Georgia vs. Esther & Theo vs. Kyle in Running Riot Elimination | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2

Georgia vs. Esther & Theo vs. Kyle in Running Riot Elimination | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2

– [Announcer] Alright, you ready? (dramatic music) (air horn blows) (team members cheering) – Damn Esther! – [Woman] Whoo! – She took off! – The fast running pike prop
is a big massive spaceship. I just wanna get the heaviest
weights out of the way because I know in a minute, I’m gonna be too tired to carry them. – [Man] Go! Let’s go! – [Man] Go Georgie! – [Woman] C’mon Georgia,
you got this girl! – [Man] All day Georgia all day! – Go ladies, c’mon! – The thing that keeps me
motivated is my daughter. I’m teaching her as she’s growing up, don’t ever limit yourself. Do things that are out
of your comfort zone, and that’s what I’m doing right now. ♪ Don’t underestimate me, it will be bad ♪ ♪ I’ll be the heartache
that you’re going to have ♪ ♪ And you’ll regret ever making me sad ♪ ♪ Cause I’m not your ♪ ♪ Punch bag, what kinda love is that ♪ ♪ Thought your heart was bulletproof ♪ ♪ Danger, ain’t a stranger ♪ ♪ And I coming running back to you ♪ – [Woman] Great job, George. I’d like to have you as cowgirl. – [Kayleigh] Looking so good, Esther! – [Woman] Good job Esther! Whoo! – I cannot believe Esther is keeping up with Georgia right now. For the strongest girl on your team and the weakest girl on your team, this is a pretty close competition. (dramatic music) – Don’t stop moving, Georgia! – [Man] Keep pushing! Keep pushing! – Yeah! – That’s right, girl! – [Man] Don’t give up. – I never give up. – Georgia, she likes everyone to think that she’s a strong girl. But I don’t trust her, she needs to go. Esther you are (beep) killing it! ♪ Born to lose ♪ ♪ Punch bag gotta hit back ♪ ♪ All you’re left with is a bruise ♪ – [Man] Go Georgia!
– [Woman] Keep moving girl! (dramatic music) (shouting) – Esther’s doing pretty well. She’s giving me a run for my money. – [Woman] Go Esther go! – You’re doing so well Esther keep going! – [Woman] Well done Esther! – Five. – [Woman] Hurry! – [Georgia] Ahh, Ahh! – I see Georgia struggling quite a lot based on sounds that she’s making. I feel like maybe she’s losing her breath. All I know is that, no matter what, I’m gonna still keep going. – [Man] Good job, Esther! – [Esther] Ugh! – [Woman] Damn! (woman laughing) – [Esther] Go! For Heaven’s sake, just go! – [Man] Good work, good work!
– [Woman] Well done! – Ugh! – Yeah, run baby, run, run! (claps) Yeah, you little badass! – [Woman] Well done, Georgia! – [Man] One more, Georgia,
one more, finish strong. Big run, big run, big run! C’mon push yourself, C’mon! (Esther breathing heavily) – [Georgia] Ugh, ugh, ah! – Yeah, there’s one left for George. And there’s, like, three for Esther. – [Esther] Ah! – One, two, three, four, five. – [Woman] Keep going, Esther! Let’s go! – [Woman] Don’t quit,
she could have it wrong, baby, you don’t know. – [Woman] C’mon Esther! – It’s completely different. Even the first ones are different because, see, she has that heavy one in the middle right there. She doesn’t have that. – [Man] There’s the win. – [Woman] Great job George! – [Host] That’s not correct, Georgia. – Go, Esther, go go go! – [Georgia] Which one? – [Ashley] She has it wrong. Go! – [Georgia] No it’s not. – [Ashley] Esther go! Pick it up now, go! – [Man] Calm down, George, take your time. – [Woman] Go Esther, run run run! – [Georgia] What the (beep) do I know? What one? – Georgia’s got all her
relics, all lined up right now. But the problem is they’re
not in the right order, and when you’re down there
in the proving ground you can get brain freeze almost. She just needs to calm down, concentrate, look at the key, and just get it sorted. – No, that’s 35. – I mean, how dumb can you be? There’s no math, there’s no puzzle. It’s literally just place them in order. – [Woman] Go Esther,
pick it up and run, babe! – [Woman] Come on Esther! – I’ve got it. Check! Check! (air horn blows) – Alright, Georgia, that’s correct. You win. (crowd cheering) (crowd clapping) – [Man] Way to go Georgia! – [Man] Well done Esther! – [Man] Esther great job Esther! Esther Well done! (crowd whistling) – You gotta give credit when its due. I don’t think anybody expected Esther to perform the way she did. She took on her fears and I think if anybody learned
anything about themselves on this challenge it would be her. – [Georgia] Go back to your daughter. I love you. – Way to show heart, Esther! Good job girl! – [Georgia] And thanks for showing what a good person you are. I mean it, you’re amazing and
