How to save $25,000 in the boat yard.  Sailing Vessel Delos – Ep. 204

How to save $25,000 in the boat yard. Sailing Vessel Delos – Ep. 204

Right where we left her. That a baby. [INAUDIBLE] How does it feel
to be back, Kasa? Feels so good. I’m really excited to
go upstairs and look. Let’s go. Oh, she looks pretty good. Wow. Yeah, she looks all right. Just like we left her, huh? She smell good inside? Yes. Just like home. Just like coming home, huh? Just smells like boat
that’s been stored. It’s not too bad. Everything’s all right. Let’s open that bad boy up. Welcome home, Kasa. We made it after four
months, 120 days, 10 or 12 airline flights. I don’t know how many
different countries. Yeah, I know. And what better way to sum up
this four months of adventure than with a little montage. I always cry when you get here. Good to see you. We try to make it
back every few years. This is my brother,
Brett Troutman. Ah, hi. And when we do, we just want
to do normal family stuff. Soccer Saturday. Soccer Saturday. American as it gets. Brady and I were
headed off to Mexico for a mini vacation
with my parents, who were pretty excited to
meet him for the first time. It had been over a year
since seeing my family, so spending a couple of weeks
doing a whole lot of nothing felt pretty amazing. And just like that, it was time
to fly north and experience the land of fire and ice. Then it was time
for a big reunion. Hi. Carol flew in from Vietnam. Good to see you, bud. And Lisa joined us from Austria. And we couldn’t fly
halfway across the world without planning a
little Patreon meetup. A lot of people coming. It’s so fun. A huge thanks to all
of you for being there. It’s hard to put into words
how much love, inspiration, and support you all give us. And then we got an invitation
we just couldn’t pass up, so we flew to Svalbard to
meet up with the crew of 59 North Sailing for a month
long arctic expedition. Welcome to Svalbard. That was probably the scariest
landing I think I’ve ever had. Our time in Svalbard was a
life changing experience. The beauty of the rugged
landscapes and rawness of nature affected us deeply. Cannon ball. Oh, [BLEEP] that. We filmed so much
that we decided to edit a completely separate
series of videos dedicated solely to the expedition. So stay tuned. And then, instead of
flying back to Sweden, Brian and I got a
once in a lifetime opportunity to jump ship and
sail across the Barents Sea. So we set off with
the crew of Sky Dancer for another 760 miles
of cold water sailing. The weather is absolutely
incredible today. To a successful passage. What a great passage. Jesus Christ. So now it was time to stay
in one place for a bit. And I’m going to show Brian what
a Swedish summer is all about. Out bicycling. Here’s a little taste
of Sweden and everything that we have done over
the last couple of weeks. My favorite times like
revolve around being able to have just
time and space to be able to spread out and work. We’ve had time to
exercise in the yard and practice our slacklining. At your mom’s
house, it’s so cool to be able to eat
every meal outside. So we take like our little table
and we set it out in the yard out in front of the bar near
the little house that we’re sleeping at. And then we just eat
and it’s so quiet. And one day, Brian
dropped the big question. And I said yes. She said yes. [INAUDIBLE] It was
actually the first time that we’d been together alone
in like two years or something. Yeah, a long time. Lots of love, lots of happiness. And that’s it. We had a lot of adventures
during this four months but we also worked really hard,
editing a total of 18 episodes and shot six
terabytes of footage. And now it was time for our
last flight back home to Delos. Oh man, I’m so
stoked to be back. We’ve just gotten back to Delos. It feels really, really good. It’s like the closest
I’ve felt to being home. You know, the whole time we were
out visiting family and doing our adventures and stuff,
people kept on asking, oh, you know, how
is it to be home, like to be back in the US? And I kept thinking, man, I
like it but my home is here. My home is Delos. My home is on the ocean. I guess we were gone for
almost like four months. Coming back to Grenada
knowing that we’re not going to have to get on
another plane for a long time feels really, really good. I’m so grateful to be
able to travel and film and do what we do. But every time you’re
moving not only your clothes but camera gear and laptops. We’re not on vacation, so we’re
working everywhere we are. And just finding the balance
in that has been really hard. So being back in Grenada is
like a little bit of a relief off the shoulders. Being able to start working on
the boat and get her shipshape and ready for another season of
sailing is like super exciting. I think I’m even more
excited than the first year that I started
cruising because I know what to expect and I just– I know just how good
it’s going to be. She hasn’t been hauled out
in like five years almost. The last time was in
Indonesia, or Malaysia I guess. I’m really excited
to get into projects and I don’t know, just
see some progress. I know that there’s going to be
a lot of grinding in my future. Doing manual labor is
something that I really miss. It’s hot and it’s going
to be sweaty and dirty. Carol is here too, so we’re kind
