Home Decor ⎟How to Style Book Shelves

Home Decor ⎟How to Style Book Shelves

Hey I’m DeAja and today i’ll be doing a decor video Im going to be showing you exactly how to style or how i style my built-in bookshelf so let’s get started i moved into a studio apartment as I stated in my first video and in the studio apartment they had a bookshelf the owner actually put a bookshelf to give the room more real estate more when I moved here I don’t really have that many things like that many nice things i want to like display found it to be very hard at first I started like little items and then they just wouldn’t go together and kind of make the room look clutter and talked with the way I decorated it this way when you design your bookshelf you want to have different goals in mind my goals personally worse torch and also you incorporate different colors into the room to transition from room to room that was my two goals and everything else was just pretty much gone in there so let’s start with the first up so I really want it gray boxes to actually incorporate the college that i had so i found these two gray boxes at ikea they are the most honest and expensive yet high-quality boxes that have found actually look nice and chic and that was another thing that i want it i didn’t want anything with too much of a pattern because that would throw off everything else and I started to get two of those to balance it out and as you’ll see throughout all the shows they have some type of balance fear except i have picture frames and in those picture frame size actually put a photo booth pictures in there from different weddings that I went to this past summer and that’s what’s in there now know you’ll see a face that incorporates the same color and freaking pattern as my rope like how perfect is that forgot my rug found that I was like up gotta get it and it was only 16 99 the two picture frames were dollar the dollar store next shelf you’ll see I want some type of greenery on the shelves and so I love fresh flowers as you’ll see once i do my apartments where there’s flowers all over my house but on the shelves i wanted something fresh flowers all over my house building shelves i needed something that was on the last little bit longer to planted grass boxes at marshalls and they were only 14 99 in the no of those i have the kissing drafts a traffic stop after when I visited my boyfriend and I have a candle shop have a club and I found this club I love this piece I thought it was so it looks so rich and so beautiful it was only twenty dollars at home goods and I just thought I have to have this it’s really chic and modern so i really wanted it in my room fact that i said i have to balance in black now so whenever you’re going yourselves you want to make sure you’re balancing colors and also balancing objects and looks more cookies than that are scattered and cluttered only shelf you’ll see I had to figure out how to incorporate that black into myself so I had a Chanel book that I had on my coffee table that decided to stop this point also pick up that black and brings it into the overall color scheme Chanel book was thirty dollars with tax and everything I look you’ll see a globe it’s a gold globe I have a lot of gold element in my room and inside of that have a yellow candle which incorporates different elements that I have in the room across from the candle I have a picture that has blue and yellows and whites and it and it really picks that up as well as other objects that have on the other side he plays off of the gold to which I really like and next to that have addy I really wanted to have a marquee d in my room somewhere and efforts this was in the bedroom area of my of studio apartment and I decided to actually have it to myself because I need more elements of white to pick up and balance that shelf a little bit so it picks up the white from the chanel book and also picks up the white from the base that I have that goes with the rug which is perfect honestly i bought these things last minute i actually got that from hobby lobby they were only a dollar 49 on so you have to hobby lobby lobby lobby has so many sales and you just you won’t believe it like them did not really play up into my scheme that I really want to have whether it did or not was my travel section become really into traveling and going to different places and I really want it some area on my shelf to actually display that different options that i get from different places it gets that I have they actually play into the flowers i have on my coffee table so that’s why where that comes from so it’s picking up colors in the room is that picking up colors on the shelf on the top show i have my degree and my certification and that’s it all my shows and i love the way it came out is when through so many different like arrangements and i love how I finally got them to look as best as I possibly do this before the hotness let’s be honest this was happening but I learned by different elements of how to make things look more chic and less clutter so i hope you enjoyed this video I’m going on a lot more decor videos and that’s when I kind of lead up into my mentor against and i will see you guys in the next video thanks for watching haha

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  1. hey girl! I am living for that shelf haha we have similar home decor style. subscribed 🙂
    I just posted my first haul and lookbook! <3 check it out!

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