Our Favourite Sailing Destinations in New Zealand! Ep. 77

Our Favourite Sailing Destinations in New Zealand! Ep. 77

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  1. fishing is a incredible way for families to have fun i have a boat i fly i have a harley but honesly my family loves fishing more than anything i know you dont have kids but i havent met a kid that dosent love to fish we have fishing camps for inner city youth and its incredible whats accomplished love the vidioes ythanks guys

  2. I love the longer videos because it gives more of a feel of you life on the boat. I also like Rileys naration and history of the diffrent places you guys visit. Something about these older videos that seem to be more warm feeling. Not sure if its the camera or what? Loved the New Zealand visit videos! Thanks for sharing you two.

  3. You've asked a very important question. You spearfish smaller species for food and of course there is the element of the thrill of the chase in that. That appears to be sustenance focused and as long as that doesn't stress local populations I say good on ya'. You also have enjoyed the beauty of humpbacks and dolphins, and the thrill comes not from hooking and landing them but rather just experiencing them as they are. I think of Marlins as closer to the second category. Catch and release done properly for scientific tagging, sure. Hooking them just for a personal thrill while causing such stress? Not so good I feel. Any argument that "because there are so many worldwide what harm would come from sport fishing as many as we want?" isn't a sound one. There are clear indicators that billfish in general are being over fished and populations are declining towards less than sustainable levels. Minimizing your impact is the best path I feel.

  4. eat the fish…there's plenty for the casual fisherman. It's the bloody long liners and net guys that can tend to muck things up a bit.

  5. Hey guys, I'm late to your VLOG and channel, just catching up and enjoying the heck out of your videos whilst I sit here in Afghanistan! As an avid fisherman, I've fished quite a few places around the world. When I'm in a disadvantaged part of the world fishing, I'm always happy to give up our catch to the locals or the crew. They usually invite us to eat with them, and we gain great cultural experiences that way. Big game fishing and subsequent catch and release and tournaments that catch and release along with tagging all bring greater awareness to the over fishing issues and incidental kill with netting operations. I'm not a fan of harvesting or taking any animal and not using it for food. So catch and release for big game fish is great! Keep up the good work!

  6. I know this is a year old at this point but I stumbled into your channel a few days ago and I've been hooked. I watch the videos with the Closed Captions on because of reasons and I saw maybe the funniest thing that I've seen in the captions yet; at about 53:59 the message reads: (The captioner gave up trying to understand NZ/AUZ fisherman talk at this point). I've heard Aussies before and I applaud his efforts to even try to keep up as long as he had.

  7. i don't see anything wrong with hunting or fishing for food as long as its not done excessively and with consideration for the health of the hunted/fished species. hunting or fishing for sports or trophy is just a sad image to what we have become as humans.

  8. I fish in Florida and have not heard of any problems with Marlin Fiish,,, Thank you for your concern for the envirment.. Love you both…

  9. It doesnt seem hypocritical that leo lives a lifestyle with a ridiculous carbon footprint and preachs about the enviroment if you analized his personal impact with homes and yaghts and private jets but he drives a prius once in a while lmao…..i like him and his heart is prob in the right place but delusional….thats what happens when you are huge like that

  10. can some please tell me the name of the song playing at 20 mins! its killing me i cant find it anywhere!! thanks in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Well my first thoughts were, I wonder if that Marlin would go well in a Thai curry, Indian spices with coconut shavings wrapped in banana leaves or just plain chargrilled with butter or how do I preserve it for days until I land to sell to a local seafood restaurant. It can provide a lot of meat! However, I hear that it contains a lot of toxic mercury which can cause brain and liver damage , and I don't fancy eating a thermometer. so I would let it go.

  12. If the fish isn't endangered, I say filet it out and enjoy the bounty of the sea…or am I missing something? It's not like you're hanging it up on your wall or anything. You're not hurting anyone or the environment, so have at it. Either way, I love that you even ask the questions you do. I just started watching and I'm a big fan of your channel. Your life reminds me of the year I spent in Key West after college. Not sure if you've been down to the Keys yet, but it would be worth the trip I assure you. Stay safe and sail on sailor.

  13. 27 minute detour mid video to check out more Jack Pen music on the Soundcloud. Love that song! So regarding catch and release, I fished often for a good part of my life and one particular time comes to mind where I caught a grouper that was 1 measly inch under the limit. Still felt like a huge fish. Pulled that beauty up to the waterline, grabbed the hook with some large forceps which easily released the hook and watched that baby swim off. I love to eat grouper but I didn't feel bad about it one bit. My hope was that thousands of new grouper would come from that one act of selflessness. In my opinion, the most important things we have are each other and the earth so looking after those things yields benefits for us all. And though I never went for marlin, those giants you caught and released were amazing. I've never heard of anyone eating marlin and it's not something I'd ever want to try. I did think you were risking injury by not using gloves holding the nose on that fish but it looked like you had found your unicorn. I say keep the fish around for as long as we can so future generations can enjoy them and hopefully not despise our memories. Cheers and great video!