you’ve got an amazing heart. And you’ve done yourself so proud. Prouder than most people can say. – Well done. – You should be proud of yourself. – [Host] Kyle and Theo, you’re up next. – It’s normally quite nervous
going into elimination, but I’m full of anger and
hatred for Josh and Rogan. It’s unbelievable. The problem I’m gonna
have here is the endurance because Theo is the endurance king. I just wish I was going
up against Josh and Rogan. – Me and Kyle cool. We went against each other last season and I beat him in a whole brawl. He’s kind of my only ally left on my team, so even if I do win today, it’s not gonna make my position
in the game any stronger. I might turn to the US team because it’s a lose-lose situation for me either way. I better start getting
used to coming down there. – [Announcer] You ready? (air horn blows) – [Zach] Gas him out, baby! – I’m thinking, where’s
the heavy one first. So I get it on my shoulder, no problem. But running with half your
body weight is quite hard. – Go buddy, go buddy, go buddy, go! – I honestly do believe I am the complete and utter underdog because
Theo’s never lost in elimination. I need to try and beat Theo
on the speed so I try to lift the light ones first
to try and overlap him. – [Man] Oh my God look at Theo. (dramatic music) (muffled yelling) (heavy breathing) – [Woman] You’ve got the
endurance, you just need the speed. He’s one up, so let’s go – Ideally, I’d like Theo to go home just because I know Kyle will have my back and Rowland will have my back, and them two can keep killing each other. – [Man] Go go go! – Catch him Kyle! Catch his ass Kyle! – Everyone within a 50
mile radius of this jungle knows I’m cheering for Kyle. There you go buddy, keep it
up. That a boy, good job. I am the most obnoxious soccer mom in the world right now. Let’s go Kyle! – [Theo] (beep) – [Zach] Let’s go bud, let’s go bud. (Zach claps) – [Woman] One more crate
and the bottom rows done! – [Woman] Great job Theo! (Theo breathes heavily) (dramatic music) – We’re doing about 2, 3
kilometers worth of running. Probably doesn’t look that far but you know it’s a long distance. Especially carrying all that weight back and forth in a race. – Run Theo, run! C’mon run, run Theo! – Theo, if you gonna go
like this you gonna lose. You cannot run like this. – Keep going Kyle! Kyle you’re not allowed to walk! Keep going. – I’m tired, I’m really tired. I just wanna rest, I wanna sit down but there’s something
in the back of my head that tells me don’t
stop, and I never will. – [Man] C’mon Kyle! – You’re a sprinter, come on
don’t let him gain on you. You’re made for a (beep) final. – [Woman] Come on Theo! Theo, you’re almost done! (Kyle grunts) – [Man] C’mon on boy let’s go! – [Woman] There it is,
there’s the heavy one – [Woman] C’mon Theo,
Theo you’re almost done! (Kyle grunts) – [Woman] Oh god – [Turbo] Oh, Kyle cannot. – [Woman] C’mon Theo baby,
he’s struggling with a 100, so this is your chance. – Let’s go Theo! That looked like a heavy one. – Damn. – [Man] Come on Kyle! (Kyle grunting) – Watching Kyle trying to
pick up this heavy weight is like watching a baby deer
trying to pick up a car. His legs are just locking in,
he can’t get any grip on it, it’s rolling across his body,
I mean he honestly looks like he’s about to be
crushed by the weight. – [Woman] Roll it! – I’ve stupidly used all my energy on lifting the other pieces and now I’ve left the
heaviest one till last. I’ve got no energy left at all. – Use your legs! There you go! – [Woman] Oh my god, oh my god! Ouch! – [Kyle] (Beep) – [Woman] Oh! – [Woman] Come on Kyle! – The older brother in me is dying. You can just tell he’s given a 110% effort and it’s just not going his way, and every bit of me wants
to just run out there and grab that stupid rock for him. – [Woman] There you go Theo! – [Zach] Use your butt, use
your butt, lower your legs! – [Woman] He can’t pick it up. – [Woman] Let’s go! – [Woman] One more, one more! – [Georgia] Sprint Theo! You’re finishing! – [Woman] Theo one more! – [Man] Theo look! Last run! – [Woman] He can’t pick it up. He’s got it, he’s got it. – [Woman] Yes Kyle, well done! Good job Kyle! (Kyle screams) – [Man] Go! Kyle come on! – You gotta get those glutes and hamstrings stronger man. A 100 pounds is light work. You looking like like a little
toddler trying to pick it up. – [Theo] Nice one brother. I love you man. (crowd shouting) – [Woman] Good job Theo! – [Man] Great job Theo! (air horn blows) – [Man] All right, good job Theo! (Kyle pants) (dramatic music) – [Zach] Way to fight, Kyle!

