How to Install FastTrack Garage Organization System

How to Install FastTrack Garage Organization System

today we’re going to organize my garage using Rubbermaid FastTrack let’s get started I used the web to find the track and
hooks I need my stuff the tracks commit 32, 48 84-inch
lengths and there are a wide variety of hooks available we identify were the tracks will hang and
purchase supplies don’t forget to purchase plenty of hardware packs with the track location chosen, we need to find 3 studs for the 32″ rail and 6 studs for the 84″ the track needs to start and end on a stud every wall is framed with vertical pieces of wood, typically located 16″ apart. These are called studs. the drywall, the outer part of the wall, is attached to the studs with metal screws which brings us to our new fav tool, the magnetic stud finder move the stud finder in an “s” formation and when it finds a screw it sticks that
is the center of the stud mark it, we did the same for all the
remaining studs now hold up the fastback rail and level it mark the screw holes. between your studs make another mark these are for the wall anchors. remove
the track and drill holes. you’ll need a 1/8″ drill bit for the stud holes an a 3/8″ for the wall anchors next push the anchors into the wall. This is mom’s favorite part the tools included in the hardware
now up the track back up center it over the pre-drilled holes and attach the screws Start on each end first. Don’t tighten until you have attached them all slide the cover in place and accessorize as desired what we learned be sure to buy enough hardware packs and don’t try to improvise with other screws. They are reasonable priced and can be used for other applications make sure you have the correct drill bit before you get started my original drill did not accommodate a 3/8″ drill bit so I upgraded to this one. Two drills make the projects much easier spend a lot of time planning where you
wanna lay out your system think through the placement each item
and potential additions in the future remember, don’t have to be an expert just give it a try get out there and DIY …that tag line is so lame, I like it

14 thoughts on “How to Install FastTrack Garage Organization System

  1. Thank you for this helpful video. I could not figure out how to bend the anchors until I watched, "Mom's favorite part." Now, my Fasttrack is up and so are my edger, blower, rake, and shovel!

  2. Well done ladies, your "what we learned" section was very helpful. This was the best explanation on installation that I watched!

  3. Awesome! Thank you for breaking things down & helping us learn from your mistakes. I feel much more confident about tackling my next shelf project now.

  4. Fantastic Job, I loved the clear directions that you gave your viewers, now my garage is so much more organized. From my garage, thank you.

  5. You forgot to mention one key point. If you are installing one Fasttrack next to another, the ends of the second Fasttrack will not be on studs and will have to be anchored into the drywall…..which is contrary to your initial comment that each end of the Fasttrack be screwed into a stud. It's siimply not possible when linking multiple Fasttrack pieces together.

  6. I love this. You girls gave me the motivation to do these. My husband is NOT at all handy andso I have taken on the project to fix up our garage. I'm not handy at all either, but this video is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. All right, all right — this was terrific. Short and to the point. I just bought the system and I'm viewing how-to vids on YouTube to ferret out any potential pitfalls. The DIY mom-daughter team pointed out the importance of a magnetic stud finder, and the 3/8" drill bit. Didn't get that anywhere else. Thanks, very helpful!

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