  14. Hey mate Aaron from the US. I know this is an post but I saw NZ on here and had to watch! My family is all from Oz and I love watching fishing around the Gold Coast, Taz and NZ. Anyway I'm a huge Fisherman over here and honestly my opinion is keep fishing the Marlin! I Especially since they are like you said, prolific worldwide I think if you eat some no big deal and if you tag them no big deal. My biggest thing when hunting or fishing is whatever you catch or kill, make sure it doesn't go to waste. So if you don't want/need all the meat/fish, I like to donate it or make sure all my friends and family take a piece. Cheers man and look forward to going back and watching your most recent posts. Good luck on the sale to SC I think I heard. Beautiful low country there!

  15. Rileyโ€™s face when the drone was being launched ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I really enjoy fishing, and have no qualms in watching your videos where you catch fish for dinner. I enjoyed seeing the marlin also. Keep your videos real, itโ€™s what has made you successful.

  16. Catch and release most of the time but it's ok to take one to eat and give away to friends and family once in a while !!!

  17. Hi guys you ever sail in to Africa namely a city called Dar Es Salaam, be sure to let me know. I have fear of water but it did not stop me to watch you folks. I can have you see around our city. PS Want to see LSV In Africa.

  18. Cheeky wine tip for la vagabonde when out on the bateau with no cork screw,
    Use a lighter on the outside of the bottle where the cork screw is and in theory the wine should be flowing

  19. Don't eat them, or if you do, do it rarely. Being long lived and high on the food chain, they are very high in mercury.

  20. We have only found your utube videos a week ago and are totally hooked it is 19/01/2019. We have been watching four or five each evening and are totally in awe of your adventures. I love meat, fish and chicken and am in no way interested in altering my diet I actually feel fantastic on a lean protein diet it would be a strange world if we all wanted the same thing. I had a conversation with a Hindu doctor who told me the human body cannot survive without vitamin B and therefore his whole family have injections. I do have a pet fish and he is like a dog and wags his tail excitedly when he sees me, obviously for food, but he is very smart and will slap the water and make noises for my attention so when I see the fish being quickly dispatched for eating purposes I am ok with that but when I see fish left floundering about in the bottom of a boat or held up still alive I am put off as that is not a quick kill and only stresses the fish. Catching fish for sport mmmm I don't get that really. Seeing the videos at a much later date than live, at least means we are not waiting for the next episode.

  21. This comment is being made well over a year past this video posting, so may not be relevant but… Striped marlin in the western Pacific are not in great shape. Since 1950, their abundance, landings, and size of individual fish has declined, primarily due to high exploitation by the Japanese longline fishery. The "sport" fishery is responsible for only a small proportion of total catch. I am a marine biologist who loves to fish, and I always eat what I catch. I understand why people want to catch and release, though I prefer not to do it. Some native American groups consider "playing with your food" to be a sacrilegious insult . For stocks that are abundant, it creates no biological problem, but for stocks that are depressed, it creates an additional unnecessary stress. That being said, if you tag all the marlin you catch and release, you will be doing some good. Even though people like to catch the big ones, more information is needed on growth rates of small fish, so those are the ones you should target. Wild caught fish are probably the healthiest protein you can eat, so keep on catching fish for food.

  22. Ive watched all your videos, except this one. Stumbled on it today. I dont know if it's because I'm a Kiwi but you both seemed very relaxed and chilled out here in New Zealand, moreso than your other videos. As I watched it reminded me of what it's really like to be a Kiwi and live here in this great very relaxing and peaceful country. You really caught the feel, flavour and essence of Aotearoa, NZ.

  23. I've just started watching your channel but it is great. I have sailed a fair amount in my young adult life and childhood and brings back great memories. We have a 21 foot precision now it seems like it is the perfect adventure boat for us. Thanks for the inspiration to clean it up and get out there sailing, thanks again from the kansas crew.

  24. As a fisherman and a omnivore my opinion on sport fishing in general is that it is less ethical than recreational fishing, where the fisherman catches only what they can eat and dispatches the fish quickly.
    Would we lasoo a sheep or pig single handed just to prove how good a hunter we are then release it, having stressed the beast? Many of the fish caught for sport will end up dying.

  25. Great episode! Whatโ€™s the name of the song you play at 20:00 in when youโ€™re showing your new yacht club hat?

  26. IMO if the striped marlin are prolific the best thing is to tag and release. Next best keep fish that are very stressed but practice zero waste utilization. I'm a fisherman who fishes C&R, Selective and Keep fisheries.

