Navigating Music Copyright for Artists

Navigating Music Copyright for Artists

Navigating music copyright for artists Copyright protects original works of art and plays a big role in determining
who’s allowed to use what music. It also affects monetization,
both on YouTube and elsewhere. YouTube can’t give you legal advice but a basic understanding
of copyright can still be helpful so we’d like to share a few key concepts. If you’re interested in learning more we suggest you check out
the YouTube Copyright Center do further research on your own
and consult with a lawyer. In music, there are
two main types of copyright. The sound recording
refers to the actual audio whether you recorded it
on your phone, in a garage or in a studio. This copyright is usually held by
the performer, producer or engineer. The music copyright refers to
the creative work behind the music and lyrics. This copyright usually belongs
to the songwriters and composers. When artists sign with
a record label or publisher the copyright ownership
may be slightly different. Copyright laws vary by country so talk to a legal representative
if you want to learn more about the specifics. Of course, not everybody
writes and records their own music. That brings us to licensing. Licensing comes into play when
using music that isn’t exclusively your own. Like recording a song you didn’t write or sampling a sound recording
or music composition from somebody else. There are many types of licenses
and they can vary by country. If you’re looking to get your hands
on a license or give out one of your own the best course of action
is to seek professional legal advice. It’s also best to be careful
when using sound recordings or compositions under
the principle of “Fair use”. Since this defense is pretty limited. If you’re unsure,
talk to a legal professional as well. Tracking down licenses can be tricky. If you’re just looking for something
simple, like background music or sound effects try browsing the YouTube Audio Library. It contains a suite of royalty-free music
and sound effects in one convenient place. Let’s talk about covers. Covers of well-known songs are fun,
and a great way to get discovered. Lots of talented artists got their start by recording cover songs
before releasing their own music. If you are planning to cover a song it’s important to remember most songs
are owned under a composition copyright. But we created a
YouTube Music Policies page so you can check which copyright holders
allow others to cover their songs on YouTube. It may even be possible to enable revenue
sharing on a video of an eligible cover song. After all, if your covers take off
and help you accumulate a large fanbase YouTube wants you to
experience financial returns. Sometimes after posting a cover,
you may find your video flagged by Content ID. But don’t stress! “Wait” you might be asking. What’s Content ID? Content ID is an automated system
that scans videos for music rights held by various artists, labels or publishers. A Content ID claim doesn’t necessarily
mean you have to take down the video. But the owner of the content may
be able to stop you from monetizing it or monetize it themselves. It depends on the
copyright holder’s preference. You’ll know if your video has been claimed by checking the copyright
notices section of your Video Manager. Sometimes claims can be made in error so YouTube gives you the option to dispute
a claim if you believe it to be invalid. And if you work with a distributor or label they may be able to submit your own tracks
for inclusion in the Content ID database. Again, YouTube can’t give you legal advice but a basic understanding of copyright can be incredibly helpful when
navigating the larger creative community. Thanks for watching. And don’t forget to subscribe.

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  1. شكرا يوتيوب فديوهاتك مفيده جدا انا متابع فديوهاتك بجديه شكرا شكرا

  2. The system must change 4000 hours from the history of this injustice to small channels that is very frustrating

  3. Good advise! Unlike, it is still hard to use bgm. I try to stick around YouTube audio library 🙂

  4. When I upload useful content, I do not get profits, and someone else uploads useless content but earns the profits. Is that fair?

  5. how about Onerpm, Merlin Awa label that making false copyright claim, they claim my original music, and they do that on small channels.. sorry for english

  6. I have a question 🙋🏽‍♂️
    I record covers and uploaded them to my Youtube channel to grow my fan base as an artist. I'm no longer eligible for monetization because I don't have enough watch time or subscribers, does this affect how the content Id system works because I can no longer monetize and share with the copyright owners?

  7. I'm not music artists but I respect the creative work done so far by so many artists ( All creative people in this community )

  8. fix the manual claim scam and then we can talk about navigation
    they refuse to give a timestamp, abusing the option, so the copyrighted music/sound cant be removed or identified as inexistent, and they leach all the money from ppl, and if you appeal it, either they dont say anything back, or they deny it 100% of the times, or they strike you, Collab is the biggest one who does this, laughing about it on their site even, and admiting it

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  10. Even when you follow all the rules you can still get a strike. YouTube very rarely investigates the claim first! You give a strike and then investigate… Ummm that's not cool !! I notice it only happens with smaller channels.

  11. Youtube is always ahead, this is why Youtube is my favorite digital platform to share my content and music.

  12. This was totally useless. Every answer is contact a lawyer or get legal advice. I only learned that I need to have a lawyer.

  13. This was kind of helpful, I have some issues with music on my channel. But I do believe a lot of them are unjustifiable. But kudos to artists that make free non-copyright music, you guys are the true MVP's.