of five for a while at least. I feel super stoked, super
ready start working, and yeah. It’s going to be
an awesome season. So I guess that’s the
first task to figure out what we actually need to do. What are you going
to write there, Kasa? To do. Prepare the keels. We need to mount the
paddleboards to the side. Put the solar panels back on. Add in the wind generators. And we to varnish the door
and the trim around the door. And while we’re doing that, we
might as well do the table too. Install new oven, anchor. I’d like to get a proper
tow bar on the dingy. Do we want to replace the travel
line with something smaller? Yes. Main traveler [INAUDIBLE]. Main traveler [INAUDIBLE]. What was it called
with the cushions? Not pressure wash. What is it called? Steam clean. Steam clean. Dodger. We didn’t get very far
into our work, did we? OK, welcome to day one. Get Delos back in the
water [INAUDIBLE].. The way this works
is we’re going to have three columns of things. On the left we’re going to
have our to do items, which we have the whole list here. And we’re going to
prioritize those from like the most important up
top to like the least important could be nice to
do on the bottom. In the center will
be in progress items. And then on the right
will be completed items. Re-commission water maker, that
can happen virtually any time. Test salon hatch
for leaks, that’s probably pretty
important in case we need to order parts
or something, right? So look at all this shit. Like Delos always gets
so incredibly messy before it’s clean,
and especially when you’re in working mode. You have a lot of stuff out. Look at this. Brady and Alex’s
cabin look like this. And you should see
mine and Brian. Look at the pass through. Yeah. So as you can see, it’s not
exactly livable right now. So I’m very, very
happy we don’t have to stay on the boat were at
the [INAUDIBLE] like this. So we have been staying with
two of our friends, Chris and Crystal, in their house. Aw, Louie, our pet chicken. Look at you. It’s raining so much. Aw, are you hungry? I also have had our
own little room. I guess I can show you the room. We have our own
little situation. This is what it looks like. It’s been a really,
really good stay here. Brian is taking a shower. How is that morning
shower, Brian? It’s a little bit of a challenge
getting to the boat yard because we’re on the
other side of the island. So we’re going to try
and grab either a taxi or one of the crazy local
buses, whichever comes first. And it’s a super cool
system, so they don’t– I guess they kind
of have set routes. They have no set schedules. But there’s just
a bunch of them. And they drive around and
there’s always a driver and then there’s
always a conductor. And the conductor stops
and opens the door, takes people’s money, figures
out where people are going and signals the
driver when to stop. So all the vans are like tricked
out and it’s really cheap. It’s 2.50 EC, which
is like $0.90. Was that trip 2.50? It was 5 EC for both of us. Wow. Right. And then he drops us off
and then we’re right here. I like those vans. Perfect. We removed the solar panels and
wind generators, just in case a storm rolled through. And before we could tackle
our list of projects, we’d need power, not
only to run the grinders, sanders, and other tools,
but most importantly, we need lots of ice. Pure gold, baby. Pure gold. So one of the first things
that we have started with is varnishing. We have only a few wooden
things on the boat just sitting in the sun for like four months. And we also haven’t done it
since like five years ago, I think. So we have sanded everything. So that’s step
number one, sanding. Step number two is cleaning
up the wood with some thinner. You guys got like a little
varnishing shop set up. [INAUDIBLE] It makes a good
roof, doesn’t it? It’s a great little
like wind tunnel. And taping, of course. And then varnishing. We’re about done
with varnishing. We needed to do like
six layers and yeah, this is the sixth
layer, so we’re done. Yay. Pretty shiny, though. One of our projects
for today is to try to get all the mold
off our dodger. We had this dodger made
about two years ago. And it shouldn’t
go bad that fast. But for some reason,
I don’t know, it’s just filled with mold
and it’s leaking like crazy. Got a little– our dodger’s
pretty dodgy at the moment. All this rain water
sitting up there, it sucks. Push it out like this. Sunbrella my butt. So I’m going to try
to clean it and then retreat it to bring
back the waterproofness. We cleaned it yesterday, and I
think actually most of the mold went away, which
is really exciting. Now me and Blue, we have set
up everything to be sprayed. So we found this awesome
catamaran from LTD Sailing. Because they’re– We’re both wearing
LTD Sailing shirts. Repping. So just because
they are friends, we figured it’s OK
for us to borrow underneath their catamaran. Read the instructions, Blue. Where do you want
me– directions, if surface to be waterproofed
is dirty or stained, clean it, which we already did. Dry it, which we already did. And then apply the waterproofing
with the sprayer, brush, or sponge. Don’t let it drip and
let it dry for six hours. So we’re underneath this
catamaran, hidden away from the rain. So they will be all right. So it’s been a little
bit more than six hours, like seven hours or
