Installing New Island Packet Emblems The Boat Life Sailing Travel vlog Extra Season 2

Installing New Island Packet Emblems The Boat Life Sailing Travel vlog Extra Season 2

this is the boat like actually it’s even
more from the boat life these are season two extras what extras that’s what so
we’re obviously pretty proud of our boat it’s an island packet we love our ion
packet and so we went on a factory tour day it was a gift
new emblems I’m excited about this just other ones look bad real bad it’s like foam your breath I know yeah
how like it was foam yeah and the Sun got to it yeah if you look really
closely you can see where it says island whoa
right yeah it’s hard to see from this angle but I mean it’s yeah he is me you
can see that it says how did it do that it’s the Sun because it came through the
word island yeah oh yeah it’s lighter yep Wow weird oh just like that what is that look probably the left a little
more but it’s not that big of a deal I don’t think no because I knew yeah restaurant get it ready Wow that does look awesome so much
better it looks awesome brand-new brand-new about that’s his solution guys
you want a brand-new vote you got it they looks so good so good Wow okay go
get the old one hold it up I wish it was that easy oh yeah time to
drink some beer that was a quick little little improvement but that makes a
world difference I’m not gonna lie I’d like that makes me feel really proud of
the whole boat in general I was always big fan you know big fan but that’s
beautiful just beautiful well worth it would that take about an hour yeah yeah
well worth it thanks Adam thanks Adam thanks everybody
at Island Packet uh have you done little improvements
like this on your boat tell me about them you know little touchup things to
make all the difference power washing your oh yeah power washing things yeah
leave us a comment make sure to subscribe thanks for watching that’s the
boat life

17 thoughts on “Installing New Island Packet Emblems The Boat Life Sailing Travel vlog Extra Season 2

  1. Ok…First… Congrats on the emblem upgrade!

    Second…This video put my OCD in overdrive.

    Last and most disturbing…the background water noise made me have to pee.


  2. Hi Guys, I just recently replaced 12 feet of rub rail, six inches of it was damaged in a storm, when eight foot waves crashed into our marina. Even though it was only six inches my OCD kicked in, it seemed I was the only one that noticed the damage. An hour an a half of work, the rub rail looks now beautiful. Every time I go out to the boat, I stop and admire how good the rub rail looks.

  3. Putting the free Booty on the boat .. ! Looks good !… "Please do it again"… Can't get enough of it.. (y)

  4. next time instead of a scraper try using some dental floss to saw through the seal,makes it a lot easier and far less risk of damage

  5. Lookin good! Hey, Ive been checking your garmin. When you guys putting the sails for the crossing?

  6. Congrats on the new emblem! It's amazing the little things on a boat that can make all the difference in the world to us sailors. Nic, I am loving the beard brother! Keep up the great work, and look forward to the next episode

  7. Looked for you guys on Patreon so I contribute to the entertainment you're providing me. You're not there, so I'm doing PayPal instead. Get your asses on Patreon. Help me help you!

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