Harmony of the Seas Cruise Vlog – Day 1

Harmony of the Seas Cruise Vlog – Day 1

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you that’s right everybody it is cruise day we are here in Orlando
and we’re getting our suitcases kind of repacked and reorganized after staying
for a day here at the Marriott Orlando Airport lakeside which we booked through
go port go port is an awesome service that hooks you up with shuttle service
as well as hotels if you’d like they have just the shuttle packages that will
take you from the airport to Port Canaveral or you can do what we did and
do a fly snooze cruise package that’s just super easy and stress-free
so our shuttle leaves at 10 o’clock it’s called early to port in this hotel
features an early to port shuttle that leaves at 10:00 so we’re gonna make the
45 mile trek down to Port Canaveral and jump on a harmony of the Seas there’s so
many feelings today we’re going on a huge ship bigger than anything we’ve
ever experienced and there’s just so much to see and do over the next seven
days we’re excited to bring you along with us we did have a great time here at
the resorts if you haven’t seen our little pre cruise vlog go back and watch
that so you can check out what we did while we were here in Orlando at the
hotel which was mostly bumming by the pool and a little lake but yeah so
finishing touches on our packing game and then it is off to do this thing We were the last Hotel pickup and our driver was about 12 minutes early this morning so we’re already 10 minutes into the drive, and it’s not even ten o’clock so maybe we’ll get on the ship early today I don’t know Anyway, this is so hassle-free. if you’re considering a cruise out of Orlando and you’re looking for transportation you definitely want
to check out Go Port it’s an excellent option we’re gonna link to it down in
the description below but the buses are beautiful they have
restrooms the drivers are super friendly take care of your bags for you. It’s just a really nice stress free way to kick off your cruise So maybe 30 minutes more til we get to Port Canaveral. We’re the only ship today today so the
driver expects very little traffic and very little hassle getting us checked in on the ship today We are boarding the ship and it’s not
even 11 o’clock I had heard that at this port the embarkation was really fast but
I had to see it for myself we never stopped we never sat down it was just
we were constantly in motion this is very very impressive Royal Caribbean let’s go
Explore we’re so excited to jump on the ship everything is happening so fast so the
promenade is a little bit overwhelming for us we’re trying to get our bearings I think
our first order of business is going to be to try to get our specialty dining
for tonight sorted out we have a three night dining package and we’re gonna try
to see what restaurant we are assigned to for tonight dinner reservations check Bionic bar
check wow bands almost there so if you want to get a WoW band on day one you
just go to Boleros and they check you in ask you who is going to pay and then you get to go pick your color super great also another tip for you the Bionic bar is
pretty quiet in the early hours on day one so I got myself a nice cocktail I
can’t remember this is called but I know I got a picture of it for those of you
who like non-sweet cocktails this is your jam I have never done so many things before
noon on a ship before this is crazy crazy all right right now we’re in the
arcade it’s totally empty and I can’t seem to get our wow bands to work in
here I think you actually need a legit swipe card to work and I don’t know if
her room is open yet and I’ve heard that the cards are in the room so anyway we
got to stop and get the lay of the land and check out all the awesome things
some of our favorite games in here me mommy
I like skee-ball very very high-tech game anyway I’m a old-school skee-ball
girl I’ll be back to burn some money on that game
they have a full Jurassic Park game that we tried to play it’s like a player one
player two kind of a virtual game but we can’t seem to get anything to work so
now we’re gonna go see if we can get junior registered for the kids club and then
maybe check and see if our stateroom is open whoo things are moving fast so jr. is
officially registered for the kids club registration starts at noon on Harmony
of the Seas and all age groups kind of belong together in one room so you just
kind of to go in there fill out the release forms and then you get it a
quick line and they give you orientation and every day of your cruise they’re
gonna deliver a little schedule to you for your kids age group so you can
decide what you want to do you can decide if you want your child to be self
checked in and out or if you want to require that a parent has to show their
sea pass card to get the kid in and out we do the sea pass thing because he’s kind of
like borderline with his age he’s 10 I think right now we’re just gonna keep
him on that plan so but they also said that if you would like to leave your
child on a port day that they open 30 minutes before you can debark so if you
have an organized tour and you’ve got to be somewhere really early it’s no
problem at all you can take your child to the adventure ocean area before your
tour and drop them off I think that’s wild I didn’t even know
you could leave your kid on the ship during a part day but you can definitely
do that sometimes I think that that might make for a happier today for the
child and for the parents so it is 12:30 it already feels like it’s been a full
day for us we are just checking out so much in such a short period of time so I
think that we’re gonna go try to grab a quick bite to eat maybe a Park Cafe
we’re gonna see how that is down in Central Park and then at 1 o’clock our
stateroom opens and we’re kind of excited to get the backpacks off of our
shoulders get some of that weight off of our bodies and then just be able to roam
free but so far this ship is spectacular the service has been top top top notch
and we’re just having a wonderful first day of our cruise just wrapped up at the muster drill and
right at the end Captain Johnny came on and said there’s a really strong likelihood that we’re going to have a change of itinerary because there’s
storm brewing down by Puerto Rico in the Virgin Islands we had full full
knowledge it could happen were right smack in the peak of hurricane
season so the vibe in the room from everybody was like well what are we we gonna do we go to Cozumel what are we gonna do if we go to