something like that. And it seems really dry. And it looks a lot cleaner
than when we started, so that’s a good sign. Now we just have to put
it up and do our best. So there’s a lot of
projects going on. I just got the cushions back. We haven’t steam cleaned
our cushions and the carpets since I did it in Australia. And that was like right as
we started this whole thing. So it has been a while, like
five, six years or something. And they were
getting quite mucky. So I decided that– I’m not going to
steam clean them because I tried to
rent the steam cleaner but you can’t do it in Grenada. So I handed it into a
guy and he did all of it. They look awesome. Look at all of them, though. I don’t know how I’m
going to get them inside. And the boat is so dirty. It cost a little bit of
money, about 300 US dollars. But we have a lot of cushions. I feel like it was way
worth the money to do it since we have so much
other stuff going on. But yeah, the cushions are
steam cleaned and smelling good. Now we just need to
get them into the boat. It’s so many. I might set up a time
lapse or something of just me bringing them in. We had a little minor
setback yesterday when we were taking
out the bow thruster. There was a little bit
of miscommunication and it sort of just fell out
of the bottom of the boat and smashed onto the ground. And it cracked like
the bottom part where the propeller mounts. Like I didn’t know it
was going to go that– Yeah, it’s OK, though. Are you OK? Yeah. Yeah. Is it OK? I should have mentioned
that fell out. I didn’t think it was going
to come out like that. So what should have
been like maybe a two or three hour
project has turned into two or three
days, as sometimes happens with boat work. Nice gear oil. There’s no water in it,
which means the seal is good. A plastic bag from Mauritius. So satisfying to get it off. Oh, I see it. [BLEEP] seal. Oh shit. Oh yeah, because it was
probably spinning in there and melting, right? This is like tarred. Yeah, it’s like frozen,
melted plastic, huh? But we’re getting it. We have some sanding
to do on it and then we’re going to have to re-glass
up the part that cracked. We’re about ready to
start laying on some epoxy as we blast fix this damage. When it fell, it hit on this
edge and it broke right there and it also cracked here. And found another crack here. So we’re basically
going to give it just a wipe down with
some mineral spirits to get all the dust off. And then we’re going to mix a
layer of epoxy and hardener. And the first thing
we’re going to do is we’re going to cut out a
few strips of fiberglass cloth and then we’re going to figure
out a way to go like this. Right, yeah. And like this. And what we do is we put a
layer down of the epoxy first. We put this over it. Yeah. We get it adjusted. And then we put another
layer on top of that. And then we have
to let that cure. Well, 10 minutes in, roughly,
and it’s just hot [INAUDIBLE].. And now we– It turned into a block. It turned into a hot– Even though it’s the slow stuff. So we’re going to get bucket
with ice to keep it cool. I learned this little trick
from a bloke in Australia. If the epoxy is
going off too quick, just chuck it in some
ice to keep it cool. So have the faring compound
on the bow thruster now. And looks pretty good. My next step is to sand it. So I’m just going to sand
the edges, start shaping it, make it nice and smooth. And then we’ll seal it
with a layer of epoxy. We’ll be almost there. So that’s how a three
hour routine gear oil change can turn into a
three day boat project. OK, you can leave it. My mission today is to finish
servicing the propeller. Yesterday we were
able to get it off OK. But today, I am going
to pull these seals out. These need to be replaced. I need to put a new
bushing in there. And it’s a bit of a
trick to get these out. So what I’ve learned
over the years is that actually this is a
dent puller that you’d use in like an auto body repair shop. So I drill a hole sort of
in the seal right there. I screw this in there. [INAUDIBLE] the
weight [INAUDIBLE].. And it pops it out. This is the wearing
bearing that needs to be replaced every
time we haul out. So basically inside
of it, there’s an O-ring, which seats
on the shaft here. And then these oil seals
seat on the outside. So this piece sort of
keeps the saltwater out and it keeps the oil in. And then I have three new seals. I put one, two, and
then the third one actually goes in that
way to keep [INAUDIBLE].. And that’s what keeps
this unit full of oil. This is the old one. And what I actually do is
I just keep the old ones so then I use it to push the seals. I started out yesterday
with a pretty minor project, which I thought was to check
a bonding strap on the air conditioning pump. But here’s the other problem I
found is that in South Africa it looks like we got some
counterfeit hose clamps. So this is supposed to be a
3/16 stainless steel hose clamp. That’s been in
there about a year. So you can tell that it
is absolute bullshit. Broke in half, which
causes leaks, sucks. I bought these new ones. Hopefully these are better. These are made in England. They’re about 3 US
dollars apiece, or $4, so hopefully they’re
the real deal. So this is kind of what
we’re talking about here, is these guys. Like that has just corroded. There is no reason why they
