How to Navigate a Party

How to Navigate a Party

Hey Chris. Hey! All right boys she made it to the party. Let’s navigate. Phil, how does the battery juice look? We’re at 89%. She used up some juice texting an Uber ride over. It’ll have to do. Okay I’ve located 4 outlets in the living room in case she needs to charge. She might need to use her phone if she wants to look busy or coy. Good idea. Who’s this guy? Is she into him? Hey Melissa! You made it! Yeah. Aw, welcome. That’s James he’s a work friend. He and Courtney just broke up. But he’s a Ginger. Zero possibility. Copy that. Lets get her out of there. How’s it going? Good good! I’m going to get a drink. Oh yeah. What are we looking at boys? We got white wine, some microbrew and tequila. Shots? So we’re raging tonight? It appears that way. Shot shot shot shot shot! Get her out of there. No exits found. Oh my God he looks so drunk! Drunk levels rising. Dive! Dive! Ugh! Cute boy alert! Oh, I’m detecting hormonal shifts. Give me a line. Searching. You’re not even searching, it’s in sleeping mode. Oh. Stupid. You stupid idiot. You’re fired. I didn’t do it. You’re fired. Get me a line, Phil! I like your big muscles. Oh yeah. That was awful. I’m wasted. Uh ma’am, actually I think he’s kind of into it. We need an emergency exit strategy. I need to sleep. My mouth tastes like Captain Crunch and beef jerky. *burps* Uh. Ew. Stop it Phil! Swallow it. Whatever. Whatever. Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed that command center sketch. We have a few more in the works for you. And I wanted to let you know: October 6th, I have a show at the Ontario Improv and it’s all of my favorite Asian female comedians and of course Brad for diversity. And this is actually like a test show. If it goes well I may go on tour across the United States and possibly even some other countries. So if you’ve always wanted to see me do some stand up come to that show or any of these shows. I’ll be doing all the jokes! A few weeks ago I was asked to take part in JCPenney’s campaign that celebrated female empowerment. There were so many rad women on this campaign. They had like a computer programmer, a U.S. Air Force Officer, a fitness enthusiast, and so many more. And they brought me on as an advocate for suicide prevention. As you guys know, my sister committed suicide 8 years ago and since then I’ve been very vocal about how we can prevent suicide how can we combat bullying and end all the stigmas against mental illness. And it’s hard to try to find like a comedic angle for all this stuff but I’ve always been a strong believer that the best way to have people think about your message is to have them laugh first. So yay. Thank you so much to JCPenney for having me on this amazing campaign. And for letting me keep this dope outfit. I’ve worn it like so many times since I brought it home. It’s really cool. I’ll put a link to the LookBook down in the description below and of course you can get all of these fabulous outfits at I’m Anna Akana. Stay awesome Gotham. Give me a line! Searching. No give me a line now! Searching. Give me a line! Searching. Give me a line right now! I’m searching! Hurry up!

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  1. Is there a specific video in which you talk about suicide more in depth? I'm really interesting in being involved in the dialogue, I don't know much about it and I'd like to learn. Although it is a personal thing so I do understand that may not be something you want to completely share with anyone.

  2. I would love to see a video on Anna's thoughts about Daniel Kyre's recent suicide, considering her sister. 

    R.I.P. Kristina Akana
    R.I.P. Daniel Kyre.
    "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."
    EDIT: I only mention it since it seems to be rocking the internet right now. Click on any video related to gaming and the top comment is "R.I.P. Daniel Kyre." Didn't mean to be disrespectful.


  4. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Anna has been making her videos long before Pixar ever came up with Insideout. She's NOT copying them!

  5. Hahahaha the whole video was brilliant but the funniest bit for me was "all of my favourite Asian female comedians, and of course Brad for diversity"


  6. I love you Anna. I definitely try and cheer the drinking games a lot. Like I become the best motivational speaker ever.

  7. I think if the prop gun got pulled on Phil it would've got turnt. I know everyone is probably like "too much prop gun" but that shit is funny and Akana makes it twerk.

  8. On a serious note, it truly makes me sad about her sister committing suicide 😞 We see her brother from time to time and to know there is someone else missing from this amazing and hilarious family is saddening. Proud of Anna making awareness towards prevention – inspiring she tries to find the light in such a dark horrible situation

  9. Hey Anna, what do you say to the people that can't go to parties (while they're in school) because their parents won't let them, while they get to see all their friends hanging fun via social media?

  10. I'm usually check out all the lampshades before drinking seriously so I'd know where to go for a hat later that evening I'd also wear my filthiest pair of underwear and pick one for the party. finally i'd drive my work truck cause I wouldn't care if I totalled it in a head on. I'm always thinking.

  11. Certified Lightweight says: Shot of beer, yes. Shots of tequila, HELL NO! I mean 1 or 2 shots of tequila over a whole night is 1 thing but fast shots of tequila leads me straight to passing out or worse.

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