Costa Maya so I have a feeling guys that this is going to be an interesting
itinerary that we just take day by day good news is though they said we’re
definitely definitely docking tomorrow a perfect day and Coco Cay that’s that’s
exciting so muster is over we went straight to the boot and bonnet for a Gin Fizz diet coke for daddy and a bottle of water for jr. and now we’re off to
see what we can kind of trouble we can get into I really just don’t know what
we’re going to do right now it’s kind of a good feeling because we’ve been go go go all day. I just realized we haven’t shown you guys our balcony and here we
are its sail away time and this is the first time I’ve actually even been out
here all day it’s really pretty like I’ve mentioned a few times we’ve gotten
so lucky with the weather here in Florida it’s not hot it’s just beautiful
and breezy and perfect so yeah sail always happening up on deck we’re here
to go check it out I’m gonna just give you guys a few more updates about what’s
been going on though it’s been a really interesting afternoon like I mentioned
we were down in the boot and bonnet we were probably gonna have an itinerary
change which we fully expected this is hurricane season these things happen and
to be honest we’re kind of excited for the adventure as long as we’re safe we
just really don’t have any connection to any of the ports we’re going to and we
don’t have any serious excursions booked or anything like that so I’m sure it’s
gonna be just fine I am on a mission to go find a good
drink we’ve been so busy today that I’ve only got the two drinks and the second
one I didn’t really like the Gin Fizz from Boot and Bonnet. It was just a little too sweet no big deal such a such a non-issue when you have the drink
package so I just didn’t drink it but I want to go out and find something yeah
me as soon as possible we’re gonna do that oh so funny story when we got our
well fans today somehow my husband’s wow band got connected with mine so
every time I go to buy something or like when I went to check into the muster
drill his name so I came up you guys on the missing list at the muster
drill they were like Sheri from room seven one eight eight are you here it was
totally embarrassing but it’s okay The guest services line it’s like snaking through the promenade probably because of this whole itinerary changed thing I’m not
really sure so we’re gonna deal with that later it doesn’t really matter
because if I just stick with my card with me the problem is solved so that’s
where we are fun fun update to we have reservations
tonight at Wonderland at 6:30 so three night dining package has gone so well so
far we went to the dining desk right when we got on board and made
reservations for all three nights we got all the restaurants of all the times in
all the days that we were hoping for so we’re gonna be going to Wonderland
tonight and then I think it’s the first formal night we’re gonna be going to 150
Central Park and then our last night we’re gonna do Jamie’s Italian because
you guys told me it was the best let’s go check out sail away now we just grabbed a snack over at mini
bites they have really good chili to put on chips and fries by the way and we
were wandering around the back of the ship and notice that nobody was
ziplining so hubby is gonna try the zipline right now there’s literally no
line at all if you are planning to on the zipline though you should know you
need to be wearing closed toed shoes and you can’t take any cameras and you can’t
have anything at all in your pockets my husband just came back and like poured
all the contents of his pockets into my purse so yeah be prepared we have a 6:30 reservation at Wonderland
so that’s where we’re headed oh the first day always feels so rushed to me
there’s just no way around it we wanted to do so much and then all of a sudden
it’s dinnertime and we’re trying to rush to get ready it’s been great I grabbed
an apple all sprits up by the pool deck and we did get the final announcement
from captain Johnny today about the storm so right now I believe it’s called
tropical storm Karen is making its way down into the Caribbean area that we
were scheduled to sail the Eastern Caribbean so unfortunately st. Thomas
has already completely shut down its port operations in anticipation of the
storm so our new itinerary guys is Western we’re doing in the ship is
really moving I’m actually fine it’s just remove it a little here we’re
doing Cozumel and Costa Maya and we are so fine with it because if you know us
and you’ve been watching our videos and understanding our approach towards
prison during hurricane season you know that we kind of expected this could
happen so we’re going with the flow and we’re going with the flow, oh it’s a little
tight squeeze there our first ever dining experience on Royal Caribbean at
Wonderland this is a Wondering ice good evening from the boardwalk we’ve
decided we’re going to take an after-dinner spin on carousel we just
had a beautiful dinner up in Wonderland and I had no idea that the views up
there were so spectacular oh my goodness okay carousel Wonderland was way beyond our
expectation it’s not as eccentric as I expected the food was delicious
everything is really palatable and surprisingly normal so if you’re afraid
of going to Wonderland because you think it might be weird don’t be afraid it’s
so good and the world is officially the best dessert I have ever had in your
cruise ship so after dinner the boardwalk the whole time we were dining
at Wonderland we were super interested in coming out and checking it out so we
went for a little spin on the carousel which is so sweet and so cute and just
kind of walked around it’s really charming out there from Zoltar a
throwback to is it big the movie big yeah would be big to just the doghouse
and I don’t know just the actual the
boardwalk underneath you it’s a really sweet experience so this is pretty much
wrapping up our first night you guys we’ve done so much and tomorrow’s a big
day it’s perfect date Coco key and we did first get the official announcement
about our itinerary change so while we were at dinner I got online and made a
reservation at not chica comb and put in a request for Maya Chan as well for
Costa Maya so hopefully that Oliver County but yeah when we wake up tomorrow
we will be getting off the ship at perfect day at CoCo Cay for our first
experience there and enjoying a thrill waterpark Cabana we’ll see you in the

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