should corrode and leave rust, all of these. So I’ve got to go
through, replace them all. It’s just a lot of
unnecessary work because we got shitty parts. But hopefully this
time they’ll last– they should last a long time. My main focus today is the keel. So there’s those
places where I don’t know if we probably hit a
number of things over the years. That’s bottom right there. It’s gone through the glass
and now the keel is exposed. The problem with the
keel is these rust spots. If you can see that, that. Like that needs
to be ground away. The plan is I have to literally
grind all the paint, gel coat, through the glass layer
and down to the iron itself, which is
quite a bit of work. I’m using a 3 and 1/2
inch angle grinder. And then I will need to
basically use an acid to get rid of all the rust. And then I’ll use this
rust dissolver gel, which is actually some
really nasty stuff that’s phosphorus acid with some
other things, really nasty. But it actually converts the
rust into a protective layer. And then I’ll wipe that often
right away before it starts to rust again, I will
put a layer of epoxy on this to protect it. Now that I’ve got
that done and I’ve got the acid all wiped off,
I’ve got to put a coat of epoxy on there like right
away to seal it up. Next it was time to start
building layers up again to form a protective
layer over the keel. We did this by
mixing normal epoxy with a silicon-based filler
that can then be spread. It forms a thick,
goopy mixture that can be fared smooth by sanding. How’s it going here? Woo. It’s [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, my arms are getting
a good workout over here. But it’s very nice. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. The sanding is complete. We’ve sanded with like the
sander and by hand sanding. And now there’s like these
little divots in the filler that we’re going to fill in
with more filler and then sand again. Needs more. Needs more. Needs more. The idea is to apply
layers of filler with sanding in between
to eventually get a smoothly fared surface. We then seal the filler
with a final layer of epoxy. This is it, guys. This is the last epoxy layer. Oh shit, low battery. Epoxy my [INAUDIBLE]. It’s going to die at any moment. Look how smooth that
is, smooth and shiny. Somebody moved my sticky notes. I took away your satisfaction. It’s like the best part. [INAUDIBLE] Part of the whole thing. I did some of those. Yeah, we’re going to
move them together. OK. Yes. Oh. Oh. We’re getting there. We’re getting close. So we should only
have a few more days left in the marina,
which is super exciting– if everything goes to plan. It’s been a really good
month of working and editing. And it’s been quite
exhausting at times. But we’re on the final
stretch and the last things to do on the bottom are going to
happen in the next couple days. And it feels really good
to be in the homestretch to move back home onto Delos
and to start the new season. It’s really exciting. It’s time. It’s definitely time. I put together this cool
spreadsheet of these numbers to talk about some of
the costs from the time we came out of the water
until we did the first– basically the first month
of labor on the boat. In US dollars, the
haul out cost $346. The pressure wash where they
clean the bottom was $92. The chocking was
where they set up the mounts on the
side of Delos was $80. To setup the hurricane
cradle they charged $158. And in miscellaneous
supplies at budget marine, like epoxies, brushes,
coveralls, paint, disposable gloves,
mixing stuff, varnish, that came 808 US dollars
and just random materials. The monthly storage
to keep Delos in the hard for a total of
five months, $635 per month. And then for that same period of
time for the hurricane cradle, that was $1,467. But the main place that
we saved a lot of money was in our own labor. So over the period of that
time we tracked our hours and we worked about
a month solid. And for most of that time,
there was five of us working, so me, Brie, Alex, Carol, and
Kasa, all busting our butts, like even sometimes on
weekends, 835 hours of labor. And the rate that the yard
charges for average labor is 81 EC per hour. I think sometimes
for specialty things they might charge
a little bit more, but that’s maybe a
good average rate. So in total we saved
$25,000 US in labor by doing the work ourselves. And we know that
it’s done 100% right. That’s a lot of labor, bro. Yep, pretty cool. So the total project
cost for the work that we showed in this video
would be 31,182 US dollars. But because we did all
of the work ourselves, we spent $6,132. Not bad, huh? Woo, a lot of work, man. Yeah, a lot of work. But very good, very fulfilling. And in the next
video, we’re going to be showing the next
part of the process, which is the doing of the bottom,
so sandblasting, priming it, and then putting on our new
experimental bottom paint. So check that out next week. Let’s do it. See ya. Do its thing. [INAUDIBLE] You gonna say something? No, I won’t say anything to you. Hey. What? Just put the GoPro [INAUDIBLE]. Just get it there. Somebody has to edit that. Sucks. Do you know how
shitty it is to watch through footage like that. No. [INAUDIBLE] That could be on 1,000
ways to die or something. Business in the front. Party in the back. Look at that. Like it? I like it a lot.

