Jet Boating at Huka Falls in Taupo – New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year – BackpackerGuide.NZ

Jet Boating at Huka Falls in Taupo – New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year – BackpackerGuide.NZ

Today we’re going to be visiting New Zealand’s
most visited natural attraction in style. This morning we are braving the weather because
we’re doing two activities for you guys today. It’s really cold today. I’m freezing. We’re taking you guys to the Huka Falls Park
where we’re doing two activities the Huka Falls Jet and the Huka Prawn Park. First up on our list is the Hukafalls Jet
which is gonna take us super close to one of the most ferocious waterfalls in New Zealand,
the Huka Falls. After quickly meeting Sarah which is gonna
be our pilot we get geared up with some life jackets and splash jackets before jumping
onto the boat there we get a quick safety briefing of what’s going to happen then off
we go. The tour starts on a high with an instant
360 spin on the water. That’s one of the awesome things that jet boats can do they can actually
do a full circle on one spot on the water and there’s plenty of opportunity to experience
that on this tour. We’re first making our way downstream on the
Waikato River, actually away from the Huka Falls on a sort of thrill ride between the
trees and actually getting to see what these jet boats are all about. Jet boats actually
pull water through a jet propulsion system blasting out water at 800l per second and
that’s why they are so maneuverable and can do all these tricks. Once going downstream as far as we can go
cos there’s a hydro dam here, we make our way back upstream and back up toward the Huka
Falls. Along the way Sarah takes the time to do a
couple of stops but they’re really short and she tells us more about the Waikato River
It’s actually called the Mighty Waikato River because it’s the longest river in the whole
of New Zealand and it starts from New Zealand’s largest lake that’s Lake Taupo but to be fair
we’re not really here for the facts we’re here for the thrill ride. This jet boat has been specially designed
for our entertainment with some tiered seating areas meaning that the people at the back
of boat are sitting much higher than the people in the front giving us a really good sensation
of speed throughout the whole trip no matter where you are sitting on the jet boat. Another
reason for the tiered seating on the jet boat is to give us all anybody on the jet boat
a best view because we are going super fast through absolutely amazing scenery. And speaking
of amazing scenery we are getting closer to Huka Falls and as we get closer we can hear
the roar and feel the bream of the water coming onto our face. Sarah is getting us as close possible to the
Huka Falls but the shear force of the water is pushing the whole boat back so she has
to do multiple circles for us to get super close to those falls but we do get close enough
to get some awesome pictures along the way and even feel the spray of the water. To say Huka Falls is an impressive sight would
be a complete understatement we’re currently watching the water from Lake Taupo, the largest
lake in New Zealand, coming down the Waikato River and down this narrow canyon only about
15m wide. That is a whole lot of water and it’s said that over that waterfall itself
there’s about 220,000l per second to give you some context that would be 11 seconds
to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool. Huka Falls is the most visited natural attraction
in the whole of New Zealand. It is such a stunning sight and it can be seen from many
different ways you can fly above Huka Falls, you can walk across a bridge, you can actually
see it from both angles, but there is no way to get any closer than to jump on one of those
jet boats. You guys might have noticed that the water
is a very distinct very light blue colour and this is because the water is so clear
it reflects blue light plus on top of it there is so many bubbles of air because there’s
so much water it makes it a lighter shade of blue. After checking out the Huka Falls Sarah is
taking it up one more gear and we’re gonna be making it back even faster than we came
on the way here. We didn’t even know that we could go faster and that it could be more
epic but honestly she is delivering. From beginning to end, this tour is action-packed
with heaps of 360 spins near misses with canyon walls and twists and turns along the way it’s
an adrenaline filled way to see the Huka Falls and just an awesome activity to do in Taupo
in general it’s also our first activity of the day so make sure to subscribe because
we have heaps more to come. Just next door to the Huka Falls jet boat
company I spy with my little eye the Huka Falls Prawn Park. I have no idea what that
is but I want to check that out and you know this jet boat trip was kind of a short activity
for us today so we may as well do something else.

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  1. Had been to Huka Falls on September 2018 and getting the ride on Hukafalls Jet. Certainly the most thrilling adventure of my life. By the way we had a guy as the PILOT of the boat and he is really fantastic with the maneuvers. Love Taupo and Waikato River NZ 😊

  2. The waterfalls looks rad ! I saw people standing beside it so I assume we can see it on foot. I think I would prefer that.

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