Oblivion Official Trailer #1 Tom Cruise Sci-Fi Movie HD

Oblivion Official Trailer #1 Tom Cruise Sci-Fi Movie HD

The last Super Bowl was played right here. Please don’t tell me was a classic. Classic game. Eighty-thousand people on their feet. Seconds left on the clock. The QB throws a Hail Mary. Touchdown! 1-6-6… Back online. Sixty years ago, Earth was attacked. We won the war. But they destroyed half the planet. Everyone’s been evacuated. Nothing human remains. We’re here for drone repair. We’re the mop-up crew. This is Jack Harper. I’m good to go. Two more weeks, Jack. Then we can finally leave and join the others. Don’t take any chances. I’ve been watching you, Jack. You’re curious. What are you looking for in those books? Do they bring back old memories? We have an unidentified impact. “Don’t ask too many questions.” They are human. Mission is ordering you to return to tower. Jack? How do you know my name? They’re firing on survivors! Stand down! What have you done? I can’t protect you. They won’t stop ’til they find me. If you’re looking for the truth… That’s where you’ll find it. You need to know what happened. What aren’t you telling me? Who are you? Jack, Mission is ordering you to stand down. I’m not gonna do that. This is the only way.

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  1. I was about to come here to comment "Underrated" but I see it's the top comment already, it seriously is for one main reason and that being Tom Cruise- something about him get's me emotionally invested in his character EVERY damn movie, he's a living legend and the best action star to exist on this planet.

  2. scouring the internet for unique alien movies. watched pretty far, but as soon as it turned out the "aliens" were just.. humans.. stopped the video right there. lmao.

  3. It makes me sad that Tom cruise will probably never win an Oscar because people judge him on some silly choices he made instead of looking at this amazing and brave acting skills.

  4. Just re-watched this tonight. Waaaaaaay better on second viewing. This is actually fantastic sci-fi, genuinely. I don't remember why I thought it was not as good when I first saw it. TC, killing it as usual, as well.

  5. Most Muslims believe if not almost all, that humans did not evolve from Apes, this seems to fall in line with the Church of Scientology that there is a superior designer at work. Aliens exist as mentioned in the Koran and other worlds with different civilizations.

  6. So happy I watched the movie before seeing this trailer full of spoilers… Which idiot was thinking this was a good idea?

  7. i love this movie so much just because of tom cruise. All of his movies are so fabulous and fantastic.I am the biggest fan of you from Pakistan…

  8. I personally liked the movie, liked the style and pace.


    The only thing I didn't like at all was the ending. It was unsatisfactory and didn't tie up all the loose ends. What happened after Tet was destroyed? How did the humans fix the Earth? Where are the actual aliens? Apart from that though, it was a good movie

  9. I watched this movie last night on TV. Is it only me or anyone else also experienced the same? I felt like Jack is my own self and Julia is like my wife.

  10. Lemme guess, he has amnesia and actually Earth wasn't invaded but someone just dropped some nukes and now the "good guys" who are actually the bad guys living in space are sending down memory wiped dogs so they can keep on living their fabulous life in zero gravity. Jack discovers this and lo and behold, not only has he been betrayed by ONE single woman, no not a staff or a board of scientists no no no that's too much casting and not as symbolic as having that one woman stand against his old waifu who he was forced to leave behind so he could keep fighting for the baddies pretending to be goodies. Now Jack is butthurt so he's gonna help the people stuck on Earth to fight the space aristocrats!

    So how much did I get of this film without even watching it?

  11. I don’t know if I’m just dumb but this movie was confusing . It took me 10 mins after the movie was finished to understand .

  12. Literally just heard of this movie today! March 16th, 2019…. and I consider myself an enormous movie buff.

    While Tom Cruise is a good actor, I'm not a big fan of his… perhaps the reason for not having heard of this movie?!?!

    Though he is a good actor, I think what kills his potential is that he has been type-cast for well over a decade now. If you've seen one Tom Cruise movie, you can truly say that you have seen them all.

    That aside, I can say that I was well pleased to have found this hidden gem. Good movie! – even for Tom Cruise

  13. This movie has a lot of weaknesses, but is really enjoyable despite them. Tom Cruise is cool and the actual movie is a lot more atmospheric than this trailer would lead you to believe. 7/10

  14. If you get a chance: WATCH THIS MOVIE! It's got a lot of action and suspence and (drum roll) an actual story with character development! Give it a try and if your like me, watch it twice, I promise it's one HECK OF A GOOD MOVIE!

  15. The words like Nailbitting,edge of the seat are not appropriate for this. This is so much greater than that😍😍

  16. Aliens going to all that trouble just to to take Earth's water is of course BS (Europa alone has more of it, and no pesky locals interfering with your harvesting, let alone the rest of the SOL), but scientific plausibility aside it was a great movie. Very atmospheric, interesting story, outstanding visuals and good acting.

  17. Liked it a lot, enjoyable and visually spectacular. Just wish Toms last line to Sally wasn’t just a cuss out.… Would’ve like something more ingenious or creative.

  18. I'm glad I didn't watch too many of this movie's trailers before I watched Oblivion. This trailer just gives away way too much.

  19. 1 thing is for certain: The Universe really does Love Tom Cruise! 🙂 This movie is so absolutely Brilliant! It has such a powerful storyline (very well written!) that is so relevant to our time now. And the state of our Earth, what we are doing to destroy it; and this feverish race to create ever present reliance on AI, to identify everyone (even if it's incorrect), drones just wiping entire groups of people out, prison camps, computers driving Semi trucks and flying helicopters (how safe is that? Really!); sometimes I think of this movie when I read the days headlines. This is that movie that you lose yourself in like taking a trip. A real Experience!
    Oblivion, for me has a clear message:
    Listen to the voice inside of you; your Spirit has wisdom. Dreams really are important. Believe in the feeling you have about someone or something. How to read a situation. This movie strangely has given me a lot of inner strength when I have been struggling just to stay alive. And I listened to my instincts when people were trying to Control me. It is sometimes a very hard lesson but important to learn. I just think this movie is very important. Morgan Freeman, does an Outstanding job as well.
    He has that 1st Class Bravado and true grit all at the same time 🙂
    Tom Cruise shines SO Brightly here ⭐ a forever favorite to be sure! Wishing Tom Cruise Much Love 💝😎🍀 Tom is a real life Super Hero! He's come such a long way…from Legend…to Super Fabulous Virtuoso Actor and Humanitarian. I Hope he knows how special a Gift he really is 💖🌸🌠 for a lot of people.

  20. i saw that movie the first time, it is a amazing story, setting! i can really recommend it!

  21. I honestly don't see the point of film critics because what one individual considers good another may not! Loved this film, amazing visuals and pretty cool soundtrack as well. Furthermore, if a film is praised by critics,that generally signals warning bells for me and I usually come to the opposite opinion!

  22. i love you tommy i miss you, i want to meet you soon good night love u kiss u take care only your wife chandan that's it. please don't leave me otherwise i will die

  23. Humans were defeated in past wars and retreated.

    Today is the day to get everything back and find your home.

    Humans have free will.

    wake up.

    Throw away the god code yourself.

  24. This movie was such eye candy. The bubble ship, jack’s uniform, the house they live in, the drone ship, everything!

  25. Why okay Tom Cruise is the best he's he's runs too fast this is this is why I don't have the dud please Edward blood I want what's Tom Cruise house I don't see it I don't see his house just I think it is his his house has so far I want to go it looks like it looks like there's more the worlds of tripod I want to go see it's so cool

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