Hang Ikea Cabinets – GardenFork

Hang Ikea Cabinets – GardenFork

– Hey everyone. Welcome to Garden Fork. Today I’m gonna show you how to hang and Ikea kitchen cabinet. We’re doing a kitchen here, renovation. Simple Ikea cabinet. We’ve done a couple other
Ikea cabinet videos, building countertops and stuff. And I wanna show you how to put this up. First, if all else
fails, read instructions to assemble the cabinet. Ikea works on a rail system. You put this rail on the wall. Then all the cabinets hang from the rail. Bolt goes through here, connects to here, goes on the wall, okay. We’re gonna be putting
this on a brick wall If you’re using this on a drywall wall, use a stud finder to find the studs. You wanna hang this
really in a strong place. – [Brian] What’s the name of that cabinet? Do you speak Swedish? – No, it’s called the Akurum. The Ikea people are gonna
tell us how to say that word. But we got more Ikea videos
coming your way here. Here we go, this wall. This is going up there. I’ll show you how to do it, okay. You want this bracket to
be slightly shorter than the total width of all your cabinets. ‘Cause you don’t want
this metal bracket to stick out the end. Learn from me. So I cut this a little
shorter than the cabinet You’re gonna find the heighth
with a friend of yours where you want the cabinet to be. You’re going to mark the
top and then measure down because this bracket sits
just below the cabinet. Now we’re gonna drill some
holes to hold this up, okay. – [Brian] Are you gonna
be welding that on? – You should always have on
the proper safety equipment and then your glasses. Or if you wanna wear your Star Trek outfit when you’re on YouTube. We also have a video
about how to drill into cement and concrete and how
to hang shelves and things. But real quick we’re just gonna use this. Always have safety equipment on. The best way to go into a brick or cement is a hammer drill, okay. Go out and buy one,
they’re not that expensive. Or borrow one from a friend. – [Brian] What’s in your left hand? – Oh this is the wet dry vac. It’s industrial vacuum. What’s here, a shop vac. Is that what it’s called, a shop vac? – [Brian] Yeah, whatever. (drill buzzing) – That felt pretty good, didn’t it? _ [Brian] Wow, I guess there’s holes. How many holes did you put in? – We put in three. – [Brian] Did you explain
what the shop vac is for? – The wet dry vac is
great because it sucks all the brick dust right into the vacuum instead of getting brick
dust all over your kitchen. Or your better half’s
kitchen, more importantly. Don’t do this at home. – [Brian] That’s a nice
anchor, I mean a hammer. – I can’t find my hammer. – [Brian] I know where your hammer is. – Where is it? – [Brian] I saw it over there, hold on. – In a pinch, the back of
a pipe wrench is a hammer. We have a center mark I marked on the bar, and I have a center mark here. – [Brian] Why is the
center mark important? – So the cabinet is centered. So the center of your sink,
the center of the bracket, so the cabinet is
centered and life is good. The beauty of this is
once this bracket is up on the wall, it’s like butter
to put this all together. Everything slides on, boom, you’re done. – [Brian] Is that leveled? – Yeah, scary isn’t it. – [Brian] It’s the bricks
that are not level. – No, this is a 110 year old house. Nothing is level. So we’ll put this cabinet
up and the cabinet will be level and it won’t look right. Now to get the cabinet onto that bracket, we take these bolts and this
back bracket slider thing, this square piece of metal. This goes through here, sits in like that, and then this slides in like that. – [Brian] And then what? – Cabinet, it helps to
have two people doing this. But Brian’s running the camera. The bolts go through
the mounting brackets. Just like that. Then you put on your adjuster and then a nut. These front adjuster things
allow you to move the cabinet up and down to
level it a little bit more. Really handy. Check your level again here. Use your adjusters if it’s not level. Then tighten these nuts with the pliers. Put your decorative cover on. Knobs on, you’re good to go. Are you impressed, Brian? – [Brian] You know, I’ve
seen all this hardware, but I never knew how it actually worked. – It all works together. We have more Ikea videos. There’ll be a link right after this. But if you like what we’re doing here, would you like to hit the
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section right below here. All right? The ice cream truck is
here, we have to go.

49 thoughts on “Hang Ikea Cabinets – GardenFork

  1. How to connect the Hemnes Secretary doors==the hinges will NOT click, very frustrating (IKEA)Β  Model #102-457-09

  2. thanks. I just got a whole kitchen full of maple-faced ikea cabinets and hardware, and I don't know how to install them! This'll help a lot!
    I hope to find out how to attach ikea bottom drawers to the walls.

  3. anybody who taps an anchor into the wall with a tape measure , is a real idiot!!! not too mention the mask that you wear, for what?? your sucking all the debree away with the shop vac!!!

  4. can you advise how you make sure the plastic anchors won't slip out? I've tried plastic anchors on cinder-blocks but they kept slipping out and actually had to use toggle bolts instead.

  5. As my Wife is going to China for 3 month to bring our Kids to Grandparents, i'm planning on Renovating our kitchen at home in the meantime, you Sir have a nice way of explaining things!

  6. Hey guys, thanks for this video. I'm considering using these cabinets but I was wondering if I had one side set against a wall, would the doors open cleanly or would they snag on the wall when opened? It looks like it would, but it's difficult to tell from the video. Thanks in advance.

  7. You guys are hilarious. Thanks for the video!! My cabinet rail is different. All the holes are the same large size and they come with this weird looking washer/wedge type things. No nails or screws. This ought to be fun!!

  8. A very amusing yet informative video. I am about to embark on installing a 20 unit (plus appliances) IKEA Metod kitchen that includes high cabinets – so far yours has been the only video to clearly explain the hanging rail system! Many thanks from the UK!

  9. after searching so long this video is the best OMG I have seen almost most of your videos and you are right! all other videos they get perfect the first time but you make us feel we are not alone. thanks so much for your videos now we know how to do renovations in our home we just need some tool. Thanks God bless you

  10. You glossed over one of the most complicated parts. "Measure down" you said "because the rail hangs slightly below the cabinet." But that is way too vague. You have to "measure down" exactly the right amount or the cabinet will be in the wrong place!

  11. OMG Love you thank you so much for the tips & your humour. assembling our kitchen I designed tmrw. and yes I subscribed. you're just like me "I can't find the hammer & I don't have time. lol Ice cream man. break time. oh gosh and Koodos to the camera man so cool

  12. Very helpful! Best tutorial on this I've found. thank you! I have a question: will these work with soffits above?

  13. I'm hanging a set of these cabinets to a wall that is brick, covered in lath and plaster and topped with a layer of drywall. After about an inch in, you hit the brick. Would you suggest lead anchors for this?

  14. "… did you explain what a shop-vac was for?" Was that not obvious? A shop vacation is a glorify vacuum!

  15. thanx for the explanation!
    i m thinking about buying IKEA kitchen but my walls are really not leveled…. do you have any suggestions? because this is why i am still only on my thinking fase…..

  16. Great video…Just a small remark
    The left door of the cabinet is not equal to the right one πŸ˜‰

  17. Very good video.
    Im looking to buy the wall mount rail bar but i cannt find it in ebay or amzn.
    Can you tell me where can i get it and what does it call??

  18. Do you think it's possible to DIY build the shelves using some wood and just buy the railing by itself? I guess theoretically I just have to make sure there's a hole in the back corners right?

  19. Others have said it but I have to say it too… Amazing video, very well done. You explained everything in a clear way and used your visuals very well.

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