Help me Pick My Drift Car

Help me Pick My Drift Car

Hey guys ChrisFix here and today is the start of the ChrisFx drift car build and My subscribers yes, you are Gonna pick the car I buy if you aren’t subscribed, hit that subscribe button so you can get updates on this build and wait till you hear how Awesome it’s gonna be Now I know a lot of you guys really enjoyed project police interceptor, and there are a few more episodes left But that series has taught me one thing always own the project car these episodes take weeks to film and weeks to edit so having somebody else’s car for weeks at a time Is impossible so let’s get a project car that I actually own so the whole reason I’m able to even think about building a drift car is because an app company Garage Amino came to me and Told me they wanted awesome content for their app. I told them if you want some awesome content, Let’s do a project car I’ll post videos about the build on YouTube and I can post behind-the-scenes footage on the app. They love the idea and here We are about to start a project series on the Chrisfix channel my next thought was okay What can we do that’s awesome right away, I thought we need a race car and we need a race car That’s a lot of fun to drive so race car plus fun equals drift car So what better way to get you involved than to have you guys pick what car I’m gonna Buy for the drift build there are only two Requirements for the drift car one it has to be rear-wheel drive and two the price has to be around four thousand dollars or less And there are two ways for you to vote for the future Chrisfix drift car the first way is using an app which you can download if you’re interested Then you just find me click on the poll and boom you can cast your vote if you don’t see a car you want to vote for you could also add your own at the bottom of the poll you could also go onto my website and easily cast your vote and I’ll have a link to that poll in the description to make it really easy to get to just click the link and Boom you could cast your vote on my website. You could also add whatever car You want just in case your choice isn’t up there so mobile users you could use the app and computer users You could use my website. I try to make it as easy as possible for you to vote Since I was heading down to Daytona watch the Daytona 500 I wanted to get some ideas for the poll So in a really noisy hotel lobby. I met up with some friends who are youtubers that you might recognize and I asked them what car they would pick to do a drift build with and here’s what They had to say hello. I’m Jason with Engineering Explained and Chris was asking about What would be some cool cars to do a drift going on? I think some of the obvious easy choices would be like a 240 or a miata but I think that’s kind of too easy and too available I think it would be cool to do an RX-7 as a project car Just because it’s really unique different engine type and I think it would be you know a different perspective and a different way of The whole build itself is all you know around this rotary engine Which is very different than what We’re all used to so I think that’d be a cool way to go with it What’s up? Everybody Subaruwrxfan here, and my buddy Chris was asking about a cool drift car for four Grand or under personally I think he should do like a classic mustang like a I guess a unicorn on a budget kind of thing and just Totally rot it out. I think it’d be really sweet. I’m matt with Bustaknuckle YouTube channel and if I was going to build a project drift car I would throw a curve ball, and I would do a truck. I think a 99-02 Silverado Regular KF2 wheel drive, the good light weight got an LS motor and put a lot of power into them for cheap and Should be able to have a 5 grand no problem and have a unique trip brick I mean, how many trucks do you see at a drift competition? Now I really liked all three of those ideas a rotary is pretty unique. It’s fire-spitting fun We could find some Rx- 8 and Rx-7s. Here’s one for $4,000. It looks like it’s in great condition Here’s an RX-8. that’s smashed up in the front here Which could be a good project in itself especially since im gonna be new to drifting who knows might hit a wall or something It’s probably a good idea not to buy something super nice that I don’t want to mess up I also like the idea of a mustang this is a perfect mustang 3 Grand 8 cylinder 74,000 miles, I’m really liking this actually it’ll sound amazing and there’ll be plenty of aftermarket parts to throw at this mustang Here’s a chrysler crossfire. that’s a car that I’ve always liked. I know a lot of you guys Think it’s ugly, but it’s so unique and you never see one of these things drifted and then my favorite a corvette now I think a corvette could be a crazy cool build you guys know my love for Corvettes I know them in and out from owning my corvette the good thing about the Corvette any corvette That’s that cheap is going to be beat up So I don’t have to worry about messing it up anymore and heck you guys could find inspiration anywhere I was out shopping the other day got the classic Nissan 180sx BmWs, they’re getting drifted a lot the Nissan 350z. Which is on the top of my budget But if I can find one who knows that might be a good one, and then what matt recommended an awesome mustang so there are tons of cars for you to pick and you to vote for And I can’t wait to see what you guys end up picking Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends so that we could get the whole car community involved even
the people who haven’t seen my channel before I’m super pumped to go to the track and get sideways And also show you guys the process of building a drift car and also learning how to drift I’ve never drifted before it’s going to be a learning experience for both of us this experience is going to be great I’m pumped if you guys didn’t use the app to vote just consider checking it out if you like cars It’s nice because all the content on there is for car guys Plus show them some love for giving us this opportunity to build a car I can’t believe we made it to a place on YouTube where companies are reaching out to me and asking me to build cars That’s a dream come true and as always I have you guys to thank for that. So thanks for all the support I am so pumped you Have no clue So make sure you pick a car and vote and let’s see what car I go sideways is

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  1. 3 years later chrisfux will buy he's dream car a hammer (i got a travel machine when I went into area 51 that's how I can tell)

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