How to Drill a Hole in a Tile – TOO EASY!

How to Drill a Hole in a Tile – TOO EASY!

00:03 Speaker 1: Bloody hell. Oop! The missus
is gonna kill me. Oh! Is this even the right bit? I don’t know. [music] 00:31 S1: Was that you in that video? Don’t
worry about it, I’ll get you sorted out. G’day knuckleheads, Uncle Knacker’s here and welcome
to Video 7 on my 10-part series titled “My Top 10 DIY Tips” as nominated by you, and
today we are looking how to drill a hole through a ceramic tile. It’s a really simple job,
so let’s get stuck into it. 00:52 S1: The first thing that I do before
I start drilling, especially in a bathroom, is to cover up any surfaces that you don’t
want to get damaged because you never know you may drop a drill bit or a hammer onto
those surfaces and cause some damage. So you don’t want that. So, first things first, a
bit of protection. Now the number one thing you have to know about drilling a hole through
a ceramic tile is that you just can’t use a normal everyday drill bit, one like this
here. We’ve all seen them before and they’re great for going through metal and timber,
things like that, but they aren’t that flash at going through a ceramic tile. 01:29 S1: The one that we need is this carbide-tipped
masonry bit. You see there the end’s a little bit different to a normal conventional drill
bit. Now if you’re still not sure, not exactly confident, just duck on down to your local
hardware shop, tell them what you’re doing and they’ll point you in the right direction.
Ah, just a really quick little tip, if you’re trying to drill through a porcelain tile this
carbide-tipped masonry bit won’t cut the mustard. You need a special drill bit for going through
porcelain tiles, they’re extremely hard. Just thought I’d let you know. 02:08 S1: The first step in drilling the hole
is to locate where you want your fixture to be put and then grab some tape, some masking
tape or some painter’s tape and put it over that spot, just do it in an X, like that.
Now mark where you want the fixture to go or the hole to go with a bit of texter like
that. Now the purpose of this tape is that it prevents your drill bit from slipping all
over the place and it also adds a bit of protection to the tile face from splintering when drilling
through the tile. 02:47 S1: Now another thing I like to do prior
to drilling the hole and to stop the drill bit from slipping all over the place, is with
my pointy-nosed punch or you can use a hardened nail, like a concrete nail, something like
that, is we want to drill a hole, get your punch and just very lightly tap it. Just very
lightly, like that. And all this does is just take a little bit glaze off the top of the
tile and gives us a starting point for our drill, so it doesn’t slip. 03:25 S1: Now with the drill itself, you’ll
see that on most drills these days, you have a number of settings across the top here.
That’s a hammer there, hammer setting, and that’s your normal drill setting. Don’t have
it set on hammer when drilling through a ceramic tile. Have it set on normal drill mode. 03:48 S1: Alrighty. Our drill bit’s in place,
now I’ll just put this little rubber stopper. What the hell? What is that for? It’s a little
secret tip I’ve got. And I did a video on this a few months ago and I’ll put the link
to it in the description below. Make sure you check it out, it’s a great little tip. 04:09 S1: Okay, we’re ready to drill. Put
our drill bit on our mark and just slowly and with modest pressure start drilling the
hole. [background noise] 04:43 S1: Just modest pressure. We’re going
through quite easily really. We’re almost through, almost through. There you go. 05:00 S1: Done. Too easy. Now what you do
is take the tape off, like that, and there’s your hole ready for your fixture to be installed.
Too easy. You can do this stuff. And to attach your fixture, all you need is one of these
plugs, which is the same size as the hole that you just drilled. It goes in there like
that, you tap him in, and cut him off. Flush with the surface. 05:43 S1: Great tip knackers! How easy was
that? That was an absolute ripper! So there you go, Video 7 done and dusted. Video 8 coming
up in the next week or two, so stay tuned for that one. And please, as per usual, if
you found this video useful or you just don’t wanna miss out on any future videos please
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share and comment, that’d be all greatly appreciated. And you’ll also see that I’ve placed a couple
of links in various prices to other great DIY videos. So make sure you check out those
ones. 06:17 S1: Now, time for these two bonus tips.
Tip number 1, if you’re drilling a hole, bigger than about 6 millimetres, it’s a good idea
to drill a pilot hole first. It’ll make drilling that bigger hole a lot easier. Tip number
2, don’t be a slacker and drill a hole through the grout line because you think it’s gonna
be easier to drill; it will be, but there’s a big chance of splintering both of those
tiles and you don’t want that. Save yourself the grief and do it properly. That’s it. I’m
out of here. See yeah.