  27. No, Man-made climate change is a scam and is not real. Please don't allow yourselves to be suckered in by junk science. Do your due diligence and go search for the truth. Ask the other questions of Google, you know the ones that you are told not to ask and you'll find that the majority of the 'real scientists' who are paleo-climatologists and geologists, will tell you that it is a scam and an extortion racket. Oh, and they have all the science to back it up too!

  28. Damn, I've been watching your videos for days on end here and only now realized I am still like 2 years behind… And now they're like n hour long, o my goodness, well Ill keep on watching till i've caught up

  29. My birth country. We have a holiday home in Paihia, fisherman's paradise. Oh I'm from Whg too, like Georgia ๐Ÿ˜‚ Gorgeous country just too damn cold 90% of the time. So we live in sunny Qld now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. tag and release is not in the best interests of the fish. it is purely for human sport. we've done enough damage to the worlds creatures.

  31. Generally we here in Texas practice catch and release. Every once in a while, though, we harvest one. They are delicious smoked. My daughter, who hates fish, says nothing when we put a large piece of smoked marlin in front of her. The only time she looks up is when she is looking for more. I love it when the kids eat so well!

  32. Personally I like the longer videos, even though they are harder for you two to do, most people have very short attention spans so they most likely will not watch it all, and they make you less revenue from lowering the amount of content by not breaking them up into shorter videos…..but longer videos makes it feel more like you are there (To me, anyway), and I dig it.
    My wife and I plan to do this as well, but we're not sure if you want to go around the world, or just cruise the Caribbean until we're too old to do it anymore.

  33. sail to vancouver BC canada for a meet and greet!!!! yes f'n eh rights ya!! have some cold canadian beersssss and just connect and eat some delicious foods. love ya guys , be safe

  34. p.s.
    i am catching up watching all your vids when i should be living my own dang life, but yes living vicariously through you two, or i should say three cuz of the additional sweetheart ,Lenny xox

  35. Was the Tonga solo in one of the episodes? I looked for it and didnโ€™t find it. Iโ€™ve watched them all.

  36. Hi team, for future reference, Just push the cork into the bottle! Great wee Trick!. have just discovered you guys since Lenny has arrived. Now going back through your first episodes! lots of love, El. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Question from a Texan with zero sea or sea fishing experience…..what is the point of tagging them before releasing? Just curious. Great show!

  38. I don't think Elena has a make-up routine,I don't expect she's got time for it, "she's just bourne with it" she's quite the renaissance woman, like her renaissance man, and just like mum & dad, their beautiful precious little boy Lenny, looks just like them!!!

  39. Thank you soooo much Riley and Elena for making your videos an hour long , I'm so excited,15min was way to short. Love you guys and precious Angel,Lenny!! Stay safe and happy as always, God Bless the three of you,Safe Passages!๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘ช๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘ฃ

  40. I kind of find the cash and release pretty harsh, but I donโ€™t know anything about fishing so I was wondering do they get injured in the process?

    Watch a bunch of your episodes (binge watching them) and started from the beginning so Iโ€™m up to this point. Love you guys!

  41. Marlin? Caught one once and was going to release it. but as it came to the boat we could see it was gut hooked. I was going to give it to the locals to eat but as we were about to gaff it the hook came out of its gut. The boat driver said don't worry nothing goes to waste in the ocean.

  42. Elayna, when did you last eat a McDonaldโ€™s or thatโ€™s kind of fast food? Do you ever? You seem so healthy I wondered if you ever ate awful food?

  43. This is one of the few videos I've watched of your first boat. It seems kind of dangerous with that totally open back there…like in rough seas you could just fall right off the back of the boat overboard!

    You asked for people's reactions and opinions as for the marlin fishing… Well, it's obviously extremely exciting and challenging to bring in a creature that huge and beautiful. But how horrific to be dragged in out of the water via a huge hook in pain, exhausted and fighting for your life…by someone doing so just to get a rise! I can easily see the thrill of it, but when I take a few steps back, getting a thrill out of such a horrible thing to another being just for sport is incredibly off and speaks to our true disconnection from Nature.

    Personally? Whether they're "endangered" or not I feel that if you need the food then fish and eat what you catch. If not, well then respect the life and wellbeing of other creatures and leave them be.

  44. Yes, dont do it at all. Can you imagine this: Aliens come visit us on Earth. They see you. They catch you, torture you a bit by throwing you around and taking a picture for their space instagram account, they laugh, and then they throw you back in the bush thinking it's all good.

  45. Some of the best parts of your videos are the underwater videos so it was disappointing to see the boys getting suited up but no video of the dive.

  46. Three beers in… Love your style and the quality of your videos… not everyone can make an hour long video interesting well done.

  47. Riley is turning into a top-notch sailor and all of its running parts…..
    Elay, you are a a truely gifted Filmmaker

  48. Experts HMMMMM. Good video. My dad says that the definition of expert is an Ex is a has been, and a xpert is a drip under pressure. Having fun catching up to you. 8/25/19

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