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    But besides that, I appears the Ameil boats are pretty darn good. If I were to switch to a sailing adventure I'd say I'm still stuck with a Norseman 447, mainly because the engine room is far and away from the outdoors. I'd say the rest is comparable. Have any of you checked out a Norseman 447? Not many around, I know.

  29. I just watched this video twice and as near as I can see according to the rules of installing a seal (open side toward the liquid being held back) The three seals were installed backwards. Of course AMEL usually has more exotic ways of doing things and there may be a reason for this. It would be a good idea to check.

  30. This is very helpfull, We are a young family that just bought an older 48’ ketch in BC. its in good shape, we are skiers and don’t know what we are doing. We just figured enough planning lets do it……so here we are………sweet lord in over our heads. I would do anything to have a coffee with you, I have barley sailed, so ketching is a lot. I am starting work this spring, I have a big list, but most of it I can do myself, but with a 4 and 7 year old boys, my wife is busy keeping those goobers under control.

  31. Hello Delos:
    I have been watching You since Your beginning:
    First, I like your current crew best: Blue is my favorite color: followed by green.
    Second: I like that Brian and Karen are getting married: I know they love each other very much
    Third: I am a former US Navy Machinist's Mate: Vietnam Vet and US Merchant Marine Deep Sea and Great Lakes Engineer and I have confirmed that the person I like most is Bryon. He is truly a Able Bodied Seaman and a (marine) engineer and I admire that.
    I like episode 204 the best of all !
    Keep on sailing Delos !
    You are real and a source of real vicarious pleasure for me. Ahoy! and Skoal !

