MSC Seaside Caribbean Cruise Vlog – Day 1 Review

MSC Seaside Caribbean Cruise Vlog – Day 1 Review

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cruisers hey cruisers its embarkation day we are
so excited we have partnered with MSC Cruises to take you all on board the
brand-new sparkling gorgeous MSC seaside for seven night Caribbean journey we are
here at the aloft hotel in Miami Brickell and there’s a lot of activity
in the lobby it’s a buzzing fun place very hip the music at night it’s just
awesome there’s a there’s even a pool table in the lobby it’s really great and
the breakfast food is amazing so we are off to catching over and jump on the
ship super smooth uber ride from the hotel to
the port so we’re here at jackal fi belief which
is MSC’s terminal it’s really nice and beautiful shiny and new
it was a tiny bit chaotic with the luggage quarters and everything but we
got our luggage taken care of right away and got inside quickly so speaking of
our luggage I wanted to explain that we actually did not carry all of the
carry-on bags that we packed for this particular trip our mission was to go
carry-on only on the flight but more necessarily on cruise day we have three
suitcases we kept one of them with us with my Mia Tui Alex holding bag kind of
over the top of it and the other two bags we went ahead and checked so now
we’re just waiting at a terminal really smooth check-in process here by the way
there’s tons of employees lots of help. It’s very well organized We just took a nice little mini tour of
the ship it is such a gorgeous ship into such a neat style
every time a walk around another corner there’s little surprises everywhere we
could have loved the disco that doubles as the arcade and it has this really
awesome retro feel there’s just so much to explore we are now having lunch in
the Yacht Club we are giving this a try today we’ve got a nice little invitation
to come up here and enjoy the service I have to tell you guys that I’m really
pleasantly surprised at the vibe here in the Yacht Club
it is totally unpretentious it’s lively it’s friendly and these windows on the
front of the ship are so stunning they really give you this kind of observation
lounge sort of feel so we are going to enjoy a relaxing lunch try to just take
a deep breath and take in all that MSC Seaside has to offer and pretty soon
here it’s going to be 2 o’clock and you can go check out our room so my first
drink on board cheers to you our wonderful subscribers for following
along on this wonderful journey we’re all settled into our stateroom on
deck 10 this is a wonderful balcony it’s fully covered and we have a gorgeous
view of the Miami skyline it is now 5:00 p.m. and we have totally
finished the muster drill we have two hours until sail away because on MSC
Seaside they’re waiting for some of the European travelers to come in by plane
between about 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. so same way is until 7:00 p.m. so this is the
most leisurely awesome next sale a day you can ever imagine
let’s go explore this ship alright we’re finally getting to go explore the upper
decks the muster drill is over check-in was super smooth and then from check-in
it felt like we didn’t have a whole lot of time to do our normal vlog here today
we did a quick shift tour we had lunch in the Yacht Club we settled into our
room so now we’re finally leaving going to check out some of the upper decks and
hopefully if everything goes well and we can get a good upload speed is it upload speed or download speed honey upload your supposed to smile at that if we can get a good upload speed we’re gonna do the live stream on YouTube and see
all of y’all live so welcome to Miami welcome to day one of our MSC seaside
adventure let’s go get this party started okay so when you really look
closely at this map you’ll see something different you’ll see that there’s no Deck
17 that’s because in the good old USA 13 is our unlucky number but apparently the
European or Italian unlucky number is Deck 17th or is no Deck 17 on this ship
how funny is that you guys explore explore okay all right where do I want
to go where’s the pool you want to go to we are making our way to Deck 19 to go to the Forest Aquaventure Park. It’s about five minutes to 7 o’clock. my son was getting bored so we decided to venture out see
what kind of trouble can get ourselves into wah-wah-wah
it’s closed and it’s raining so you’ll have to try it again tomorrow but yeah
they don’t have any water going on the slides and all the caution signs are out
so it looks like it’s closed for one reason or another on to the next
adventure this is our sail away out of Miami at 7
o’clock it finally stopped raining so everybody has kind of snuck out to the
open decks the sail away party or the kind of the the party by the pool
happened around five o’clock so we missed that because we’re off doing
something else but this is the beautiful Miami part that we all enjoy going past
all of these complexes and sailing out of the break water or in beautiful
Caribbean okay I feel like I need to address
something cool about the bathrooms on MSc seaside they have water so and hand
dryer all-in-one so you put your hand over here in theory let’s try this one
and you get to watch something out and then you get your soap and then once you
wash your hand first you get drier right and same spot
check this out so we have a reservation tonight at the
Royal yamaguchi teppanyaki restaurant there’s actually kind of three
restaurants within one restaurant area but the sushi the Asian fusion and the
teppanyaki so we have an 8:30 reservation to pick up our first night
on MSC seaside teppanyaki is so fun it’s not a meal at
all it’s a two-hour experience when it is a blast so not only did we take a
photograph of the menus for you guys but also wanna explain the different dining
experiences to you so that you understand them it’s actually pretty
simple it’s just your standard teppanyaki experience but you’re gonna
get to choose your protein they have three different choices so they have the
katana experience which is currently 25 dollars and that is the mahi-mahi and
chicken option these are all seven-course meals so you still get the
miso soup the salad the sashimi starter and the fried rice and the same dessert
but your protein kind of varies a little bit
okay so that was katana that was the twenty five dollar experience we tonight
enjoyed the sensual experience for thirty dollars same starters still a
seven course meal, but that one includes Atlantic salmon and filet mignon and
they also serve incredible shrimp with many of the different options that you
get the highest end option in the teppanyaki girl is called Shogun and
that is the one that includes the I want to make sure I get this right the
scallops and lobster and it also includes a Wagyu Stern line so it’s very
high-end a few people at our table had it but we were really super happy with
the salmon and the filet mignon the filet mignon was melt in your mouth good
they also offer a children’s menu here for a set price and twelve dollars which
is so reasonable so the kids get all of the same stuff the miso soup I get a
special appetizer which is like little tempura shrimp roll kind of in a little
seaweed wrap with rice just so sweet and then all of the starters and then they
get the same kind of entree so our son chose tonight the $12 take the comodo
menu and he got the beef so the kids get to pick up a chicken shrimp or beef for
$12 it’s such a fun experience they’re great cocktails beer wine and it’s a
super hoist respond loud great teppanyaki experience so awesome way to
kick it off we’re so glad that we came here on night one what a fun thing to do
it is now a certain time 10:30 West Coast time 7:30 we’re hanging on we’re
gonna go ahead and see what kind of mischief we can get into on the ship
right now see what happens my just go to bed might get into some mischief go
check out the shops right, left, right, left .. As if today wasn’t decadent enough we
stopped at Venchi chocolate shop in the atrium and I got something I cannot pronounce. There’s some kind
of hazelnut surprise there it is there’s the hazelnut surprise so I’m going to
give it a little sip my son got some kind of hot chocolate
surprise that he whispered to the waitress and hubby got a nice cool
espresso shot into little chocolate so it’s been an amazing day we crammed in
as much as we wanted to today on MSC Seaside but we did our best
it is currently 11:35 p.m. east and we are going to sign off tonight and tell you thank you so much for … we have a little baby friend here, for
following along with us on our day one of MSC Seaside stay tuned tomorrow for
an awesome Sea Day experience until next time we’ll see on the high seas good night