  14. Gracias por el video, ahora, no entiendo el idioma, podría ser uno con traducción al español? Gracias!!

  15. dear youtube creator academy….please help me…i make youtube channel 2016….after 18 moth youtube suspend my channel..i request youtube please review my channnela again then after review my channel is unsuspended my youtube..but unforniity after 9 day later youtube again suspend my channel and finally my channel is deleted after two month i make new channel and adsence my brother name and after 4000 hr and 1000 susbcriber youtube review my channel and not montized due to duplication…but my conent is original and upload my old videos in this channel and new video also…so how i solve this problem

  16. There are quite a few free music channel on YouTube
    when so much time is spent creating videos and then to get a copyright must be very frustrating but you can upload your work as unlisted let it go through the system to see if it is okay before releasing

  17. if i am using some music from you tube audio library for my you tube video, Is there any chance of copy right in future? please help. waiting for reply. Thank you 🙂

  18. olá amei o canal tem varias dicas legais mas vocês me enviaram um email do youtube academy so que eu não entendi direito

    WHY ?? 😦😭

  20. respected sir/madam

    I have not received any mail yet from YPP, please check what is issue , my channel already completed all requirement 2 months ago,
    my channel url –
    please help

    wait for your reply
    deep satisfaction

  21. Youtube has become trash. They kicked me out of the Partnership Program, even though I met all of the criteria, for "duplication". Well, ok, I asked them via email MORE THAN 50 TIMES what video did I duplicate? Of course, I never had my question answered…..because of course I hadn't duplicated any videos. It was just a B.S. excuse to purge Creators from Ad Rev. What a dishonest organization. I reapplied in April, and yet I'm still "in review" 3.5 months later. No worries…all of my fav creators are on BitChute, and as a rule I don't share any YouTube links anywhere. Why help and support YouTube when BitChute actually WANTS me on their platform, while YouTube actively tries to push us off.

  22. I use nocopyrights music for anyone looking, all they ask is that you give them credit so please do that if you use their music.

  23. انا قناتى بداءت مراجعه متى يتم الانتهاء

  24. Have got claims on most videos but one of them has got atleast 13 claimants…when asked to youtube they said they dont have any benchmark to test the claimants are genuine or not…so how to check that the respt claimants are genuine ones ?

  25. cara veja como o meu canal cresceu em 2 dias

  26. hello man can you tell me if i have to make a video of more than 5 mins someone told me if i make shorter videos i get less money

  27. I use the loops of Logic Pro to create music. But someone else use the same loops even in a short part of his song and the content id sends me a notification that I am using someone else music. And now more than 60 of my videos are affected by this issue. Even when my song is 1 year older and the other song das created 3 weeks ago from now.

  28. men i jUST GOT A COMMUNITY GUIDLINE ATRIKE !!! I WAs supposed to start my stream but then i got to know that i had to change some setting so i turned the stream off. its it. the just stream starting soon.. in the video.. now i cant do my main thing streaming !!!

  29. Wait but how come sometimes for example, a song is copyrighted, and if someone uses it it would normally just get a copyright strike right? Well for some people they DON'T get the copyright strike, and ive seen it in a lot of videos too (TAKE A LOOK AT GINGANINJAOWO FOR EXAMPLE)

  30. This video didn't actually say anything except "Seek a lawyer for legal advice" . I was hoping for at least a brief overview of Youtube's copyright policies, how claims are handled, and what tools/help the platform has available to creators. But nope, didn't even mention the copyright free music and sound fx library YouTube has. That's an easy and helpful tip. A lot more helpful than "Seek a lawyer for legal advice"


  32. So what your really saying is, if you create your own music, publish to a P.R.O., post it in your video, bam instant monetization of a YouTube video before YouTube's stupid guidelines of 1000 subs paid outside of YouTube. I would also already have products listed under the videos too if the YouTube system wasn't so un-user friendly. So if you don't have monetization on, and want to monetize a video, create audio, and have rights to your music so you can instantly collect on that video's views. Then once monetization starts, you now have a double dip on that video. Not a very buisness minded setup for bringing in new channels and creators. You guys don't even notice its my own stuff. Now how stupid is that.

  33. Bom dia , Já procurei em todas as a páginas de suporte e NÃO encontrei respostas nem mesmo nesta página meu canal está há mais de 95 dias aguardando análise para geração de receitas e AINDA NÃO obtive resposta. Quanto tempo teremos que aguardar? o prazo segundo as REGRAS DO YOUTUBE era 30 dias , cumprimos com o nosso dever de cumprir com as regras . Então por favor que seja feita a analise, obrigado

  34. So 2 questions:

    one what if i post a music video about the song.. is that "legal" ?

    and 2… How does this work concerning song sovers i make?

    everything is… "ask a lawyer"

  35. 4000 watch hours is ridiculous…I can see 1000 subscribers but 4000 watch HOURS?! that’s crazy for small channels. Unfair. Bring back 10,000 views

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