  32. If you are in doubt whether its stainless or normal steel, you can test it with a magnet.
    Stainless is either non or very poorly magnetic.

  33. Oh Man!!! We are in San Carlos Mexico living on my yacht from being inspired by you guys. Wish I could have met you when you visited family here!

  34. If you are ever wanting to know if a hoseclamp is 316 grade or not, take a magnet. 316 stainless is not magnetic.

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    The Delos Story absolutely rocks and i love it but YOU girl are so so so funny 
    Bring back the Lees

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  37. You guys need a "6" Variable Speed Grinder" You would never, could never, believe the difference. 200 rpm is 10times easier and better than those vibro sanders and higher speed grinding is also far simpler and more effective and smooth. GET ONE!! use a very soft stick-on pad for low speed fairing work. Magic!!

  38. Leesir popping in at the end. Kudos to her and her editing skills. Have been working to finish the bottom of my boat currently,hope to get it in the water in a week or two. Now busting my butt putting on the gelcoat layers. I had to epoxy my keel a lot as well. does make you feel good seeing the smooth results. Now on to next episode to see what top coat you use. Also, saw the logo, excellent touch. Will be custom painting mine when I get a chance. The things you can do when doing the work yourself. Also, cool(literally) tip about the epoxy hardening duration, by using ice. Also, saw the boat shop in the background , huge plus when working on a boat to get it in the best shape.

  39. Recently I was watching the TV show swamp people and I learned an ingenious idea to prevent algae and Barnacles built-up on the boat hull by Mixing Cayanne pepper with gel coat paint and apply it to the boat hull
    It’s cajun ingenuity 💡
    It will prolong the life of the gelcoat by not scraping it during the cleaning process and focus on more fun project like fixing the head 🙄
    I hope you have the chance to experiment with this idea and let us know the results
    شكراً لكم Thank you

  40. I like boat maintenance videos more than sailing at this point. I learn a whole lot. I’ve found that “professional” boat techs are as dumb as they are arrogant. They’re clueless. And sometimes they’re thieves. I paid for a sunbrella Bimini which, two years later I discovered they sewed with non UV resistant thread. Is that stupidity or thievery? And if it’s thievery it was in my home port so it’s not like the asshole was screwing someone he’d never see again. Boat techs know more than I do but they invariably make horrendous decisions. In any event, they should be sterilized. The asshole that sold you fake stainless hose clamps. That would make me crazy.

  41. That phosphoric acid binds with the electrons in the iron so that they are no longer available for bonding with Oxygen—which makes rust. It’s not a coating.

  42. Engaged, aww well done, im dating a texas woman, and im from wales, she dnt understand much what i say, but i got pen and paper always at the ready, my accent is crazy strong, but congrats on the you next 50yrs together

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  45. Hey guys I am really impressed with everything you do and that you are experienced in extensive boat maintainence. Im glad you were able to save that money by doing the work yourself. However, I think you should take more care in the future with your communication methods and briefing before working on heavy equipment, because that little bit where the lateral thruster fell right in front of her is kind of a shocker. Stuff like that could cause severe injuries, broken bones, lacerations, possibly long term medical problems or even death, medical costs that could cost you or others far more than what you would have saved. Practice accident prevention. Working on heavy stuff is about safety first, it should encompass an entirely different mindset than having fun or making videos. Love you guys.


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  48. Sure like these reconditioning videos. There's a lot to be said for taking the time to bring things back to as close as you can to their original condition. Time well spent. Brings back the old days of building engines and the tricks Brian was talking about are seriously a cool thing, cause the money you can spend on special tools designed for seals and bearings can really add up. The corroding and breaking of the clamps are an example of cheap and very thin plating on the hose clamps that you run into when having to use parts that are not from trusted manufacturers.

  49. Happy that Kirrill and Lisa were able to connect while you were all together in Sweden, have been wondering how they have been doing since leaving Delos!

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