How You Can Help People in Wheelchairs Navigate Their City

How You Can Help People in Wheelchairs Navigate Their City

We’re at a Local Guides meet-up,
and we’re adding wheelchair-accessible information to Google Maps. There’s 472 train station entrances in New York. Many are not accessible at all. It’s bad, because when you transfer trains, that’s two more elevators that can stop your trip when you live it every day. Accessibility: there’s far too many who
don’t have this access when taking the subways, we need to bring awareness to
subway entrances that are very difficult for folks to navigate so that’s what
we’re doing here today. We’ve seen different ways to get to the
subways so we’re taking pictures. “We’re on the map!” “Oh that’s what the building looks like!” “Exactly, now I know what to look for.” There really are no limitations, people should put as much information as possible. Because they do have cell phones they’re regular people, so we can help them, we help everyone. I always try to answer the questions that
pop up. So when someone says, “I went to this place in my wheelchair and you could do this and you couldn’t do that.” So I’ll add the number of steps whether
it’s accessible or not in the reviews. And they include content in the reviews
that specifically call it out. A lot of times that door handle may be really high for people who are other than tall people. These are some of the things that
we can bring to Google Maps. It doesn’t take much. It’s my dream to have so many people who care about accessibility getting out and doing it. Because you may make their day and help them access something they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. This is a large undertaking but I’m up
to the challenge, we can do this.

74 thoughts on “How You Can Help People in Wheelchairs Navigate Their City

  1. common google guides! let's do this!!! im ramping up my reviews to add accessability! no payment needed. just doing my 1 good deed a day. #itmatters

  2. Thanks again to all Google local guides that decided to finally do something about places that is not wheel chair accessible, We welcome all merchants , Shops, restarants, hotel's, around the world to join us and make this dream a reality, For Google maps. My Name is Charlie Le'muel Southerland Google local guide level six PALM SPRINGS CA.

  3. Luckily I live in a building / or my Gym  where people on Wheel chair are treated as "Human Being"  regardless of their Status Why Not accessibility must be a Must is it Part of being "Equal & just " ?

  4. how can i help? i want to help every person and every where in earth. its a excellent work done by google.i do my best in Nepal please inform if u need any for help from me.

  5. well done. it is really necessary to have wheelchair access at so many places like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools etc.

  6. Beautiful intiative, but!
    Accessibility is not just about ramps, it's about time to take the blind and visually impaired in consideration.
    And yes, there are "ramps" for them as well – check out for example.

  7. I love this idea and will certainly get involved, NYC is amazing, with lots to see and do, it should be easily accessible for everyone, thanks Google!

  8. As a power-chair user myself, and knowing many others who benefit with the accessible "additions" in so many places, I want to say thank you for adding this "feature" or questions regarding the physical accessibility on the google guide app. I've been thinking and looking for THAT way of informing others about the access everywhere I go all through my life.

    I'd really appreciate it if the accessible "sign" is ADDED ON THE GOOGLE MAPS. Especially on public services, transportation estrances, etc. I do notice that for some of the public transportation maps the entrances marked are not the accessible ones and it makes it more difficult for those of us who need more accessibility.

  9. I'm very happy to be a part of the local guides community; and thankful for the opportunity to do some good in the 🌍. Just by simply giving our reviews we help so many people with physical limitations and mobility issues improve there quality of life.
    Thank you Google great job together we can change the 🌍world!!!

  10. Hey guys, I am happy to see you guys working hard for a cause it gives me lots of inspiration to contribute to the community.
    Thanks for sharing, Great job done!

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  12. Los Local Guides, colaboran de diferentes maneras, y es la vista y la perspectiva desde que posee el fotógrafo y que ilustra de algún modo a aquellos que buscan la ayuda de Google Maps, es interesante ver como las personas con limitaciones en su movilidad pueden también aprovechar este tipo de recursos colaborativos. Muy buen por Google y los cientos de colaboradores al rededor de todo el mundo.

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