Elders React To Justin Bieber Vs. Tom Cruise UFC Fight? (Meme Compilation)

Elders React To Justin Bieber Vs. Tom Cruise UFC Fight? (Meme Compilation)

– Justin Bieber better rethink this.
– (laughs) That’s about how I was too. – Please, Tom Cruise,
don’t go for it! ♪ (ragtime intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’re reacting
to something that was all started because of a recent tweet
shared by pop star Justin Bieber. – Okay, I know who he is.
– Oh yeah. He’s a trouble maker. (laughs)
– Oh, is this the Tom– “I can beat the crap
out of Tom Cruise”? – “I wanna challenge Tom Cruise
to fight in the octagon. Tom, if you don’t take
this fight, you’re scared and you will never
live it down.” – “Who is willing
to put on the fight? @danawhite?” I wouldn’t wanna get
in a fight with Tom Cruise. He’s in great shape.
– I think Justin Bieber would get his ass kicked bad.
Justin Bieber better rethink this. – When did the two of them
run in together? Tom Cruise, I mean, you know,
he’s up either in the studio or in the Scientology bin.
– In the first place, Tom Cruise is a lot older
than he is, so it’s– you know, (chuckles)
it would be unfair. – He’s a lot younger
than Tom Cruise, but Tom Cruise is fit. (chuckles)
So yeah, I wouldn’t challenge him if I was Justin Bieber.
Tom seems to be an athletic type of person and he’s got
old man strength. You know, us old guys,
we got tricks, we got strength,
and we’re sneaky, and we don’t tend to–
so, I think it would be a real mistake.
– Tom, he knows a little bit of karate stuff. I think
he trained for Mission Impossible, and he’s very physically fit,
you know, for his age. – Look at how many people liked it.
And look how it was retweeted. Wow. Well, it obviously
served the purpose of getting everyone talking,
didn’t it? – (FBE) So, we have more
to show you in a bit, but in this tweet,
Justin Bieber is challenging actor Tom Cruise to a UFC
mixed martial arts fight and asking the UFC president,
Dana White, to organize it. – Yeah. Come on.
You don’t take on someone that’s visibly… in better shape
and probably works out more than you do.
I’d fight with Bieber, but I wouldn’t fight
with Tom Cruise. – (FBE) Perhaps the ridiculousness
and randomness of this tweet caused it to go viral, so we have
some of the internet’s reactions to this tweet.
– Oh, that’ll be interesting. Let’s see where their brains
are flowing. – “Justin Bieber has challenged
Tom Cruise to a fight. Please, Tom Cruise, send this to him.”
– (Grossman) And I will rain down an ungodly [bleep] firestorm upon you.
You’re gonna have to call the [bleep] United Nations
and get a [bleep] binding resolution to keep me from [bleep]
destroying you. – This is Tom Cruise?
– (Grossman) I am talking scorched earth, [bleep].
– (laughs) That’s Matthew. – (Grossman) I will [bleep] you up! – (chuckles) Tropic Thunder.
I really enjoyed that movie. And I really enjoyed that cameo.
I thought that was really insane. – I remember when he showed up
in that movie and everybody was like, “Oh my god. It’s Tom Cruise.
That’s so cool.” (chuckles) – I hope that’s the reaction
to Justin, you know, because he’s gonna
mess him up. (laughs) Bam!
– “Tom Cruise after hearing that Justin Bieber
wants to fight.” – (man laughing)
– (chuckles) That’s about how I was too.
– That’s me. – (laughs) I have the same
reaction as this guy. What was he thinking of? You know, he’s got
nothing better to do? – That’s a summary right there.
Just fall down on the floor and laugh. – Maybe he doesn’t
even know about it. Maybe he’s in his Scientology tower,
not reading tweets. – “At some point tonight,
Tom Cruise’s agent will have to call Tom Cruise and tell him
that Justin Bieber has challenged him to a fight.
This is an actual conversation that will happen.”
Maybe Tom called Justin personally and said, “Hey, listen, Bieber,
it ain’t gonna go.” – I guess he’s not
going to respond. He probably thinks it’s ridiculous.
– That’s a pretty bizarre thing for an agent to have
to relate that information. – They must have started
laughing and laughing. I would like to have
heard Cruise’s real answer. – I don’t think anybody
should take Justin seriously on this thing, you know?
I mean, it’s a good laugh. It’s almost like a publicity stunt.
– You know how many movies Tom Cruise has been in?
Mission Impossible and all this kind of stuff.
Justin better rethink this, ’cause it’s so easy for Tom
to just say, “Yeah, sure, let’s fight” and just whoop his ass real quick. – “You wanna control Cruise
in this match? One, don’t fight him on a couch.
He can be bouncy.” (chuckles) “Two, make sure you’re fighting
the actual Tom Cruise, because he’s king of the impossible
rubber mask reveal.” – “Three, if he slides
into the octagon in Wayfarers and undies, go for
his parents’ Porsche.” (laughs) Oh, bless you, Kevin Smith.
He’s so funny. That’s great. – That’s a reference
to his first movie. – Boy, they covered, like,
his whole career there, going way back.
– This can’t be Kevin Smith, the real Kevin Smith.
– (FBE) It is. – It is?!
– That’s Kevin Smith. Brilliant. Absolutely. I mean,
he’s just making a game of it, and tying it all together. – (FBE) Justin Bieber’s tweet
has even spawned a small trend of its own, but before
we explain that, a member of our FBE SuperFam,
Queen Little Mermaid, wanted to ask the elders,
what do you think the age difference is
between Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber? – I’d say at least 20 to 25 years.
– 32. – I would say
close to 30 years. – (FBE) So, their age difference
actually inspired this next trend. – Okay. “Justin Bieber is 25.
