Lil’ Kim, Chilli, Mya & the Girls Cruise Gang Visits Rihanna’s Home in Barbados | Girls Cruise

Lil’ Kim, Chilli, Mya & the Girls Cruise Gang Visits Rihanna’s Home in Barbados | Girls Cruise

RiRi, come out here
and play with me. RiRi, you in there? Rihanna is not
in there, Vee, okay? (laughter) (Vena, knocking)
RiRi! She ain’t in there, Vena. Did you talk to her today? I saw it on her Instagram,
I seen on her InstaStory. (laughter) Vee, leave a note. ♪♪ RiRi, when you get home,
call me now. Here my phone number. (laughter) Rihanna sayin’,
“I ain’t been here
for ten years.” Rihanna probably
overseas somewhere, y’all, like, tryin’ to put out
another record. She could’ve been
in that house. I done knocked
on that damn door. Knock, knock, knock.
Who in there? RiRi? I lookin’ for you,
girl, and I’m at your house. I wanna know, like,
where your bedroom was at. Hello. (B. Simone)
Hey! How you doin’? How long you been
living here? You grew up when
Rihanna was here? Girl, tell me the secrets! Oh my God,
tell me the tea. What’s your name? Dawn? Hi, Char.
Nice to meet you. How was Rihanna,
like, growing up? I love how you
represent her. Hey. (overlapping chatter,
laughter) (Kim)
Crazy. (overlapping chatter) (Kim)
I think it’s so important to never forget
where you come from. So I’ma always support
my hood, and I’m always gonna
ride with them till the day I die,
I don’t care where I’m at. Everybody say RiRi. (all)
RiRi! My knees, you get it? (laughter) (Vena)
Yo, this is crazy. Like, coming from nothing. Now, like, the blossom,
the blessings. Like, it’s crazy.
That’s so inspiring to me, like, that she come back
and visit. Can’t forget where
you come from. That’s so true. And, like,
for you and Tiffany. Y’all been knowin’ each other
for, like, 15-plus years. Like, you know,
she the right hand girl. Uh-uh, I heard
her name all day. See, I’m glad
you mentioned it. You gotta explain to me what
was going through your mind. When I called you
to the stage, it was the legendary
Lil’ Kim. And I felt like after,
you know, everybody was introduced,
you should’ve taken the mic and said something because
they’re so excited to see you. (Kim)
But it was your show. I said on the microphone I’m going to let
Miss Kim the queen do the honors of
introducing her BFF. Yeah. Her best friend. (overlapping chatter) …it was a different
personal relationship that you had on stage than
with any of us. But Charly’s one
of my best friends too and you introduced him. No, babe,
we’re all here. I don’t know.
For me, yes, it seemed like
she forgot her name. Mya never really
had sisterhood so I don’t think she knows
how to handle the situation. We’re all sisters
while we’re here. If I was to have
taken your– your mic and introduced Tiffany, that’s singling her
out from the group. So you should’ve said,
“This is my new friend that I just met
through Kim.” If she did forget her name,
so what? If it was me and I forgot,
I would’ve been like, “Ooh, girl, I almost
forgot your name, I’m sorry.” I don’t take myself
that serious. So I’m hoping
this is something that we can, you know,
learn from and move on. You don’t feel that way? What’s your take
on what happened? That’s what I wanna know. I was just like,
maybe she just forgot. It did a little bit. Oh! ♪♪

100 thoughts on “Lil’ Kim, Chilli, Mya & the Girls Cruise Gang Visits Rihanna’s Home in Barbados | Girls Cruise

  1. MYA is a beautiful soul😆 I love her laid back demeanor but underneath there is a FIRECRACKER ready to pop. I can feel she got hands👐 but this classy lady knows when to hold and when to fold😆.

  2. Should knock christina aguilera and pink house and be like….. ok ladies let give em a one time last minute show of Moulin Rouge hehehe

  3. lol Kim looks so good here. why is it in Hollywood they make her look so scary. she doesn't even look plastic here. I'm from Barbados too btw

  4. Who tf is Tiffany anyway? Seriously asking? I really have no clue even though I love Kim, Chilli, n Mya..Not everybody remembers names and it's ok. Show just came out n drama starting already it's not that deep.


  6. I love them all. Kim really messed herself up…. I hope she is done, she was beautiful before the knife.

  7. Dear VH1, for season 2 we want you to get rid of these random folks, and bring Ashanti, Missy, Da Brat, Trina, and maybe Lil Mama, Kash Doll, or one of these younger up and coming female rappers/singers to join Kim, Mya, and Chili on the Girls Trip.

