Fixing a Nintendo Switch DRIFTING JOYCON – Updated Guide

Fixing a Nintendo Switch DRIFTING JOYCON – Updated Guide

The Nintendo Switch analog stick drifting is very common these days, and it is super annoying. In this updated video, I will show you how to fix it quickly. Let’s get started. So first, check your Nintendo Switch analog stick by going into the system settings, then move the cursor down and select Controllers and Sensors, then again, move the cursor down and select Calibrate Control Sticks. Then press the analog stick that you want to check or calibrate. When you see this anomaly, then the first step is to to calibrate it. So press the X button to calibrate the analog stick Follow the onscreen instruction And it still drifts to the left, so let’s try to fix it in other way. Remove the joy-con from the console For the first method, you will need a contact cleaner spray such as this WD40 contact cleaner. Take your joy-con, tilt the analog stick, then use the contact cleaner straw to lift the rubber flap at the bottom of the analog cap, then spray it Leave the joy-con a while Then retest the analog stick. It is fixed now. Most of the time, this easy method is effective to kill the drifting issue. But, try to check the analog stick in several hours or one day later to see if the drifting issue reoccur If spraying the contact cleaner didn’t fix the drifting issue, then you need to replace the whole analog stick. You can buy it on Aliexpress or Ebay, and it doesn’t matter if you buy a clone one either. But in this video, I will be using the original analog stick. You need a tri-wing screw driver to disassemble the joy-con Use a Y00 size tri-wing screw driver. It’s the perfect size to remove joy-con case screw A Philips 00 size screw driver A blunt tweezer A spudger Or you can use a Halberd Spudger And a plastic opener tool Use a tri-wing screw driver to remove four screws from the joy-con case Use a plastic opener tool to separate the joy-con case Get your tweezer and remove the battery connector Then use a spudger to pry the battery out from the plastic case Take the philips screw driver and remove these screws Then lift the battery case carefully as there is a small flex ribbon cable attached to the PCB below it. Use a spudger to unlatch these flex ribbon connector carefully Then use a tweezer to remove the flex ribbon cable from the connector Use a philips screw driver to remove the screws from the analog stick And you can now remove the bad analog stick from the joy-con Prepare the replacement analog stick and install it to the joy-con And re-assemble the joy-con Again, test the joy-con analog stick. If you are satisfied with the result, then you have solved the drifting problem. If not, then you might need to replace the whole joy-con. Nintendo used a bad analog stick and even if you rarely use your console, it still drifts and mostly occurs on the left joy-con. It’s becoming an epidemic issue, and they should address this on the next console release. So there you go Nintendo, fix the dreadful joy-con, will you? Thank you for watching this video. I hope it helped you. If you need help, you can always contact me on social media. Don’t forget to subscribe and you can suggest what kind of video guide should I make for the next episodes. So see you guys later.

55 thoughts on “Fixing a Nintendo Switch DRIFTING JOYCON – Updated Guide

  1. I haven't had this issue myself, however given how widespread this has recently become this is a great video! Thank you 🙂

  2. I don't have a Switch yet, but I'm curious, is this problem new or it happened since the release of the system? Does it happen with the original joycons or the joycons you buy separately?

  3. I know its kinda old handheld console but the hack just came out,but could you do a tutorial on nintendo DS hacking guide step by step,just like the psvita tutorial? Thank you in advance sir

  4. Just a small remark from your 1st method. I would suggest using a contact cleaner suitable for electronic contacts. WD40 might do the trick but at the cost of the whole inside of the controller being filled with grease which eventually might start seeping out.

  5. 70 dollars nintendo seriously other consoles give better joysticks for 60 but yours are 70 at least fix this problem

  6. I'm just hoping the Nintendo Switch Lite wouldn't have this issue. But since they haven't sold it yet, we won't know.

    Because when I'm buying the Switch, the Lite model will be the one I'm gonna get.

  7. I also have the same drifting problem, but this video is so helpful, thank you so much for giving us the solution.

  8. Can't believe we have to do all this because of Nintendo not addressing the problem… Thanks for the guide, man!

  9. Please don't try to fix it yourself, most of you have still warranty, if you have this Problem contact Nintendo/ where ever you bought your switch and let them send it in.
    Most of the time they will do it for free, especially with the current lawsuit on the way.

  10. The reason why they drift is since the joycon rubs against the controls of where to go so whenever something is on the piece that tells the joycon stick to move it moves.

  11. Sometimes after days of using it, this fix's it's self. right now my joy cons work fine that's into the drifting start's again, it comes and gos

  12. Thank you so much. I had drifting with both my left and right Joycon controllers. WD40 was all I needed to fix them both!

  13. my friend’s joy cons drift so much that we were playing smash bros once and his character ran off the stage. might recommend these fixes to him

  14. My right Joycon and left Joycon both drift its messed up, my right one drifts forward and me left one drifts any direction, i'm going to try the WD40 contact cleaner on both Joycons to see if it fixes it , I heard the main problem is because the magnetic strips in the actual joystick makes dust do to the metal on the joystick so WD40 could make it so is doesn't rub and make dust.

    I hope it works so I don't have to spend 80 dollars on another pair that may or may not drift.

  15. (From) mexico LATAMEL (Nintendo). NO fixing, repairing, solving joy – con L & R! To the entire world! What do I do, what has to be done, what can I do? Please, help, please! Any ideas? … English and Spanish O K

  16. I got a second pair of JoyCon last year because of the drifting. Then when the free repairs came up, I sent the drifting JoyCon to the place. But as soon as it's gone, the second pair starts drifting on me; both JoyCon this time. So now I can't play games without the camera and the character moving everywhere unless I use my pro controller that also drifts (But it isn't intrusive thank God). Hopefully the fixed one comes back soon.

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