MedSailors | Turkey Sailing

MedSailors | Turkey Sailing

The scenery of the Turquoise coast is unbeatable
when sailing Turkey with MedSailors. A sailing holiday is a unique holiday experience where
you can explore hidden bays and secluded towns, steering your own yacht through the idyllic
scenery while enjoying a pure sunshine holiday. A typical day could include paragliding over
Oludinez Beach, relaxing on-board your yacht and exploring underwater caves, all before
walking through the longest gorge in Europe. Your MedSailors sailing trip also includes
a yacht race, sailing at full tilt with dolphins gliding alongside your yacht.

4 thoughts on “MedSailors | Turkey Sailing

  1. The best views, the best weather, the best experience. Sail Turkey for a never-to-be-forgotten, once-in-a-lifetime trip.  

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