Going Overboard, Rough Seas and Other Cruise Ship Disasters

Going Overboard, Rough Seas and Other Cruise Ship Disasters

100 thoughts on “Going Overboard, Rough Seas and Other Cruise Ship Disasters

  1. Anybody saw how in the one where the two women went overboard and there cars fell off, Remember how the Tarp was down, it was down since the car knocked it over inside addition, sorry the this is late.

  2. I have been to a vocation to the Greek island of Corfu and the flight was delayed for like 4-5 hours , they ended up refunding most of the money my parents spent on the flight ( four tickets) and the food we had at the airport.

    Like 3k was given back to my parents , it was more than half the money they spent on our trip to the Greek island ( we stayed at a all inclusive hostel)

    3-6 months after , the route was terminated at my city’s airport and now people have to head to London then pay more than we paid for the flight.

    Sometimes it’s worth that things like this happen, they paid most of my family trip if not everything.

  3. You get that drunk watch what you’re doing it’s not the cruise ships fault you’re a drunk dumb broad do you say founder

  4. Why they so mad at the captain lol. His job is to guide a city full of a bunch of drink boomers, complain to the company not the poor crew.

  5. Shoot I was back 20 minutes before my boat left 😒 I was not trying to get left behind. The only place I wouldn’t have complained about being left was the Bahamas 😛

  6. My husband & I love to cruise. We've never had one bad experience. I refuse to live in fear. We will continue to enjoy. If your ass get drunk leaning on balconies what do you expect? If you bring your ass back late wtf do you expect? Why leave under age kids on the ship without you? Why have guest onboard while working on the ship? Jackasses.

  7. All you hear is bad news on these cruise ships. I would never go on one of those floating coffins. It's horrible. You can easily become shark food. I would rather just fly to my destination and enjoying my time wherever I'm at and then fly back home and that's it. Those cruise ships you get food poisoning all kinds of stuff happens is horrible.

  8. Have never got the whole idea of cruise holidays. You’re on a boat out sea, you pig out, get drunk and every so often you get released into some unsuspecting foreign country. No thanks no my idea of a holiday or fun for that matter.

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