Go Hard to Go Home – Free Range Sailing Ep 103

Go Hard to Go Home – Free Range Sailing Ep 103

– She’s a pretty wild, wild
afternoon on Mirrool here. We’ve just been cruising through whales. Pascy’s out there, she’s
in the poison frog pants which means that she gets
to stay in the cockpit. We’ve been reefing, letting out sail. It’s now 25 plus knots, it’s
easily gusting over that and it’s probably about a two-meter sea. It’s a just nice, exciting
afternoon bit of sailing. It’s had a little bit of
everything, really great. (gentle music) – [Pascale] Welcome to Free Range Sailing. – [Troy] Join us as we
sail around Australia, visiting its wild places in our 30 foot, 50 year-old sailing boat, Mirrool. – [Pascale] Living off the land and sea, while sailing a yacht that
costs less than a new car- – [Troy] We show that it’s
possible to have big adventures with a sea-worthy boat,
on a very modest budget. (waves crashing) – [Troy] With our time
at the Swains at an end, it was time to leave,
and we got a VIP escort. (upbeat music) Once we cleared the reef, we set our course for the Keppel Islands, and this brought the wind onto our stern. When the wind is too strong, and too far off for our
gennaker, we run wing on wing. You can see our headsail
held to the windward side on a guide out pole. The main sail, to leeward, is held out with a forward guide called a preventer. This line also stops
the boom from being able to sweep the deck if we jibe accidentally. We find this sail configuration
to be easy to manage, easy to reef, and very stable in a following sea and strong winds. (upbeat music) A big fish struck our lure, and we were going too
fast to safely fight it. Furling just the headsail
would slow us down while maintaining steerage. (intense music) Keeping moving is important, so the fish remains off our stern. – [Pascale] To fight the
fish more effectively, Troy flicked off the autopilot chain so he could position the
boat as things progressed. – [Troy] This footage
of me fighting this tuna will give you some indication of just how small our little boat is. – [Pascale] How are you feeling? (Troy grunts) (Pascale laughs) – That’s when you’re
glad you had a preventer on your main sail. – [Pascale] You’re right. – We can just dump
everything in the other boat, just (mumbles) let me fight the fish. – [Pascale] Yep. Past Troy thinking about future Troy. – Yeah. Standard safety, isn’t it? – [Pascale] Yeah. Have you seen it yet? – Nah, it’s doing very
tuna-y stuff though, isn’t it, hiding under the boat. Tried to run myself on the rough pole. (wind whistling) (water splashing) – [Pascale] Ooh. It should work now. It’s trying to wrap on the steering gear. (cranking noise) – [Troy] I was beginning to think gloves might have been a good idea. – It’s got a bit of ah
long kind of look to it. – [Pascale] Oh! – [Troy] It was time to test
our newly made bamboo gaff. (fish flapping) – [Pascale] Good work
now, that’s a big tuna! – [Troy] I don’t feel so good It had been a (muffles). (laughs) (Pascal laughs) – [Pascale] If it had been a little Kowa Kowa. – [Troy] Not a little Kowa Kowa was it?
(Pascale laughs) – [Troy] Pretty
substantial fish, that one. All right well, I might just get us back on back on course shall we? – [Pascale] Yeah – [Troy] And – [Pascale] With that size fish on board, it was going to take some
creative fridge staking in our little 40 ltr. Angle. – [Troy] This little bamboo gaff, the shape of it’s head is really great. The way it angles like
this, soon as you get it in, it works efficient having that. – [Pascale] So key – [Troy] Yeah so finding this at the chandler
on special was really great. I like it better than our old gaff. Kinda looks pretty smart too (muffles). (light music) – [Troy] Cleaning the fish in the cockpit may seem less than ideal. but when you’re sailing
fast it’s the safest way when the sea is running. With a well bled fish,
there’s minimal mess which is quickly cleaned up. (wind blowing) A quick scrub and a handy deck hose? Has you done in a minute. (waves splashing) – [Pascale] I had just come on watch, when something amazing happened. We had sailed right into a group of Humpback whales. – [Troy] Oh, right in front