  8. Oh no dont fall out already..i just think Mya is a bit more reserved, quiet, not as social as the others but i hope she comes out of herself a bit more

  9. Lol Rihanna didn’t start from nothing…she had something…it wasn’t much or anything out of the ordinary (I’m assuming) but that is still something. The guy who was homeless and living on the streets then became a news broadcaster he had nothing.

  10. This is an awkward ass show lol look like they just threw a bunch of women that have NOTHING in common and tried to make a show

  11. I don't watch much reality TV……heck I don't really watch TV at all! I can't stand all the ghetto drama on TV today but I LOVE to see these sistas having a good time without all the bickering and mess! Positivity and Love Vibes…..I might watch more often. But Mya and Chilli on another level anyway….those two women are REAL WOMEN doing positive things and they carry thenselves with class. Not to mention they are beautiful and real!💗😉👍🏽

  12. Mya. Did u try to come for queen 👑 🐝. Don’t do that. You not that important. Your last single was in 1900?

  13. That is Rihanna's childhood home …She DOES NOT live there. (But you guys knew that before you got there) .. The whole neighborhood knows that …and she still goes there … RiRi head an amazing mansion with beach property …I hope.they had a great time in Barbados.
    🍹 🍺 🍻 🥂 🥃 🍽️

  14. Omg lil Kims face. Love lil Kim
    She is a legend but damn she looks awful now a days. To many nose jobs. She is starting to look like MJ 😩

  15. You know damn well Kim didn’t get on that damn rocket over the ocean look like a damn stunt double LOL

  16. Y’all really expect 7 people to go on a trip and there not be any disagreements? I doubt we’ll see drinks flying and security running in. It’s just a minor disagreement that will be resolved in a classy manor. The show is about experiencing new things and stepping outside of your comfort zone. When you’re around different personalities, there’s bound to be some sort of friction. I still think it’ll be way more FUN happening than drama. 💯

  17. Vee is hilarious! 😂 and her Jamaican accent is spot on! 👌 Perhaps she has a parent(s) or a grandparent(s) who are from the islands?!

  18. I see that a lot of people think Vee is really annoying I kind of knew this was coming even though I find her very funny because I’ve been supporting her page for two years now and all her videos make me laugh but whatever you think about vee it’s you’re opinion but all I Gotta say is Vee is not really a ghetto person she’s just trying to be funny because she is a comedian by the way she has 3.2 million followers on Instagram and I see some people don’t get her humor They don’t like the ghetto character she said that she’s been acting silly like this since she was a kid and she does worry about what people are going to say about her she is very aware of that ,Even know I find her funny I kind of wish that she would show her Serious side because you probably would really love her 😘💜💜💕💕💕💕💕 i’m pretty sure she will show it you just have to give the girl a chance b Simone as well

  19. Yall can leave Vee and B alone, they bring the COMEDY to the show. They greeted the women standing her porch if it wasnt for them she wouldn’t have met Lil’kim. And ALSO Vena is NOT for drama, she kept it cool and said “Maybe she just forgot” and Mya just went around the question, she should’ve just said she forgot.

  20. Kim should meet up with some drag queens who could teach her how to blend her makeup…and get some lighting tips from Rupaul


  22. Chilli and Mya the only 2 look so beautiful and still hav their original looks. Tho their older, they surely look the same.

  23. Vee and Simone look like try hard extras! Take em off and put Mary j & Missy and keep it ALLLLLLLL da way 100 with da 90s vibe!

  24. Gotheeem look at all these fake women from hair to toe. All plastic surgery. Is that what you call beauty? I see fucked up women from inside & out. Want to be something that they are not. The only girl that stayed true to her self is Mya and the one from TLC. I love Kim' s music but looking at her, I see self distruct

  25. We can talk about the show, but my real concern is how much facial filters they have on Kim’s confessional. My guess is no less than 5 😩

  26. Yes ladies I’ve always admire you. Keep it tone in all of the correct places including your mouths, which are very much beautifully spoken. 💕

  27. This show is like beneath Mya.  You can tell that she is not feeling these girls who can easily come at her and yes, sometimes out of jealousy.

  28. Guy taking the pic at 1:40 is one my taxi drivers when I go to Barbados. His name is shawn. He's really cool. I'm missing Barbados

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