61 thoughts on “Georgia vs. Esther & Theo vs. Kyle in Running Riot Elimination | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2

  1. Spoiler alert: A gloiath keeps rolling on this elimination and a competitor who talks a big game about winning eliminations ultimately falls flat on their face in this elimination

  2. people really underestimated Esther, she was NEVER the weakest bc she always performed, never gave up & gave her complete ALL in this elimination. Esther fucking killed it even if she didn't win, she proved herself & should be damn proud of herself. I kno her daughter is proud of her momma 💓💓💓💓💓

  3. It was real funny that Esther who did nothing all season was able to keep up with Georgia. First turncoat will be someone from the US team

  4. Theo is a dummy for not switching. He will be thrown in time & time again by the UK. Some of these UK players are so stupid.

  5. Every player that would have made this season fun by switching has lost. UK players are so scared to "betray their country" to realize its the smart game move

  6. Theo is so stupid. If he went to us, he has caras alliance he can join since they are cool with each other. This whole im playing for my country garbage is bullshit, you playing for money. Betray every one and win lol. This isnt about friends.

  7. Esther did really great!
    She should exercise more and get in better shape. There would be no stopping her then.
    Kyle gave it his all, but he had a poor beginning tragedy.
    Should have started with the heavier pieces.

  8. Georgia confuses me. She told esther she did a good job which she did. But in the short clip u can find on youtube she was saying esther never had a chance 😩 i dont understand why she has all these fans.. Its not like shes that great and literally all she did was flirt with bear all season lol

  9. Georgia claims esther gave her a run for her money here but in the aftershow she said esther had no chance. Make it make sense georgia….

  10. Paulie talking a lot of smack granted he lost to kam and Kayleigh in final reckoning 😂! At least Kyle plays a good game not hiding behind cara

  11. How ironic that the weakest girl was that close in beating the strongest girl in something where her greatest strength lies in. Esther showed so much heart and Georgia is so mean and fake for how she talked her down in that after show.

  12. Everyone this season is playing so stupid. They all have too much pride for their “country” meanwhile those flags don’t mean anything especially when people on your own team are against you. Stop focusing on being loyal to your “country” and focus on winning the money which is the ultimate prize in this game. Theo should have switched.

  13. Everybody underestimated Esther. Y’all see everyone’s faces when she was keeping up with Georgia? Priceless. Georgia needs to humble herself ASAP.

  14. Esther hats off to you, you killed it, I like both Kyle and Theo, but why you stay UK Theo??? And Josh NO ONE likes you dude, really tired of hearing your voice, we don't care

  15. I used to like Georgia but after seeing her on this week's Behind the Challenge where she trashed Esther and everyone else on her team besides herself and Jenny I'm convinced her arrogance has become out of control. She and Tori are two blondes who made a final on their rookie season and think they're the best.

  16. If ester would have won…I think she should have turncoated because the us team wouldn't put her in because they wanted her in the final…plus Ashley and cara would have been her ally

  17. Georgia showed how over rated she is. She’d be mopped by any of the girls on the US side. If Jenny did this challenge Georgia would’ve been wiped.

  18. I cant wait to see cara and paulie get eliminated…they smiling while kyle is struggling is doing way to much…didn't cara and Kyle break up like 2 seasons ago and she has a whole new boyfriend yet she still trying to get kyle out every chance she gets? Man I still like her because of past seasons but she is slipping very slowly

  19. Tori’s fake ass
    Tori: Kylie you cannot walk! Sees Kylie bout to lose at the end … Also Tori
    Tori: Let’s go Theo.
    She annoying asf

  20. I really want to see Esther and Big T back for another season! Those 2 women really took everyone by surprise when it came down to them defending themselves in the elimination. They really made Georgia sweat and work for it.

  21. Y'all hating on Georgia so bad she wasn't really even being mean in the aftershow she was honest Esther was never gonna beat her BUT she gave Esther props during the show because NO ONE expected Esther to do that well…and everyone saying Georgia had such an advantage….Esther weighs twice as much as Georgia, so Georgia was doing wayyyy more heavy lifting in terms of body weight. I love that Georgia is a little cocky- you gotta be like that sometimes on this show ..have y'all ever realized that some of the most arrogant people are some of the best competitors? If you don't believe in yourself you don't stand a chance. I love Georgia

  22. I used to like Cara Marie when she was the underdog . Every time she won it felt good because everyone doubted her and she overcame challenges. Her winning challenges has made her head bigger than it is. I always thought she was attractive but not anymore . Just look at her she doesn't even know how to have fun anymore. She always has a hatefully and malicious face . To me she is completely ugly in the outside and more in the inside. Kyle should be thankful that he is not with Cara .Again look at Cara's face 10:19

  23. the only reason Georgia was acting cocky was because Kam was being annoying af and egging on the situation, Kam has been rude to her ever since Kayleigh started problems between them

  24. Very surprised at the Georgia hate here and just in general. Facts: She is not the greatest competitor. But I do believe she is a great person and you guys question that, why… because she was a little annoyed at the edit that made it seem like the battle with Esther was close?

  25. Finally see why people hate Cara. What a stupid smug look she has on her face when Kyle's struggle with the rock.

  26. I can’t believe Kyle lost against Theo again on the killing grounds like this is very disappointed to me🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

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