100 thoughts on “How to make a Flying Boat RC plane DIY

  1. nice build. I like how people who build things make it seem simple. I would try to build this but I dont think I would have the patience. how long did this take you?

  2. What material is the white block in the bow? Is that the same kind of foam?

    And also the yellow blocks for the wing structure?

    And the tape you're using for the skin?

  3. What kind of glue is that that you're using? All the stuff that I've been finding each through this our phone. I've been having use hot glue but that's very heavy and not near strong as an adhesive. Thank you

  4. I like your bulding skill but you should keep music on your videos because i don't like that sound which is cause when you cut the foam …..😨.

  5. Very nice build, and thanks for keeping music out of the video.
    I wonder if Dollar Tree foam board is suitable. I wouldn't know where to buy what he used.

  6. His skill at model making is on a different level. The title should say "DIH" which means "Do it Himself"
    Excellent work.

  7. Отличная модель. Я только недавно закончил крыло (по вашему туториалу) делал размахом 80 см, с батареей 3S 900maH получилось 270 гр, но пока не облетал. Вот теперь такой гидросамолёт захотелось. Спасибо. Удачи Вам.

  8. I'm impressed! But mostly it's with the store that sells BLUE FOAM! It's in stacks! They have'nt even hidden it under the counter! Long extinct in the UK, blue foam like this now ranks with the abominable snowman, and bigfoot as things that may or may not exist. The build is impressive, and I love the end result. Thanks very much, Den, Wales.

  9. интересная идея крепления элеронов и руля высоты без петель… это обычный скотч? и хорошо держится после проклейки утюгом?
    спасибо за видео!

  10. One of the most professional clean and master creative man..
    Really man.. You have done a great job.
    You are going to rock YouTube with you quality content.
    Stay blessed.
    Love from Pakistan. 🇵🇰❤️

  11. Thank you A LOT! I'm very glad to see this video. Probably, most qualify tutorial how to make a flying boat. You prevent my question "what glue you use?"
    Простите мне мой английский! Возможно где-то ошибся в грамматике, плохо учился в школе 😁

  12. Hello Sir, you have built one of the nicest flying water plane’s I have seen. You are a true modeler, keep up the great work. Don Powell, Tyler, Texas, USA.

  13. Так двухмоторник не очень, цепляет воду винтами? У меня моторы 1806 2300kv если один мотор поставить с воды нормально будет взлетать? Тяга на 3 банках примерно 450гр.

  14. I build lots of foam board planes you can see on my channel, but this is some amazing workmanship, fantastic job, Liked & Subscribed!

  15. I started to build this palane from you plans shared (Thank you!) but now I have some questions as: what wheight the microservos are? Or if it is any problem if the wings are shorter than yours with 4 cm because of the lenght of the foam.

  16. When I am trying to fold the wings to glue them, the foam is broaking even if I use tape on the other side. (I use 6mm foam) what to do?

  17. Watching build and restoration videos…is it just me or does anyone else get totally amazed and fixated by the sounds? There's something about this type of video where they have a great microphone and don't talk. Some pleasure area of my brain must light up because I can't look away. If I were a brain researcher I would investigate this. Thank you for taking the time to record, edit and post your videos! You do totally amazing work, you sir are a craftsman.

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