FAMILY BOAT LIFE – Sailing to Delos (Ep.#6)

FAMILY BOAT LIFE – Sailing to Delos (Ep.#6)

welcome to our new life we let our family, friends and home behind I quit my job and left my comfortable life in switzerland I let my friends, my school and the football behind we left everything for living on a boat welcome on board arriving in Delos we are in front of the boat and the city just behind of us the lights of the city we are leaving Mykonos, what a sad moment i loved it leaving was a mess, very hard we did two big mistakes the mooring line got stucked in the Dinghy but like my mom always said, in moments like this believe in got and now we are here the waves are coming from behind, that not so bad… such an relaxed moment you can’t imagine. Like the adrenalin before at the top so you appreciate these moments Lou has a question (swiss) there is on supermarket on the island so you can’t buy anything on this island? there is no one living on this island thanks god, we have everything we are eating tuna salad what is the name of this? Zuzakli? and for sure, we are en greece so there has to be eaten this ones – las pitas hot pitas I like it a lot we have them in this bags, so they keep warm and with what do you eat a pita? you haved to say, that we had to put the anchor two times. Yes I said already. This is the third place. like you guys can see we changed the place we are more close and the boat is holding what are they saying? We can’t arrive here? so let’s go i like to unterstand the culture and understand the history to imagine yourself how they lived and how the times were but to be in the place now it’s a completely other sensation you can understand, that they used the best locations look here, the temple for example or the theatre and you understand how they lived you understand how they thought you can touch and and you can see how they were living and it took them many years to build it was also a reunion of the east and the west in the commercial trading way the kids got an idea, how the city was build, they had fun there are three rounds to make one is 1 hour one prox. 2.5 hours and one with 5 hours the truth is, I gave them the homework to reflect. I asked them what they like and what not and they discovered how it was at that moment that’s it from our part, kids are sleeping but ok. The question is, sometimes so sacrifice we didn’t went out, we went to the beach it was beautiful and now in the night we stay on the boat and enjoy this view the best part is that you are on your boat you don’t need to pay a babysitter, because you are in your home and in the middle of the town if you like to be on time, socialnetworks there are more details thx a lot for your support we are in this beautiful city we hope to inspire more people mexicans, latinos share it kisses to all my friends and family mexico, switzerland, where ever i love you all this is our dream to inspire with our 7 – 8 minutes tell us, what would you like to know of us there will be a lot of wind, but tomorrow ok will be cool, we need to get up early

9 thoughts on “FAMILY BOAT LIFE – Sailing to Delos (Ep.#6)

  1. “Niños, esta semana aprenderemos sobre mitología griega.
    -Estamos todos listos?
    -Papá? –
    -Despega… Zarpamos!!
    Odisea Burbu…. Familia por el mundo vamos a zarparrrr!!! ⛴⛴ estas experiencias de aprendizaje las debería tener todo Niño al menos una vez en su vida.

  2. Bello lugar y esa musica d fondo, ¡wow!
    Una pregunta como van a festejar la fiesta patria?
    Como buena Méxicana q eres
    Saludos hermosa familia.

  3. Envidio su tenasidad !!! A mi me estan ofreciendo una aventura similar a la suya pero….no me atrevo!!! Vivo en Colombia y no me atrevo a dejar a mi familia…..
    Los Amooo💖

  4. Serìa conveniente para tus muchos admiradores saber de dònde eres originaria pues nombras Argentina y Mèxico lo que intriga al pùblico y les causa el deseo de saber cual es vuestra nacionalidad verdadera. Con respecto a lo que espera el pùblico y muy especialmente vuestros seguidores masculinos es ver a la chica lo mas sexi posible usando mas frecuentemente bikinis o tanga pues con esa figura y fìsico espectacular que posee sin duda que provoca el deseo y la iluciòn de verla lo mas sexi y atrevida posible de parte de sus muchos admiradores masculinos.

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