right in front. (light music) – [Pascale] They were
curious about this small strange creature that came to join them. (Pascale laughs) – [Troy] Look a whale right there. (Pascale laughs) (waves crashing) – [Troy] Straight under the boat. Straight under! Under she goes! – She’s a pretty, she’s
a pretty wild, afternoon On Mirrool here. We’ve just been cruising through whales Pascy’s out there she’s in the poison frog pants which means that she gets to stay in to cockpit. We’ve been reefing, letting out sail. It’s now 25 plus knots it’s
easily gusting over that and it’s probably about a two-meter sea so pretty good. It’s just a nice, exciting
afternoon bit of sailing just had a little bit of
everything. Really great. (soft music) – [Troy] Is the green
one already deployed? – Yeah – [Troy] Can you pull it
in against at the moment? (Intense music) (waves crashing) – [Troy] You’re gonna
have to use the sheet. – Should I just let it go?
– [Troy] So when you pull when you pull that greeny in. You’re gonna have to wrap it. Let the sheet go just
pull that green one in. That’s it. Pull it, pull it. Okay, okay Now quickly take some wraps on the cleat. – [Pascale] This is when you
learn to love a good autopilot. (scrapping noise) – [Troy] That’s it. (crank turning) What would happen is if you, if you puled on that now it would just pull out of the jammer and go straight back out if you don’t take grasp of the green. Are you watching? Are you
looking at the shape of it? Are we steering properly? – got it going now. (waves crashing) (wind blowing) (boat engine roaring) – Good on the sea and the swell. (laughs) – [Troy] That’s such a comfortable spot to do a watch form though you know? Like, right under the dodger It’s got good visibility. – [Pascale] And you still got like, you cans stick your head
up and get a bit of breeze. If you’re feeling a bit, “uh” – [Troy] Are you feeling a bit “uh”? – [Pascale] Ah, yes and no. – [Troy] Show us your lanyard attachment. (tugging noise) you look the part, built in life jacket or a life jacket with built lanyard. Yeah, nice. (waves crashing) – [Troy] What do you think about my call for the Capricorn channel
being the nastiest bit of water in Queensland? (Pascale laughs) – It’s pretty hectic. (Troy laughs) – It’s up there with that Cotaw stretch The Panic. – [Troy] Yeah, yep. (light piano) – [Troy] we are just stonking along. (pascal laughs) – [Pascale] Thank God for the dodger. (waves crashing) (Troy laughs) – [Troy] Outrageous How’s your tummy? – [Pascale] Good. I think
I had a tummy ache from eating the cheese though. (laughs) – [Troy] Oh no. (light Piano) – [Troy] We’re in it now! – [Pascale] Yeah. – [Troy] What are we going? – [Pascale] Eight knots. Between seven and eight. – [Troy] It sounds like
we’re doing eight knots. (Pascal laughs) – [Pascale] Fully reefed. – [Troy] It’s been a
hell of a sail hasn’t it? – Yes! (Troy laughs) – [Troy] driving over whales – We got winged – [Troy] Gone through storms – Long tail tuna. (Troy laughs) – [Troy] Not say, I didn’t know about real sailing. (upbeat music) – [Troy] No matter when it’s like this I’ve been in I’ve been on larger fishing boats when this sort of stuff has just been sort of, a bit tolerable. – Yeah, this is more comfortable. – [Troy] And that’s where you can see That Mirrools’ a good sea boat because we’re out of this, it doesn’t feel unsafe. And when it’s slow crashing through it I mean, its not comfortable but it’s old. – [Pascale] Yeah. (waves crashing) – I’m just gonna get out and look at the front of the boat. – [Troy] Yeah. (upbeat music) A.B. would love this. (Pascale laughs) (Troy laughs) (waves crashing) – [Pascale] After a crashing night sail we woke up in sight of
Great Keppel Island. (waves crashing) (soft piano) – [Troy] It was a great fast sail, but we’re very happy to see the anchorage, and behold Great Keppel Island, was quite sedate. We were looking forward to a good long rest. (soft music) well if you enjoyed watching that sail, hit that little thumbs up button and if you’d like to
see more videos like it, hit the subscribe button and join the crew. Cheers for watching.