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  1. 4:19
    The only amount of pressure you need, you will get from the Wifey asking "are you done yet, I need to take a bath???" every 5 minutes.

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  4. Too easy indeed – made me (a complete neophyte) feel like I actually know what I'm doing. Thanks! πŸ‘πŸΎ
    Question: any tip for a drill whose adjustment ring is sticky? I can barely switch the settings on mine anymore – the thing hardly wants to turn. Thanks again – great videos!

  5. To prevent the tile from cracking upon screwing, lightly insert a screw into the plug and hammer the plug behind the tile before tightening up the screw. Otherwise you'll probably end up with either a cracked tile or the tile working its way from the wall.

  6. Do I need to do something to the holes to ensure they are water proof? Attaching shower rack so could get decent amount of water on it.

  7. pro tip. Use a hamer drill or rotary hammer drill. Start with a 1/4 bit then go up to the bigger size you do need. Otherwise get ready to retile that tile you broke. Dont need no stinking tape either. Start slow and dont go full speed until the bit is going in.

  8. Very helpful, cheers. Was that a normal chisel at the end. And is that punch called a punch technically or something else?

  9. Great and very smart way to do it. I have arthritis in my right hands and I have no problem following the instructions.

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  16. Really appreciate the tips shared mate. No extra damage created. I especially liked the rubber ring. I didn't have any, but have a kit of "O" rings, so used 2 of the smaller ones to hug the drillbit. Genius!
    Also, I added silicone to the holes, plugs and screws to ensure no water seeped into the newly created holes. It was for a tripple pump dispenser (body wash, shampoo & conditioner) and now proudly mounted in my shower cubicle.

  17. I have some old mustard in the back cupboard that I need to get out of the jar. Can you recommend a drill-bit for this? My Carbide-tipped one just isnt cutting it.

  18. I drilled a perfect hole through a porcelain tile with using a hammer drill and a regular masonry bit. The trick is to just break the surface of the tile by going slow and not apply too much pressure, if done correctly you'll chip the surface only where you're drilling and after that you're good to go πŸ‘

  19. watched the video, went to Jewsons, got drill bits for tiles,tape and was done in ten minutes putting up a hanging rack for my pots,pans and utensils.. cheers @DIYForKnuckleheads
    Asked the guys as Jewsons about the spring loaded center punch and his answer was "oh fuck no!" lol so never bothered with that tip from mike

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  22. Thanks a lot for very useful tips, specially the initial tiny bit of hammering part. My work went really smooth. Best Regards.

  23. If you have hardened porcelain tiles, this won't work; this type of tile isn't like shower tile where the surface is fired, and the rest is relatively soft material. It will take you forever and you'll ruin a couple masonry bits. You'll want to use glass drill bits, which aren't terribly expensive and have a sharp, hardened point so they don't skip across the surface.

    If you're drilling on floor tiles (e.g. for a door stop) on concrete, this will also serve as a masonry bit, although once you get through the floor tile, you'll probably want to switch to a standard masonry bit and switch the drill to hammer mode.

  24. Is a carbide tip masonary drill bit different from a normal masonary bit. Are all masonary bits carbide tipped?

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  26. My solution is to use an old philips screwdriver to make a punch mark in the tile – simple and works like a charm everytime.

  27. I'm building a standing shower encasement at home and was wondering how to deal with the ceramic tiling for drilling, thanks for such an informative and fun-to-watch video!

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