EP2 – Sailing the new NEEL 47 trimaran in la Rochelle

EP2 – Sailing the new NEEL 47 trimaran in la Rochelle

Hi Okay. So today new day new experience. Let’s go we go North of France direction La Rochelle We are going to see the new trimaran and the brand is called NEEL They just release a new model this year. It’s a forty seven feet trimaran and it’s going to be crazy.Check this out. The need 47 trimaran so this area is called the Cockloon especially from NEEL Inside outside, very nice here we have the kitchen The good think about the trimaran This is the main cabin You have a great view everywhere, very nice And you have directs views to the control This is some arrangement Here we have another closet we have water tank here washing machine there should be the water maker converter the generator is in the engine room which is behind this, you have to access from the aft deck both winch are electric ? Yes they are. Toilet is an option Then you go down here we have the sink with a small shower head And then we have the guest cabin And some arrangement for the windows you have the hatch and you have this

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