39 thoughts on “MSC Seaside Caribbean Cruise Vlog – Day 1 Review

  1. Aw, yeah! Dance like no one is watching! Jr. has got some moves! What a fun first day. I can't wait to see the rest of the cruise.

  2. My goodness this ship is glorious๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŽ‰ I loved the meraviglia so sure id love her too ๐Ÿ˜โ™ฅ๏ธ

  3. Did you notice that the entire pools were all 6ft and therefore difficult to just relax in it unless you held onto the side or had to just tread water constantly?
    Is there smoking allowed in the Casino or any other part of the cruise?

  4. After watching this video, I think I want to go on this cruise instead of the Norwegian Bliss to Alaska. Weโ€™ve never been on a cruise, Iโ€™m so excited!!!

  5. Just wanted to say I saw your Mia Tui bags on this video first and then watched your Cruise Gear review videos. I just ordered 4 bags and am looking forward to travelling with them on our very first ever cruise next May! Thanks for all the great work with the vlogs and gear reviews. I enjoy watching you and your family so much every week. Thanks also for the discount code ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Loyal Princess cruiser but this ship could cause me to cheat lol! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not a cruise comment but oh my gosh your makeup and face look gorgeous in your intro. West coast gal here, maybe MSC will migrate one day?

  7. Been on this boat… nice boat..and that's it.. food in main restaurant is below average. Do not understand the word veg? And potatoes? Did eat in the pay restaurants …3 times the standard of the normal restaurant .. but still lacked real veg and potato.? So annoying. Lifts kept on braking down , ran out of butter,?, served margarine, yuk, went 2 wks in Jan 18. From England. Will never cruise with msc again.been on many cruises with different cruise lines. And standards much better.. two things was really good theatre main shows the best ever I have ever seen..although smaller entertainment venues was naff, boring, and the boats design is amazing ..that's it..bye bye msc…you have lost my business period.

  8. We have booked the seaside for our honeymoon you said you were having lunch waiting for 2pm to see your room what time do they let you board the ship our sail away 7pm too

  9. I love your vlogs my wife and I cruise a lot we just came off a cruise a month ago on the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas have you been on any of the new Oasis class Royal Caribbean ships they're awesome?

  10. Can you please tell me if you were there in august? I'm going to travel with MSC Seaside on October for my Honeymoon ๐Ÿ˜โค

  11. ์ด๋Ÿฐ๋ฐฐ ํ•œ๋ฒˆ ์šด์ „ํ•ด๋ณด๊ณ ์‹ถ๋‹ค…

  12. You guys have awesome Vlogs. But you guys were living the boujee life of yacht club. For passengers who didnโ€™t have the experience service sucked. Every American I talked to on seaside said they were having the same experience and said that prolly how the European company acts. MSC one and done. Awesome vlogs tho

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