I guess to me Delos is about living life now you know I was working and I had a career and I had a job and a business and a house and all these things but I found myself always looking to what was next that really didn’t resonate for me and although I was I was doing well and I had what I thought I wanted I still missed a lot of things and I just kind of have this urge to go out and travel the world and experience life not when I turned 60 or 70 but right now I was in Seattle and I met this interesting guy and he told me he’s like Brian you’ll never look back on your life and wish you’d spent more time in the office when I got real serious about it I I created a four year plan and started saving up money to buy a boat that was capable of crossing oceans and then sold everything that I owned just for her [Music] it was the most freeing liberating like being born again sort of thing that you could ever imagine because all of the little things that used to matter to you that you thought were super important sort of like just went away and you realized what truly was important in your life you know and it’s it’s your time here it’s your experience it’s the people that you meet the people that make you smile and you can make them smile and you know that sort of impact rather than you know material things which are so kind of fleeting [Music] got some pretty sweet conditions like 30 to 35 minutes well so just taking a little rise [Music] [Music] [Music] I guess I’ve learned that time is irrelevant like it really doesn’t matter like when you do things that’s what you’re doing any intentions that you’re making to make other things in your life happen I think that was the biggest change that happened in me and just generally slowing down you know like not stressing about things if things don’t work out for you then you know there’s no sense pushing against them like maybe you should back off and maybe you should do it a different way like you can’t fight the weather you can’t fight the wind and waves so take a chance you’ll never know where it will take you

100 thoughts on “INDIAN OCEAN SAILING – The SV Delos Story

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  20. Kiril, there's option in settings – to allow community contributions. Enable it for this video, and I will make Russian subtitles for it.
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