I thought CRUISE SHIPS were LAME until I went on the SYMPHONY OF THE SEAS

I thought CRUISE SHIPS were LAME until I went on the SYMPHONY OF THE SEAS

(bubbling) – Rachel and I have traveled the world, and we seek out adventure. We love trying new things and exploring the unknown.
(whooshing) (energetic inspiring dance music) I never would’ve thought
that I would enjoy going on a cruise ship.
(murmuring) The idea of being stuck
with a bunch of people in a floating hotel was so far from my idea of what an adventure is. But then we went on Royal
Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas. This ship is huge!
(murmuring) Look at this, massive! We have a balcony room, so
we’re gonna be one of these. Such a different adventure than, like, some of the other stuff we do, but definitely gonna be an adventure. (energetic inspiring dance music) As we set sail on our first day, we realize that this
is not just any cruise. Our first stop was in Spain, and when you’re in port,
you have two options: (moves into dreamy dance music) you can take an excursion,
where everything is set up for you, or you
can just explore on your own. So for this first day, of
course we did a little exploring and we rented some mopeds. We’d just met some new
friends on the ship, and they joined us for an
unforgettable experience. Our next stop was France. (moves into romantic street music) We decided to do an
excursion which took us to a small French town, where
we enjoyed some local cuisine. We explored the town on foot and got lost in the beauty of France. Check this out! Where do you think I am right now? I am in Italy! Today we’re going to Cinque Terre, which is one of my favorite
spots to travel to. But I just found one of
the wings of the ship. Check this out. I’m standing on, like a see-through thing. It’s kinda awesome. I’d had no idea this was here. That’s one of the things about
the Symphony of the Seas, every day we’re on the ship,
I keep finding new stuff to do and, like, new places like this. I’m pretty excited about Cinque Terre. I gotta go find Rachel.
(epic electronic dance music) We are goin’ to Italy. (moves into dreamy music) Even though we only get
one day in each port, it gave us the opportunity to
see some pretty cool places. Rome was up next. We walked on foot and
got lost in the history before getting back onboard and heading to our final location, the Amalfi Coast. This is a place that we’ve
always wanted to see, so we were super excited
about this adventure. Our final day was spent
entirely on the ship. However, we were excited
because there is so much that we haven’t seen or done yet. It’s a sea day! And what a sea day means is
basically, we’re on the sea. That’s it! We’re not doin’ anything
else besides goin’ from Italy back to Barcelona, Spain. On this cruise, there is only one sea day, where as other cruises, there’s more. So we’re exploring this ship! We’re seein’ everything on the ship! Currently, I’m on the carousel in the middle of the boardwalk. See, I’m riding a panda. (dreamy dance music) Essentially, this ship is a floating city. It has 18 decks, seven
neighborhoods, 19 restaurants, tons of pools and hot tubs,
laser tag, ice skating. It’s got a ton of shows, and of course it has a 10-story slide. Woo-hoo! (rattling) Royal Caribbean has definitely showed us that cruising can be an adventure. We’re glad we got to experience
the Symphony of the Seas and see what the cruise life is all about. We can’t wait until we set
sail on our next adventure.

51 thoughts on “I thought CRUISE SHIPS were LAME until I went on the SYMPHONY OF THE SEAS

  1. Very nice succinct video packed with all that matters, thanks for sharing. Jeven, can I ask do you need a cell phone connection to use a Drone or can you just use with the phone without any 4G or wifi? cheers

  2. Hey Jeven, I’m a new subscriber, and have to say love your positive vibe you bring to your videos! Love your editing and music style. I had been trying to talk my wife Sarah into doing a cruise and after showing her your video..I think she is sold on the idea!! I just bought an Osmo 2 after seeing your video on the Santa Monica “Bird” hangout day, sooo enjoyed it!! Also just getting a new computer with better editing power (a PC). Do you use Premier Pro of Final Cut? Love your work!! Keep it up. Cheers from new fan Mark, Brisbane, Australia👍🏻

  3. Great video Javen. I have to ask…..what was Royal Caribbean's drone policy? Did you have any issues taking your drone on board?

