And there was there was old tunnels connecting the different churches So when the [fire] would come they’d like pull the lid off the tunnel Jump down underneath applied in one and go from Church to church hiding from the pirates massive energy shields burning them and The other part of the town is [the] new town or the [city] We much preferred hanging out in the old town drinking coffee and catching live music at some of the many cool bars and restaurants So I became pretty interested in the pirates and the history of panama And I ended up organizing a tour with a guy [for] [one]. This is my new friend one is that to a guy for the day is going to show us all about Panama City one of the Interesting things that I did learn was that the reason for all of the pirate [activity] in the area was because so much 60% of the gold Actually came to panama and then up [through] the portobello the name Portobello is Spanish for beautiful port before it was all Transported from there bullshit to spine so insane amounts of gold lots of Angry violent Pirates mMM This trail here was where the gold and silver was taken by [mill] to and from Panama City and Portobello? It is called the Royal Trail. I Also, learned that some of the local alcohol was related to the history of the area. I start with a bounce all right. Thanks, okay Now below the conquistador discovered the South Seas in 1513 he incorrectly named it because he crossed the panamanian isthmus from North to South This was eventually renamed by Magellan as the pacific Balboa was well-liked and made friends with a benevolent approach to the local Indians until he was beheaded by padres de Avila who founded Panama City in 1519 Where are we right? We’re at Old kind of market seadrill, so this was the central point of panama back in the day That’s where we just were out there in 1572 Sir Francis drake sacked the town of Nombre their deals which is close to Portobello? but no longer exists, L bracket as it was eventually known as Intercepted a mule line close by carrying huge amounts of gold making him rich and famous He sailed around the world and something Spanish, Armada There was no way you could come in here all these candles pointing that way Across on the other [shore] you can see Kernels at the bottom and higher above Pointing that way there was another fort which was this pamphlet to construct the canal over at the corner which had more cameras point? In that way and there is another fort over there with more cannons pointing that way you don’t even have to Aim you just shoot that you feed whatever is coming into the bay so I had it henry Morgan get in here and He came from behind from the land That’s why he was able to take [expecially] this fort and then the next one [and] the next one Yes, I’ll try captain Morgan. [thanks]. Okay. Thank you very much Captain Morgan the true pirate [themed] Buccaneer and privateer Henry Morgan successfully attacked Portobello in 1668 he later attacked the very beautiful fourth of San Lorenzo [on] his way down [to] panama I’m here at San Lorenzo Fort and this is where Henry Morgan started his Attack down to Panama city is where it all started he sacked the city of panama in 1671 But was unable to get most of the gold because whilst the pirates were getting completely drunk the Galleon lusts and TcM attorney Dad left port loaded with most of the gold As you can see there is a rich nautical history in the area of Panama City Rally was only able to scratch the surface here But he really does love those parts while Rally did his little history tour I jumped on a bus to the gamboa rainforest To check out an animal shelter These volunteers rescue injured animals from all around the area some of the animals being slots Are Gertie’s Which are just the weirdest little creatures? I’ve seen in a while. [I] know what you want Rothchilds Porcupines small crocs alligators and [ant] Eaters Iguanas and a Few years ago a local man bought in what he literally thought was an injured [Kitt] turns out She’s a very rare species of leopard with a wild gene She’s gotten so big now and will soon be moved to another larger shelter out of the country for breeding That very morning a tiny baby sloth had just been brought in after it had fallen out of a tree It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in [my] life female hormones raging. Oh my gosh Is that even real? when we don’t man Going up going up Jill The that is billion laser shield for the galapagus trip So we can get back to tidy time you to [fire] from your throat Wait, it blocks my mouth They do fingers get to the food oh More jobs [out] there. You’re the man. Thank you Okay, this is [Retin-a] Carolina in the office of the Marina and that’s photo legend say [Mm-Hmm] Thanks for having us guys that [one-day] jump and welcome thank you. Thank you. This is your home. Yeah, yeah What did something and we’re off yeah? They’re fine? No much [win] no mucho wind off $10. Yeah well, I didn’t think it would be that as an Island, but we just We’re still in the panama in our channel That we’re in a head in between these little markers that you can see all the way back to the bridge and [then] we’ll be heading south and Then over there’s Galaxias Gallup Argos We’ve had this vinegar up for a few hours, and then we jawed and now there’s this strange noise coming So I’ve got a hammer [we’ve] never heard it before and we can not find where it’s coming from I think it’s where the shackle goes around is a ring like this up further And I’ve got a shackle around that and then a block So I think there’s it quite a bit of load on [it], and as it moves. It goes like can come around around here very [annoying] sound shocking either. It’s alright though. Hey. It’s not going to cause but it’s not going to break a cord damn it It’s absolutely no wind so just turn on the engine and we’re gonna murder for a few hours. Yeah luck [metal] breath ready One thing we’ve just gotten done too is podcast [if] you haven’t already done So I highly recommend downloading some podcast Especially if you had it seen you don’t have a large crew it sort of makes you feel less alone Having another voice talking to you, and you’re learning my Alex see It’s just really [proven] [gum] if I were making a stupidity scale I would make the high scores [being] fiat be lots of stupidity right like let’s go all the way [we’re] doing the ironing crow me, babe – ality Easy Now you’re exercising or thinking online. We are acquired in like late Come on [rick] [you’ll] I mean you’re like probabilities and things things like that right you know So I’m not sure he’s gonna see seed there, but I think conceptually Dancing in time you know you can imagine all the geniuses you know Lehman brothers Stay tuned for our 5-day sow to the galapagos. We are greeted by countless Marine one We have a pirate scare, and we prepare la vega for her arrival to the Galapagos whilst at sea Which we’ve forgot to do before [leaving] Hello, everybody The Vagabond has just signed up to Twitter So if you guys think you might be interested in reading some of Rally’s our Twitter updates then the link is in the description below Thank you for watching guys

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