Our Home on the Reef – Free Range Sailing Ep 57

Our Home on the Reef – Free Range Sailing Ep 57

– Most of these hang a little bit deeper, than what our draft is. Like, all the actual
line itself will be down. If you’re just gonna jump
on a boat or do most of your free diving, I would recommend
just getting a weight belt. – So, we’re off to the outer edge. (slow techno music) – It’s a pretty hefty old coral trout. So, I actually think that
that maximum size limit is to protect anglers against ciguatera. (slow techno music) – We’ve just dropped the mooring. We had a good dive on that bombie. Saw some Dogtooth tuna. Troy got down to 25 meters. I reckon I got down to 20. You can see the marks on my
face from the mask pressing on my head and now we’re going to
go anchor on this sand quay. And, it’s going to be beautiful
calm weather tomorrow. So, we’re going to out
exploring on the wild side. Where you can see the waves
crashing at the moment. Yeah, lots more to do
tomorrow and lots more diving. It’s awesome. (heavy bass music) – So that blue cylinder
is a GPS unit solar panels and stuff like that, and, you
can see that there’s a strobe strapped to it as well. At night time that will kick off. We got a nice big pinkie there. Most of these hang a little
bit deeper than what our draft is, like all the actual
line itself will be down. – [Pascale] Yeah. All the hooks and that. – But this, this is not one
that’s drifted in from Asia. This is one of the local Australian ones. So hopefully, I mean this
has drifted off where they would have wanted
it to have been deployed, but they’ll come back
and pick this one up. Everything is in really
new condition, you know. This is not like a ghost line. – [Pascale] No. – It’s just in the wrong spot. But it’s definitely, if you’re
going to be cruising around in the coral sea and you see
something like that, [laughs] Be very careful around it you know. That’s a tuna long line. I wanna get some nice clean sand. I don’t wanna touch any
coral with the anchor chain. – [Pascale] You don’t
want any grading, yeah. – (heavy bass techno music) – Move to the bomby. – [Pascale] We had two dives. – The bomby. We checked out a long line. – [Pascale] Oh, we
checked out a long line. And, we saw Dogtooth tuna, and you dove to 25 meters. – Doggies. 25 meter free dive. – [Pascale] I probably dove
the furthest I’ve ever dove. – You did pretty close. Like you did between 80 and 20, I reckon. – [Pascale] Yeah, I think
those last couple of days, looking at the clown fish were quite deep. – It was interesting to use the torch. That under water footage
that we just shot then was our new Sony cam. (laughs) Attached to a metal plate. Alright, to give it some heft and I threw my little lead
lens a torch on there as well. – [Pascale] Your _ – So, there’s a pretty janky
sort of set up, wasn’t it? I made sure that when I had the camera it was sort of aimed in the same … I can’t undo it now. In the same direction that the torch was. I had it actually down like that. Well, I think that those
Dogtooth, they came right up. So, I think they were quite
intrigued by the little light. – [Pascale] The light, yeah. What’s that? – Not much scares a dog tooth
tuna, because they’re just heavy metal machines, but
yeah they’re very curious. You know, they really want
to investigate things. – [Pascale] This is the charging station. How much have was got? How many hours are coming up? Three hours are coming up. – [Troy] That’s not too bad. – [Pascale] So, we’re charging the Canon battery. That’s flat. See one flash of red light. We’re charging the Lanza battery. Troy’s iPhone 4S. I don’t even know how this
thing still works, but it does. – [Troy] I’m only charging that
to get the sat phone number for my mate Tim. – [Pascale] Yeah, you never use the thing. – No. – [Pascale] You use it to make phonecalls. – As soon as we put a
little bit of charge on, I can open that and get that number out. That’s it (laughs). If you call us you
normally speak to Pascale. – [Pascale] But anyway and
I’m using my phone right now, and that’s charging too. So, three point one apps. – [Troy] And this camera
will soon be going back in, as soon as I’ve got it loaded. – [Pascale] The Sony’s flat. So, you’ve got to charge that too. – Alright, we’re going
to go for another dive, and we’ve had a number of
questions about our dive gear. Mainly, actually people
asking what’s this red vest. And, it’s just something
made out of vinyl. Stitched together and basically
it’s just a whole series of pockets that you can put these, whoops. So, you’ve got these three pound or one and half kilo dive weights. They’re pretty common. They go in each one of these pockets. As however much you need. What am I swimming around
