Making Blocks (with Connie) – SAILCARGO INC. – Short Cuts Ep. 2

Making Blocks (with Connie) – SAILCARGO INC. – Short Cuts Ep. 2

I mean we made a wide variety of
different types of blocks. So tradional to reinforced steel where you router out slot for the steel to go into the cheeks So it sometimes seems like the blocks are quite simple but actually they’re quite critical. We use them a lot around here to lift heavy things and to make them involves more detail than you would think. It took four triple blocks to lift the stem that was approximately two tons The wood that we prefer to use is Guapinol, it is very good for this.
It is a tough, durable wood. We used rough cut steel, the width was an inch and a half. It was quite a bit of fun forging the metal and hitting it over the anvil to get the bends that we needed. Connie Rocket – Out!

5 thoughts on “Making Blocks (with Connie) – SAILCARGO INC. – Short Cuts Ep. 2

  1. Thnx for all updates, no matter what length they are. 👍🏽
    Interesting to see your approach to all progress made. You’re so cool! While others would say yippee, you just give us a note. Great work with those blocks me friends💪🏽

  2. I've been watching this channel from its inception. Thus far the plan of attack appears to be something like, "tell the marks something or other as briefly and as sporadically and as cryptically as is possible…..and wait for the money to roll in". Try as I might, I can scarcely imagine a better argument for equitable sustainability.

  3. It is unbelievable how much weight can be hoisted by humans with such a simple device. I imagine several ancient civilizations used similar things to move huge stones when construction massive structures. These modern versions are quite impressive.

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