Making A Simple Ladder Shelf From Hickory

Making A Simple Ladder Shelf From Hickory

milling four 2″x2″ post for the shelf frame The wide belt sander sands all four faces to 120 grit cutting double mortises for the frame joinery I’m using a 3/8″ upcut spiral bit with the Leigh FMT mortising jig see the description to learn more about this tool cutting the mating tenons using the same jig the frame is glued together with tite bond 2 wood glue this jig is used to drill 1/2″ holes at a 4 degree angle for the shelf supports a 3/4″ bushing registers the router on the jig now I simply plung cut with a 1/2″ up cut spiral bit I turn the shelf supports on the lathe my lathe is in bad shape! a 1/2″ wrench sizes the tenons using the drawknife to add a nice carved detail on the ends of the supports drilling a 3/16″ hole to receive a wood peg sizing the 3/16″ peg using a dowel plate see the description to learn more about this tool nice snug fit the shelf supports get glued in place carving a small relief for the 3/16″ pins to rest in this prevents the shelves from moving front to back I’ll finish the project by spraying it with pre-catalyzed lacquer

100 thoughts on “Making A Simple Ladder Shelf From Hickory

  1. Beautiful in it's simplicity and you just gave me a great idea for the sled i'm re-building for my bench! Thanks for posting.

  2. Hi Andy love your videos. I have a question about something I recently got a new bedroom. And there is a spot on the wooden floor that squeaks every time you step on it. I wanted to ask you if you know any quick and easy permanent solutions.

    Thanks for your Help.

  3. Is it attached to the wall just through the top rung? I have been contemplating a similar shelf but was unsure about someone tripping over the bottom and it having that much leverage on those screws.

  4. Andy, you ever see the movie Walking Tall? Its a 1973 movie about the real life of Sheriff Buford Pusser. He carried a big stick. You are going to need to make yourself one of those to fend off the guys when your daughter gets older. Here's clip from the movie when he made his stick and then put it to use on the people who messed him up really bad.

  5. Oh, how lovely! Mr. Wholesome, making wholesome furniture, in his wholesome shop, right in wholesome America with his wholesome family. Spare me the sanctimony and the vapidity!

  6. Ha! Simple… ya right. Simple is when you slap a few 2x4s together with screws and call it a day.

    EDIT: Ooooooh, a ladder shelf… nope, still not simple though. lol

  7. I do love how much time effort and planning you put into each video and everything you male its absolutely fantastic great job and you deserve wayyy more subs. Bye have a nice day!!

  8. Great job. Cute kid. You didn't show whether or not you mounted it to the wall – I hope that's the plan in case she decides to actually use it as a ladder!

  9. Awesome projects. I love your style and videos. The transition shots from place to place and task to task are so nice. I always want to replicate that but it doesn’t work well in my tiny ass little shop haha

  10. I'm just curious how much time do you spend on making + filming (placing the camera here and there, not the editing process) vs only making?

  11. Nice and simple. I like it. How do you enjoy the FMT?
    You're like the Texas version of Ishitani Furniture lol!

  12. I like your diameter gauge for the lathe :)…. check its capacitor, it might be faulty… hence the slow start.

  13. Have you seen/heard of a pantorouter, might help with your tenons. If you haven't, Matthias Wandel's channel has several videos on it.

  14. Great vid brother…..your daughter is very sweet. What is the Leigh router jig you are using and where can I get one? Thanks Doug

  15. It was good to see the family; it adds a nice human ingredient. Yes, your daughter is beautiful as others have said. Seeing your daughter brings back great memories for this old daddy who's daughters are now 24 and 26. Time flies as it seems like only a year or so since they were your daughter's age. OK, quick question. At 25 seconds into the video one catches a quick glimpse into some of your lumber storage; I have to ask, are you satisfied with that system? Would you do anything differently with your lumber storage?. I'm about to rearrange my lumber storage so I'm curious. Thank you Andy. I always enjoy your videos. I find them very relaxing.

  16. I recently found your channel and have watched, I don’t know 10 or 12 so far and man, I REALLY like your channel! You’re doing a great job! I’ve seen it brought up elsewhere about viewers preference and I most enjoy the videos with commentary. But to each their own. But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all your videos that I’ve seen so far.

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