Hello Guys, Bahiano in here, how you doing today? In this video its just a simple thing but important We just installed the lock in here with the door handle and stuff and were just going to put a door stopper otherwise were just going to make a hole in the drywall. Yes, is this recording? So this is what it is just one simple thing. They are very cheap and save you some time, just comes like that So were just going to untwist it We have a screw right there Were just going to pop this screw out First were going to check where the door … more or less eyeball where its going to hit. which is going to be somewhere in there. So pretty much I just eyeball it, nothing too crazy, so we know where it goes. So this goes in this position it goes on this position on the wall like you guys can see. and then I’m just going to put the screw in there Nothing too crazy So I’m just going to put it right here, I believe there you go if you don’t have a screw gun just use a screw driver Just going to fit it in Little hole in there, twist it and that’s about it. There you go. door stopper, so the handle will not hit the wall and its its a simple thing and would save a lot of headache, door banging on the wall. They have different kind, But this one is the one that we use next time if you use something different, if you guys have a question about other types of door stopper, just let us know. Thank you very much, thank you for subscribing and thank you for your support I really love you guys. See you in the next video and leave your comment below, and let us know what we can do to improve our videos. See you soon.


  1. wow … was way easier than i thinking. thank you bahiano, i am so grateful to have your here on youtube. new subscriber ++ living Portugal

  2. Thank you very much, job well done, simple one but very effective, it is going to help lots of people eliminate wall smash with doors, thank you for sharing and keeping us entertained, really good job.

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