100 thoughts on “Go Hard to Go Home – Free Range Sailing Ep 103

  1. Whoa really enjoyed this sail. Glad to see Pascale with harness, take no chances. Loved the whales. Question why do dolphins swim in front of boats, must be a reason. I'd like to see more videos of rough seas. Me not knowing jack about sailing what was Pascale doing with the green rope & winch? I wish I knew more. Many of us subs are clueless.

  2. Would a whale sink you if it hit you hard ? Talk about on the job training for Pasquale, you really hit the road πŸ™‚
    Makes some of the other channels I watch look like absolute pussies

  3. Hi you two,
    I was wondering why you don't use the wind blade for the Fleming in heavier airs ? Is it better course control with the autopilot ? I have a very similar 30' boat (1972) to yours with a Monitor Windvane but haven't hooked up my Autohelm 2000 directly to it. Great videos. Thanks. John Victoria Canada

  4. Sitting here in old Germany, watching you two sailing around Australia is simply awsome! Wonders of the modern world. Great video as usual, thumps up!

  5. Not sure what you were referring to regarding Pascale was wearing something and had to stay below?… She seemed to be out and about.

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  8. Great video guys, it was most enjoyable! Pascale can really handle that boat can't she? Prettiest sailor I've seen!!

  9. Awesome episode! πŸ˜€

    I follow another sailing channel called The Geordie, the Witch and the Wench as well, and he's posted videos from Keppel Island in the last couple of weeks. You haven't happened to see a beautiful, 100-odd year old Danish gaff ketch around, have you? πŸ™‚

  10. Hmm, yeah. That's something I am concerned about. Sailing solo and catching fish. Because I don't think I'm going to get any say in which fish jumps on the lure. And there won't be any auto helm. So I guess it's just drop everything to the deck and winch in the fish. I"m thinking an Alvey reel on a stump for that very reason. None of this angling caper. Just a winch.
    And hey, if you guys think you might need a stop in Portland on the way round, give us a hoy. I can offer hot showers, flushing toilets, NBN and my personal chauffeur. I sent a message via another channel but logic tells me it was the wrong way to message you. Sorry about that.

  11. Cheers maties……you make it look so easy….! Pascale you are a true sailer and I love your laugh. The video is top quality. High Seas adventure…..Well done again.

  12. Recently sailing from Eden to Jervis Bay we saw at least 30 whales over the day. Seems we were in the midst of a "pulse". We ( I ) thought it prudent not to sail on through the night amongst the south moving migration and stopped overnight in Bermagui. You did sail on through the night . What are your thoughts on this. Over the next few days we decided they were well aware of us and dived or moved off quickly.We have changed course to avoid some straight ahead. Also thoughts of the waving and antics being partly for our benefit; a, "hey we are here ok ". We saw all different sizes which is reassuring. So nice to see them come back strongly. Cruising on and off over 10 years in the eighties I saw only a couple of whales in that time. Big difference now.

  13. Just realised that I have no idea what 30ft is. So paused the video so I could measure out 30ft. The camera angle made Mirool look like a trailer sailer. Having now measured it out, I can see that she's bigger than I thought she was. I was able to measure that in my house. So definitely a small space for full time living by two adults.

  14. Nice tuna,
    are there any ways you guys know of to preserve surplus fish on board?
    cheers, and thanks for another awesome upload.

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  20. Very nice. Troy is always smiling these days! How can he not. You two are always fun to watch. Stay safe out there!

  21. That was exhilarating. Unfortunately, it reminded me why that kind of sailing isn't for me. I tend to spend the entire time feeding fish and begging for death. Wish I didn't have vertigo. Alas, I may have to remain a day sailor as I can choose the weather carefully. If there is one thing I am jealous about, it's the ability to enjoy big seas.

  22. Another terrific video Troy and Pascale!! Yes it was nice to see Pascale with a tether attached to her in those seas. Wouldn’t be good to look up and your First Mate have fallen over. You both seem almost like surfers riding a 30 foot surf board. Amazing!!! Thanks and take care,
    Norm in Arizona

  23. Apinun wantok bilong olgeta mun na meri πŸ–πŸΎπŸ‡΅πŸ‡¬πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Pascale ! are you now ready for a solo β›΅round the world ? 😊✌🏾

  24. Awesome sail, fangin along, you just can't beat whales and dolphins, we spotted 2 humpbacks on our last sail two days ago, so beautiful and graceful. Mirrool is a good strong little boat, great designs just never seen to age

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    How long have you had the Autopilot attached to the wind van…interesting set up

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    Also, you guys gotta sell more swag, I want a t-shirt !

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