Our Sailboat Purchase Fell Apart | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 5

Our Sailboat Purchase Fell Apart | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 5

Last time on Sailing Soulianis Love! This is the next stage of our life. Bye San Diego. This would be an absolute daunting task, having to do the finish work. Yeah. That’s why having someone like Jack to help is an exciting proposition. We are under contract with a boat which we’ll hopefully close on in June. and before that the owner is gonna make
a bunch of improvements for us as part of the deal There she is. this is the first time we’ve seen it with the cover off. It’s had this big
giant plastic sheet covered with dust and bird crap. Well now the bird
crap is on the deck, but… We’ve been able to walk around without crawling
underneath the plastic and… it’s cool. Alright. Here’s the galley. We’ve got our
gimballed stove, which needs to be freed because at the moment it hits the back
wall and sticks, apparently Double sink. Our main food storage area. Quarter berth. That’s our guest house. For one adult and one toddler. Chart table, which Jack is currently finishing. Pilot berth. I’m kind of excited to sleep in that. It looks perfectly my size. And look at Kirk’s feet. They don’t touch. They don’t even touch. And that’s my head banging spot over there. Gonna have to get used to that. And these things are awesome. Look at that. Pops right up. So where are you now? I’m in the v-berth. Which isn’t really a birth anymore. No. Forward sail storage locker and chain locker. And the head. So we’ve got a spot where our compost toilet is going to go. That is the biggest area for storage on the boat. So maybe we put a bike up there. Yeah! A folding bike. We should definitely put a big up there. Or two. Oh, look at that. We were wondering where all our sheets were, ha ha they’re right here. Oh my god. We may need to get out of here soon. Moratorium on boat puns? Wow what goes down there? Cool. Oh and Jack was really excited to show us — I mean as excited as an 80-year-old can get… Yeah it was pretty excited To show us our companionway
screens. So we can keep the bugs out. Alright, I think that’s it. What do you think? I think that’s the boat White. Red. Night light. In the red-light district. How amazing is it going to be to have this thing in the water? There’s a heck of a lot to do before then. 1. Remove sink 2. Sand companionway handles 3. Measure and mark anchor chain 4. Fabricate & finish chainplate covers 5. Test windlass. 6. Inspect water tank Did I guess the right size? That never happens! 7. Install portlight screens Alright now are they’re no screws showing? So we’ve been here what? Four days? Five days? We’ve just been cleaning organizing, kind of trying to understand
the boat. Today we finally started tearing stuff apart. Painted the anchor chain. Now we’re trying to figure out what’s going on with the freshwater system and trace all the plumbing lines and figure out what we need to replumb. And we just took a lunch break to catch some vitamin D. And now we’re gonna go back at it. 8. Clean bilge All sorts of goodies in the bilge. It’s a very therapeutic process. Getting all the gunk out of the boat. Ok. So then this goes back to something
so we gotta figure out… follow number one goes in and on this sitting it goes out and goes to this hose here Alright so let’s follow this hose. So we
gotta go it down into the engine. So we need to figure out which one of these it is. I’m assuming it’s this one then right
here which goes yeah I need to get into the quarter berth. So the good news is we’ve got some extra length in these hoses to reroute
in here if we want to. Can you hold my feet? Yeah there we go. Now I’ve got some leverage. Does it go to the side of the hull or to the deck? okay yeah so that looks to me like it’s
curving and then following the side of the hull back. OK. Cause I think that just might be a vent then. I wish Craig was here. 10. Replace missing pushpit support. Craig was our amazing neighbor in Oceanside. He was a mechanic and knew
everything there is to know about anything that needs knowing. I need him. Craig I need you! 11. Trace refrigeration lines 12. Clean galley 13. Remove bedding Here. Thank you. I feel like I’m going to break something that we maybe do end of wanting to keep. 14. Remove plumbing for head That’s usually how this sh*t goes. There we go. Ahh haaa! Well, there’s that. Project done. A patch over that and then put a big
washer. 15. Add larger washer to bitter end To prevent the chain from ripping through that? Yeah. If it ever came to it. 16. Figure out pressure water system The way that this works is water would
come in through this thru hole here goes through this strainer so we would
basically plumb this to this. Through the pumps…There’s dual pumps – I don’t know
why but there’s two pumps. Comes back out through here and is now pressurized and
if you’re drawing water it will just spit pressurized water out this way
so that would go to this connection which is our wash down hose and if
you’re not drawing water and it needs to pump it just pumps right into there. So there’s no other lines leading away from it towards the sink in the galley
or anything like that. Mm mm. So this is an entire pump just for the
wash down. I think so. That seems kind of… crazy. Mm-hmm. Well, maybe we should go ask Bob and Debbie. I think we should. Let’s go do it. This is when disaster strikes. We walked over to talk to Bob and Debbie
who are friends of Jack’s and who actually helped Jack with a lot of
projects on Tokrimo. Before we could even ask them about the water system
they asked us if we had heard what happened to Jack. That’s when we learned
that Jack had just fallen down the stairs and went into emergency surgery
because he broke his back we were just floored. we felt so bad for
Jack. Kirk and I went back to Tokrimo and sat in the salon and I put my head
in my hands and started crying because, besides poor Jack and hoping that he’s
not going to be paralyzed, we knew that our dream with this boat was probably
coming to an end We have not closed on the boat yet.
The purchase was contingent upon Jack who’s a master woodworker to finish out a
lot of the woodworking of the boat. by the 20th of June.
Neither Lauren or I have the woodworking skills to do this. We had been focusing
on putting in the systems. We spent last week mapping that all out. And figuring out what we needed to buy to make that happen. We figured that was a good way for us to
learn the systems of the boat while Jack finished the woodworking. But without him
being able to finish the woodworking there’s absolutely no way that we’re
gonna make it out of the Great Lakes this summer. There would be no one able
to do the work that he does. And, he wasn’t about to hire another woodworker to do it for him either this is his baby He loves the boat. Today
we’re driving back to the boatyard to put back into the
boat the exact things that we had just pulled out of the boat so that we could
work on it because we now unfortunately are thinking we’re gonna have to back
out of this deal. Sucks. At this point we had moved out of our house, sold our car. We had been crashing at our parents houses for the last seven months expecting any day
to find a boat and close on it and move onto the boat. Yeah. Get out of the house. This
one was right at the beginning of the very short Great Lakes sailing season. If
we were going to be spending the next half a year or longer working on this
boat that means we wouldn’t have been out sailing this season. We were partway
through this summer already and we were back to square one. It felt like — and
this is selfish — it felt like the universe was conspiring against us. It
made us question whether or not we were supposed to be doing this: Are we
actually supposed to be buying a boat and going cruising or should we be
buying a house and getting a job again? we know the old saying that you can’t
have plans while sailing but we weren’t sailing yet. We really desperately
wanted to go sailing before we had kids We’re not 20-somethings. We we want to go
out and sail for a year or two before we have kids and we need to have kids in a
year or two future so this was kind of the make-or-break moment. We’ve put a lot of effort into this and we’ve pulled a lot of strings to make this happen this has been our dream for more than 10
years. We’re sort of left with no options but now to look for another boat
it’s just sucks because we we already feel bad enough that Jack has fallen
down the stairs and broken his back and now we’re going to tell them that we’re
not buying his boat anymore. Going backwards. We just bought a boat! you

93 thoughts on “Our Sailboat Purchase Fell Apart | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 5

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  30. Hello,

    Really do appreciate your time subtitling your episodes as I'm profoundly deaf and love watching these shows. It's unfortunate news about Jack but there are plenty other good deals out there. That boat did look really good for a couple!

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