First Sail in the Gulf of Mexico | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 40

First Sail in the Gulf of Mexico | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 40

– We are about to head out
on our first Gulf crossing. – I have some sailors here on my boat that were requesting some local knowledge. – We’re balancing leaving
at a high enough tide with getting in at a high enough tide. It’s quite windy still, huh? – Yeah it is. (chill guitar music) – [Lauren Voiceover] Last
time on Sailing Soulianis, we took delivery of our solar panels, slapped two of them on the dodger, then left Mobile, Alabama, in our wake. – It feels new. It feels slightly weird. It’s been so long. – We are ripping downwind,
under genoa alone, doing seven knots, pretty much sustained. Surfing at eight, with about
16 knots of wind right now. This is a fantastic way to
start our new sailing adventures down here in the salt water. – [Lauren Voiceover] After
sailing across Mobile Bay, we popped into the ICW. – We are pulling into
Pirate’s Cove right now. – [Lauren Voiceover] I traded
with Kirk’s dad for the day so they could have a
father-son trip to Pensacola. – We’re just ghostin’ downwind. Doin’ 4 1/2 knots in eight knots of wind. (pleasant music) It’s beautiful, flat, calm,
cruisin’ down the ICW. (pleasant music) Havin’ a good time. – Here we are in Jimmy
Buffet’s waterlands. Perdido Bay on the way to Pensacola. – What do you have to
say for yourself, Pops? – I’m just soakin’ in
the beautiful sunny day. (pleasant music) – Do you remember: was it just past that big
motorboat or just before? – [Kirk Voiceover] My dad and I met up with Lauren and my mom. The four of us navigated the
boat through a tiny channel, into a slip next to Peg Leg Pete’s, where my parents had
rented the Airbnb upstairs. – Time for a drink. – [Kirk] Cheers. – To the islands. (pleasant music) – Right now, Kirk is tapping a couple of new screw holes in our boom, so that we can attach some blocks, so that we can more easily
adjust our lazy jacks. Exciting stuff. There’s a beautiful sunset behind you. – [Kirk] That is quite beautiful. (Kirk drills) Cool. – [Kirk Voiceover] The next day, we left the boat snug in her slip and jumped in my parents’
rental car to check out Destin. We weren’t sure if we wanted
to stop there with the boat because the inlet looked
pretty tough to get into. We figured maybe we could
seek out some local knowledge, and see the town if we
decided to sail on by. (pleasant music) – (mumbles) runner. Hey, how’s it goin’? – [Man On Radio] Good,
good, you got a trip? – No, I don’t, but actually I have some
sailors here on my boat that were requesting some local knowledge and I have not ran a trip yet this year. They have a sailboat
with a five-foot draft, and they’re coming in from Pensacola, and they’ll be coming in through the pass. Is there anything that
they need to look out for? Or is it pretty straightforward? – [Man On Radio] It’s
pretty straightforward. Between the sets of buoys you’re fine. – Okay, great, all right. Well good to know, thank you. – [Lauren] What about… – [Man On Radio] Roger, roger. – [Lauren] Tide doesn’t matter? – I saw a little baby too, I actually… – [Man] Just follow your markers. Be careful comin’ out across the bars… I’ve heard… – [Lauren] So, what are you thinkin’? – We’ve been trying to figure
out for the last couple days if we should stop in Destin
or if we should continue on over to Panama City Beach,
which would be a 90-mile trip, which would be an overnight,
for our first sail on the Gulf. Versus stopping here, which
would just be a long day. The problem we have is it’s
a really shallow entrance to Destin Harbor, and
it’s a really shallow exit through the little tiny channel
we’re docked at right now, so we’re balancing leaving
at a high enough tide with getting in at a high enough tide, and not getting in so late
that it’s gonna be dark when we’re navigating
this really tight channel to come in here and then
anchoring in a marina, or a harbor, that we don’t
really know, in the dark. (chill music) – [Lauren Voiceover] In the
end we figured, why risk it? Might as well do the longer