  4. Cruising is the best, I have done 30+ cruises and absolutely love them. Show up unpack, have a cocktail and your holiday starts

  5. Is this the first cruise you've been on….. My wife wants me to go on a cruise to Norway for 7 nights and when you're on the ship do you have to dress up every night in a dinner suit or can you just wear smart casual clothes every night

  6. @Jeven Dovey big fan of yours. The tune in the beginning, looking for it for a while! Where can I get it. It's not in epidemic. Please

  7. Oh so glad that you both had a great cruise and enjoyed yourselves with all the hard stuff you do a little bit of pampering will do you both good stay safe and enjoy yourselves

  8. I found your vlog after a recommendation after my own recent trip to the Big Island where the lava was the highest in 15-years! (It's Day 5 of my Hawaii vlog). My hubby and I went on the maiden voyage of the sister ship of the Symphony.. the Harmony and it was excellent! Hope to get on the Symphony one day. 🙂

  9. How were you allowed to bring a drone on board Royal Caribbean I thought drones were banned as most cruise lines now are not allowing drones on board. Did you have to do something special in order to allow you to bring a drone on board? I am considering taking my drone on a cruise and was wondering how you accomplish this?

  10. Cruises seem fun, but with all of the incidents I don't know that I'd feel comfortable being on a huge ship like that. If I did any, I'd probably start with the Alaska cruises out of Seattle.

  11. I love cruising too! But OMG the prices? They have gotten way out of hand. Used to be great deal compared to Land based vacations. Now they are becoming more expensive then Land based. I am sure I will get some thumbs down on this, cause you know how people love paying more then they have too. 😉

  12. I love cruising  BUT the ships are getting TOO BIG.  More unruly passengers with their unruly, spoiled kids.  Being pushed around in Cadillac sized strollers and bumping into every thing and everyone.  I like the older, smaller cruise ships.  If I want to climb a rock wall I'll go to El Capitan.  If I want to pretend surf I'll go to Waikiki.  And if I want to pretend I'm sky diving I'll smoke a joint.

  13. Another good one Jeven.
    Chose your cruises wisely.
    We've been on some real duds and some fantastic.

  14. Ive never been on a cruise ship so I still think theyre lame but, from what I know about Symphony of the Seas, you set the bar pretty f'in high.

  15. Nothing worse in the world than a fat American in Europe ruining our pretty towns for instagram snaps.

  16. Does anyone know if there is an extra charge for riding the carousel? Watched a few vloggers and nobody mentioned it.

  17. You are so damn handsome! I would watch every one of your vlogs just to see see your face and body. So fine! BTW, nice ship.

  18. Did you have to get your drone cleared before going on the cruise? Ive heard they don't allow drones. Or did you get special permission since you were doing a video highlighting RC? Great Film btw!

  19. I don't know if you got paid for that vid, but you should have. RC cruises are very nice. I have done a few with the family. Heading to Hawaii for 11 days, including a 7 day cruise on a different cruise line. Hitting 5 of the island. I have been restocking on video equipment, that is how I found your channel. Just picked up a Hero7 black and pre-ordered the Osmo pocket. Only thing I am holding back on is selling my big P3-4K and getting a maveric 2, but don't know if I can drop that amount of $$$ right now. Phyched to try out the new equipment. Also heading to Italy for two weeks in the summer. I have heard great things about the Amelfi coast. Cant wait to check it out….Your drone footage of the European stops has me thinking harder about the Maverick 2. Keep up the good work on the channel. I will need tutorials on editing.

  20. How did you get away with taking a camera on the water slide? I got yelled at for that on a Carnival ship. Also, did you get any push-back for packing a drone?

  21. Ugh Royal sponsored your first cruise! wow….very lucky fella. Its much easier to love a ship when it's free. We sailed on Liberty of the Seas in Nov 2014 and i was hooked.

  22. Im a travel agent that specializes in cruise vacation and just started my you tube channel not long ago. This is the type of videography I aspire to attain. You set the bar high! Thank you for all of your wonderful tutorials as well. You're extremely talented and cannot wait to see what else you put out next!

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