HOW TO MAKE – Sailboat out of bottles

HOW TO MAKE – Sailboat out of bottles

Hi guys! The construction of the Ficusland continues, but in the meantime we decided to sail a bit by making a sailboat out of bottles. So, we brought the bottles to the place of filming, these are 6 liter bottles. We calculated that our entire sailboat will occupy 2 cubic meters as a whole, which is 2000 liters in volume. And now we’re starting to build our sailboat first we make such small blocks of 2 bottles and join them together using tape then we connect these blocks of 2 into blocks of 4 so, we have a ready bottom part, and we started to build the sides. Let’s check how heavy it is at the moment. can you lift? It’s quite light can you lift the whole structure? Wow! Rambo Tell us what will it be? it will be such a structure that will be attached to these bottles. I mean it’s something like, how’s that thing called which carries sails in a boat, the mast right? Yes, mast Basically it’s the stick on which our sailboat will be placed. Why do we need the wooden construction? Well, it’s because if we attach this thing to the bottles, it will simply not hold, so we need a more reliable construction and for this we make such a wooden frame. but the main part will be located at the bottom of our sailboat, so it shouldn’t be visible. so, we made this simple construction, with the help of which the canvas, which will be here later, can be rotated. To do this, we attached ropes here so that from any end of our sailboat it could be controlled. By the way, the quadrature of this canvas turned out to be 4 square meters. According to Wikipedia, there shouldn’t be more than 5 or 8 square meters per person, because if there is more, then the person simply can’t cope with it. I think we can handle it I think our sail will be enough for this sailboat and for the two of us. Well, our sail will be also from such improvised means. It will be a stretch film of blue color to make it beautiful Let’s put it guys! By the way, it’s relatively light. Yeah, light! So, we have already arrived at this amazingly wonderful place. Look how beautiful it is! Here we’ll check our sailing boat. But there is a small problem. The wind is blowing from that shore towards us. Therefore, it’s likely that won’t not be able to sail. So, we’ll attach our motor here, cross to the other side, and from there we’ll sail along the lake on our sailboat. come on, come on, come on! Well, we attached the motor, took the battery, camera and me and we’re ready to go! because the sail canvas is ready as well. yes, just check out how cool it looks! : but there’s a problem, we don’t know how to control the sail. Once we were on a yacht and this sail almost threw me overboard it was a real yacht, yeah? yes, it was a real yacht but we will try to cope with this sail, which we made ourselves. you see, the wind is blowing in this direction, like that. We need to get there first. Right? Let’s try! we are sailing. Friends we’re sailing. I want to sail at full speed. we’re sailing with a sail we are sailing against the tide and we haven’t started the motor We’re trying to keep the sail along the wind so that it does not interfere with sailing to that shore, now we are sailing with the motor on. : we planned to sail there, but the wind changed its direction, and now we are sailing in the opposite direction that Did you see? Yes against the current we are sailing against the tide and see how fast we’re moving to the shore? Yes, we’re heading to the shore. we are mooring up. Our driver Ficus can apply for the driving license. I wonder what is the driving license for ship is called. There’s a strong wind now but I want to check how the yacht will sail in such wind The sailing was incredibly cool we got a cool idea. If we get a lot of likes for this video, then we’ll make a sailboat on wheels amphibious sailboat. we will ride on the field with the help of the wind. If you like the idea, be sure to hit the thumbs up so that we know that you want to film us that video : also write in the comments what you want to see in our next video, what do you want us to build? Write everything below Are you waiting for the ficus land? subscribe to the channel, click on the bell so as not to miss the n Thanks for being with us till next time bye

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  1. I simply LOVE this channel. I would really like to meet you and sail to another country with your cool boats!

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