with at the moment? I’m swimming around at two
and I’ve got them right there. The main thing is when
you’re a commercial diver, like I was, it’s not
unusual to spend about five, six hours a day in the
water, and if you’ve got your weight belt on the small
of your back, you know, like I felt it could
lead to some problems. And, also I was a hookah diver. It sounds a bit dodgy,
but what it really means is there’s a compressor on
the surface with a long hose, about 100 meters feeding the air, and that hose got caught in the current, sometimes if you were
free swimming with a boat following you, they
would be pulling on you. So, it would be always better
to have it attached here to your jacket, and then your shoulders could take the strain, much
like a dog in a harness. But, I don’t really need it any more, but I’m loathed to throw anything away. So I’ve kept it. And, I just find that it
gives, the way my weight is, just because the way guys are built. My legs are heavy anyway. My bum doesn’t float, like
Pascale, she swims like that. I don’t, I sink anyway, so
just having my weight uppermost gives me a nice flat
position in the water. But, I wouldn’t go racing
out and spending hundreds of dollars getting one of these made. If you’re just gonna jump
on a boat or do most of your free diving, I would recommend
just getting a weight belt. You’re not going to give
yourself a sore back just an hour or two a day at most. If you are gonna go for it, I like rubber. They’re comfortable, but
also as you’re diving down, if once you get good
at it, as you dive down water exerts pressure and
if you’re wearing a wetsuit, or anything or even your body,
that pressure squeezes you. You get skinnier. [Laughs]
Alright the wetsuit and you. A rubber belt, if you
have it nice and snug, and firm on the surface will actually, it’s in a stretch condition, and as you go down it
maintains its same tension. So, make sure on the surface
that they’re fairly tight, and when you go down you
won’t have your weight belt slipping up around your
ribs and looking silly. In another throwback to my
commercial days I still use these big long free diving fins and
it’s really for free diving they are the best. If you not that experienced
and you’re still mucking around with your buoyancy, these
things can probably cause a fair bit of damage to the coral. So, you know just be careful. But, these foot pockets, I’ve
actually had these for years, and this one I actually
took a hole punch to. If you find your fins
are a bit uncomfortable, say on this bone of your foot, it’s totally okay, and a
commercial sort of thing to do, to go get a hole punch
and whack, put a punch in. Try and get a nice circular hole punch. Don’t just cut it with something ragged or any sort of little nick
will lead off to a tear. This one I’ve sewn up
with a baseball stitch, probably about a year and a half ago, and it’s still hanging in there. But, if you make that a nice circle, if there are any tight spots in your fins, you can alleviate it by doing that. So, we use those. These are carbon fiber
blades, because I wore out my other blades commercial diving. We were doing what 500 hours
a year or something like that under water, so you run out of things, you know, you wear things down. So, we’re doing that and you’ll notice that I’ve got a full foot pocket. When I get these fins my
favorite way of fitting them on is you should be able
to just slip them on, and they’re quite loose, ‘cos fins push their way onto your foot. But, if you don’t want to end
up with a million blisters, go out and get yourself some
3ml mia-primed soft socks. You can get away with
footy socks or work socks for a little while, but nothing
really compares to these. They’re a bit more slippery,
you won’t get blisters and you’ll keep your little
tootsies a little bit warmer. – [Pascale] And, if you’re like me and you’ve got small ankles,
then you get thicker ones. – You get thicker ankles
after swimming (laughs). – [Pascale] (laughs) I never sprain my ankles actually. Like, I can roll my
ankle and I’ve never ever had a sprained ankle, a
rolled ankle or bruised ankle. Just because I’ve spent
so much time in these, I think that my ankles are
about the strongest part of me. Well, apart from my head. Dive masks? I don’t have too much to
say, ‘cos each one of them you really wanna suit your own
face and what you wanna do is when you’re buying a dog mask,
is you should be able to just put it on your face,
breath in very gently, and take it away, and it
should be a nice vacuum all the way around. You shouldn’t have to really
suck to make it stick. It should just wanna stick
there and the other thing is when you put it on, just
