How to Make Cube Shelves

How to Make Cube Shelves

To make our modular cubes you’re gonna need 4 bits of 16 mm mdf cut to size, 8 40 mm chipboard screws, 2 drill bits (a 3 and a 4 mm bit) and a drill to drive them. A cordless drill with a phillips head bit in it to drive the screws and some glue. Now it’s important with your mdf to have the edges cut dead square so that it sits square. And that’s really hard to do so we actually had our hardware supplier pre-cut them and they are nice and square. Big hardwares can do that can’t they. They can. The 16 mm mdf is 300 by 300 for the tops and bottoms and 300 by 268 mm for the sides. Using the sides as a template we mark the edges and positions of the holes for pre-drilling. Now it’s important this goes straight down, not that way or that way. It’s important to do this with mdf sheet to ensure the chipboard screws don’t split the material. And when you’re finished all your guide holes on the top and the bottom you gotta change to the 3 mm bit. Ok, so, I’ll set this up. If you want to grab the screws and glue and drill. We choose a 3 mm drill bit to drill the end grave so the screws will be secure and a tight fit. Using craft wood glue we assemble the cube making sure that all the glue residue is removed as we go. It’s important as the glue sets quickly and once it’s dry it’s hard to remove. Very good, well done. Now make sure you wipe the glue off it dries fairly quickly and it will leave a mark if you’re gonna vanish it. Perfect. Good. Swing it around and we will do the other side. Next one? Yep. Very good. It comes out fairly quick so you have to be very careful. Very nice, turn the whole thing over. It runs doesn’t it. It does, it’s running. Once you and your DIY partner get the hang of it the cubes go together fairly quickly. Between the 2 of you, you can knock up a dozen or so in a couple of hours. Getting the materials pre-cut really does save time. And with the sanding you can just do a little or you can go as far as you like. And with the colors you can either go with clear or you can mix and match. You have done this before. As simple as that. Easy as pie. Then with a bit of imagination and some fun colors the modular cubes can make almost any practical or fun piece of furniture you can think of.

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  1. Do the sides have to be different size to top and bottom or are they all exact same size? Do you sink the screws somehow so they cant be seen?

  2. DIY tip : when painting MDF, mud the cut edges with drywall mud. A very thin layer will do. This will prevent the MDF from absorbing the paint unevenly and give you a nice finished edge look.

  3. BTW Umm. You can always just get boxes from the dollar store break the back side and put them on top of each off

  4. Sorry can you give me the exact measurements? I can't exactly tell from your accent, sorry. Pleae and thanks 🙂

  5. Hi Scott. Yes, I used them as a room divider. I added some elongated upright rectangular shapes to use as hanging space. The longer shapes allowed me to secure the cubes. You can also fix them together using figure 8 table washers. I can use some longer battens as exo framing just to make sure that the boxes are secure. You can also put backs in some of the cubes/shapes. Put backs in alternate ends of the cubes so some open into one side of the room and some onto the other side of the room.

  6. I just wanted to let you know, you're fucking cool. I'm so stoked to build some fucking shelves and ORGANIZE BROTHER. I'LL FILM THE RESULTS, YOU'LL SEE

  7. Okay, okay, Randy, I didn't catch your name, but how do I hang them on the wall? I'm a man with shelf requirements, but minimal floor space!

  8. You don't mention facemasks for the poisonous MDF dust if we cut it?

    If its a real cube with all sides equal
    then the two lengths are:
    Width minus thickness
    and Width plus thickness.

  9. But what if you want to build it connected rather than separate blocks on top of one another. I don't want to end up more holes into a wood more than I need to. Or would I have to use a different method? Can anyone give me some advice?

  10. they used 16mm mdf 2x300mm and 2x268mm. some of you don't pay attention. why did you not watch the video a few times and try to understand what was being said and how it was done.

  11. I am redoing our furniture system to include these pieced together for most of the larger pieces. Any tips?

  12. 🙂 cool vid, I search for Hyezmar and get his book, or Bible as well. The plans are not all that good, but there are some gems in there that are worth a look, and free is free 🙂

  13. this is great yea, i could add a small support beam in the back, and store Lp's in em so they wont get pushed back out. Sweeeet. what dimentions should i use to store a grip on records you think on the outside, so i can tell my store guy to cut me a buncha squares and i can sit at home and drill and glue all day,? Thanks! Subbd.

  14. also pretty modular furniture:

  15. So, what did they actually do here? What was the point? What did we learn? They didn't even cut the wood themselves they literally just glued and screwed 4 pieces of wood into a square. I mean you do not need two people to do this, you don't need two different drills and you don't need the glue.

  16. If you want to build it yourself just google for wood prix. I know you will find good solutions for all your ideas.

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