sail into the safer pass. After spending three months stationary, the last thing we wanted
was to find bottom, possibly cause damage, and
end our sailing adventure when it was just getting started. (waves roll ashore) (upbeat acoustic guitar music) – We’re about to head out
on our first Gulf crossing. – Well, it’s not really a crossing. – Adventure. – Sure. – [Kirk’s Dad] It’s a gorgeous day. The wind is startin’ to lull. – They’re saying 13 to 18
knots from the northwest. The waves are only, they
said, three to five feet, but that’s 20 miles out. We’re not goin’ out quite that far, so I’m hopin’ we’re gonna have
some pretty sweet calm water, fast sailing downwind. We just gotta get out of this
tiny little hole that we’re in – [Lauren] We’re tucked
away in a little channel inside Pensacola Bay, and we
gotta head six or seven miles out to the pass–
– [Kirk] To get to the Gulf. – [Lauren] Then we hang a U-turn. – Backtrack. – [Lauren] And head back
east towards Panama City. (pleasant guitar music) – Man, that’s shallow. – [Kirk’s Dad] Channel’s wide open. (pleasant guitar music) – I was a little too close
on that side last time. Yeah, that was good. Lowest I saw was five-three, right here. (pleasant guitar music) – Adios, Pensacola Bay. – Hello, Gulf. – Where do we wanna go? Do we wanna go to Cancun, Cozumel, Havana? – [Lauren] We can go anywhere now. (chill music) – [Kirk] Hey, guys. I think there’s two or three. – [Lauren] Oh, there’s another one. – Oh, yeah. (chill music) (Lauren laughs) – [Lauren] What you got, love? – Some special treats. They’re quite good. – [Lauren] Pretzels and sea salt. Can I have one? What, you wanna split it?
– Sure. – [Lauren] Really? – Think we’re doin’ seven four. Five. Seven Eight. – [Lauren] SOG or through the water? – SOG; through the water is 6.7. Yowza. (chill music) – Oh, that’s better. Now I’m toasty. – So it’s about 10 minutes before sunset. We just put in our second
reef for the night, so that hopefully it would keep things a little bit slower and calmer, ’cause we’re still seeing 20-knot gusts. We don’t really wanna be
going up on the foredeck in the pitch black dark because it is not quite a new moon, but it is… We’re, like, four or five days away, so we’re not gonna have
much light out here tonight. It’s gonna be pretty dark. We’ve been cruisin’ along all day. Probably have an average
speed of well over six knots, probably closer to seven. And our boat really only wants to do about 6 1/2 through the water, but we’ve been regularly seeing
7 1/2 and eight over ground, so either just with the following winds, which give us a little
extra surface current, or something, we’ve picked
up about an extra knot, knot and a half, this whole trip. We should be into Panama
City Beach, like, 1:00 a.m. We were kinda thinkin’ we’d
be there at, like, 6:00 a.m. – [Lauren] Means we can
actually go to sleep. – Actually go to sleep. And we’re getting another 50
miles along the panhandle. – Highlight of the day was the dolphins dancing out the bow waves. Probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. That’s a sun behind you. – Ah, that’s gonna be a good sunset. – [Kirk] Yeah it is. – Wow, look at that. Pretty water colors. (chill music) – [Kirk] It’s
quite windy still, huh? – Yeah it is. I’m glad you put that reef in.
– [Kirk] Yeah. – Yeah, 17, 16, 17, jeez. Love, we need to get a smaller head sail. – [Kirk] Yeah we do. The helm feels a lot lighter
now though, doesn’t it? It’s not weather-helming so bad. – Yeah, yeah. – [Kirk] Yeah, it’s ’cause
we had so much headsail and so little mainsail up.
– I think I, like, pulled a tendon.
– [Kirk] Yeah, maybe. – This shoulder, like, cranking
on the helm trying to– – [Kirk] It was pretty tough,
I was cranking on it too. – [Lauren] Keep my course. (waves splash) (chill music) First Gulf sail. – Yew! What’s happening, Lauren? – We got our man overboard device to work. – [Kirk] Well that’ll
certainly wake us up. We’re about to embark on the
longest open-water crossing we’ve done yet. That’s a big one right there. – Ah, are we even halfway yet? – No.

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