push the space where your eyes would normally be. If you just push there, make
sure there’s no contact. If I got hold of Pascale’s
mask and put it on. where it’s got this bit of plastic, that contacts that bone
right between there, my caveman bone, and after
just a small amount of time that would really cause an ache. So, they’re the things that you wanna get. You wanna get a nice seal for your face, ‘cos every face is different
and you wanna make sure that that part doesn’t get pressure on it, because that’s a total killer. I’ve seen a few people come up
onto our boats with a big red mark there and they’ll
retire with a headache, and they’re stuffed for the day. That’s about it. What do you reckon Pascale? – [Pascale] I’m about to get in the water. It’s rolling and I wanna (laughs). – Oh, one more thing, with snorkels, you can get all sorts of fancy snorkels, with little valves here and balls there. I like a really simple one,
particularly one I can fold up and put in smaller places. I don’t go for the big fancy
clearing valves and all that. I just want a simple one
with a decent size hole. You don’t want it too big,
so you’ve got a big dead air space and when I’m clearing
my snorkel, you’ll often see, if you’ve watched the
footage, just before I hit the surface, I’ll be tilting
my head back like that and I’ll be blowing the air out. So, when I come up my
snorkel’s actually clear. A lot of people you’ll see
they come to the top and then (snorts) they need a big
charge to blow it out. But if you tip your head back,
look at the sky and blow, (blows) just as you bring your head up, you’ll find that your
snorkel’s nice and clear, ready to rock and roll. – So, we’re off to the outer edge. Gonna do some diving. Looking for Gutters at the outer edge, so they’ll be some action. (bright techno music) What are we doing? 80? – I had to rank it up
just off the wild side. Here are Holmes Reef, this
is mostly where the waves are crashing on here, so
there’s not going to be lots of big delicate corals. There’s going to be some low
coral and things like that, but more we’re looking for rubble pans and it’s more of a fish dive here. I don’t you might have a
shark come up and see us. There’s deep water, it just
goes, ‘whoo’ just over there. – Yeah, out there is
just the deep dark blue. – Yeah, but this is nice and clear here, so it’s really great. – Yeah. – So, yeah just need to slip
into something less comfortable and dive in there. It might look like that we’re sponsored by the Carpentry Company here, that’s my mate’s Robbo’s company. He’s about as good a chippie
as he is a fisherman, so if you want some good timber
work done, give him a call, if you’re living in Cairns. (laughs) The Carpentry Company. (bright techno music) – [Pascale] Oh, we can
just jump off the boat and have a snorkel. (orchestral techno music) – That’s a pretty hefty old coral trout, but these are a blue spot, and they are also are hood boiler trout, Petraplomlavis, if you
wanna get really fancy. There’s a bag limit of five
but also the size limitation says a minimum size of 50 centimeters and a maximum size of 80 centimeters, because they’re a type of cod
or a grouper, if you like. They start life as
female and shift to male. So, the bigger ones would all be males. I actually think that
that maximum size limit is to protect anglers against ciguatera, because trout particularly,
on these coral sea reefs, and as you go further east
to Vanuatu and things, the larger groupers, the
larger reef predators, they start to become a ciguatera risk. So, this trout is, he’s
probably about 70 centimeters. Going by a hand span a meter. So he’s within size. That’s about as small as
they get around here as well, (laughs) it’s crazy. It’s not a great reef for coral, but it’s just alive with fish. (fish sizzling) I like these short trips
of only a month away. Got lemon with our fish. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got here. – [Pascale] It’s cooked in
butter and garlic and salt. Big flakes. – No knife required. – [Pascale] Coral trout flakes. – Well that was the end bit. Hmm. But … – [Pascale] Hmm. Simple pleasures, hey. – Golden cooked fish. Yum. – [Pascale] With sprout salad afterwards. – With lentil–
– [Pascale] – Lentil sprouts. – Once I’ve made some room in this bowl, then I’ll have some … (gentle techno music) – I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode of Free Range Sailing, and if you did give it like. Give it a thumbs up. Now, this is just a reminder
that our campaign on bonfire for a tee shirts is now
running and you’ve only got one more week to grab your tee
shirts, so you better hop to it and click on the link. Link? (laughs)

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