Tom Cruise is 56.” Okay! Okay. “Challenge an actor 31 years
older than you to a fight. I will go first.”
– “Sam Waterston, you’re a punk and due for an ass beating.
Name the place.” – I’m agreeing with him, 100%.
– I like him. He’s a very good actor, Sam Waterston.
– That’s who Bieber should fight. I still think Sam
would beat him too. – “I went to Uncle Google to see
which 31-years-older-than-me actor I would challenge to a fight.
And the first result was Jackie Chan. So, I took it at the internet
telling me to chill out already.” Okay! Exactly. You got checked.
– Actually, Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise, that would be a good fight.
– That would be very bad to mess around with Mr. Jackie Chan.
– Good idea. Don’t go fighting or challenging Jackie Chan. Oh my god.
He’s still in great shape. – Oh! So, this is a whole thing.
It’s like, let’s find someone 31 years older than me.
If there’s that much reaction to it, and it’s been retweeted and liked
that much, then you go, “Oh, maybe I can jump on that bandwagon
and get some numbers going.” – “I regret to inform you
that Keanu Reeves is 31 years older than me
and is now going to kick my ass.” Keanu Reeves does 98%
of his John Wick stuff. He’s dangerous.
– Yeah, Keanu would beat everybody. He wouldn’t even have
to touch them. He would just win. – I think that’s wishful thinking
on Olive Rae’s part that Keanu Reeves
is gonna kick their ass. Too nice of a guy.
That’s what they say. – Ah, this is a lot of fun,
you know, the way they’re going back and forth, you know,
with different folks. – “Okay, Justin Bieber challenged
Tom Cruise to a steel cage match, so the thing on Twitter now is
to challenge someone 30 years older. I’d challenge Betty White,
but I suspect she’d kick my butt.” Betty White’s well up in her 90s.
– (FBE) She’s 97. – Oh, she’s 97 now.
What older celebrity is gonna take that up and–
you know, maybe John Wayne if he was still alive,
would’ve taken it up, ’cause he was so macho.
– Smart enough to know that Betty might kick his butt.
She probably could talk you down. She could probably explain to you
why you wouldn’t wanna mess with her. – I study empty-hand combat.
I wouldn’t wanna do that to anybody, but someone 31 years older than me?
I think I’d whoop their ass. – Is Olivia de Havilland
still alive? The movie star. She’s a movie star, guys,
from the golden age. – (FBE) She is still alive,
and she’s 103 years old. – Okay, Olivia!
I’m gonna challenge you. And I adore you.
– (FBE) A few weeks ago, Justin Bieber was asked
about this initial tweet, and if he was actually
gonna fight Tom Cruise. And so, we have a clip
of what he said. – Oh, boy.
– (reporter) It’s for real, though? Tom Cruise, you gonna fight?
– (Justin) Nah, I was just– – (reporter) You guys
are good friends, though, right? – (Justin) I was just playin’ around.
– Pfft! – (reporter) But you guys
are good friends? – (Justin) Tom?
– (reporter) Yeah. – (Justin) I don’t know him. But he’s tight.
– (reporter) You don’t know him personally?
Yeah, he’s good, man. – (Justin) The story is,
I had seen an interview of him, and it was just on my mind.
I don’t know why I thought about… – He picked the wrong guy. (chuckles)
– (Justin) It was just a random tweet. I do that stuff sometimes
just to spark some [bleep]. – (chuckles) Just so cruel.
– (Justin) I’m pretty sure Tom would…
– (reporter) Sure he got a good laugh out of it?
– (Justin) Would… – Kick your ass? Say it. (chuckles)
– (Justin) I think he’d probably whoop my ass in a fight.
– (laughs) – (Justin) I think he’d probably
whoop my ass in a fight. – I’m glad he woke up, (chuckles)
’cause he was dreaming big time. – Just ’cause somebody’s on your mind,
why would the first thing you go to is fight him?
Like, “Let’s go have a beer together” or something.
– These guys may know of each other in a professional way,
like each other’s body of work, whatever, but it was
just goofing around, and it’s not a big thing.
– (FBE) On June 20th, 2019, TMZ published a story stating
that their were more updates to the fight and that it was looking
like it might actually happen. – Really?
– (FBE) So, we have a clip of that to show you now.
– Oh dear g– okay, bring it on. – (reporter) Justin Bieber fans,
your dreams are gonna come true. – (reporter 2) Or Tom Cruise fans,
you too. – Whoa.
– (reporter 2) We found out about a secret phone call…
– Ohhh, of course they would. – (reporter 2) And the phone call
was made by one of the most powerful guys in Hollywood.
His name is Ari Emanuel, and he is… – There’s money to be made here.
– (reporter 2) He is the co-CEO of the William Morris
Endeavor Agency… – That’s a big agency. All right.
– (reporter 2) He called Scooter Braun, who is Justin’s manager.
– They have to do it for charity. – (reporter 2) Before he said,
“I’m down with the fight,” he conferenced in Dana White
from UFC obviously. – (reporter) Yes, president of UFC.
– Pay per view. (laughs) – (reporter 2) …three of them talked,
and Ari said that he wants this fight to happen.
Then Scooter said, “Justin is down with this fight.
If Tom wants to do it, Justin will do it.” – Whoa.
– (reporter 2) And Dana said, “I’m 100% in,
putting this fight up.” – And what did Tom say?
– Please, Tom Cruise, don’t go for it! Those men
just wanna make more money! And it’s big, and it’s publicity,
and it’s hilarious, and you don’t need
to be doing it. – (FBE) So, before we dive
into questions, we have one last image to show you.
– Okay. Oh. (laughs)
“Tom, The Missile.” – See, Justin looks tougher there
’cause of the tattoos and everything and the look on his face.
– Look at the weight difference. I’m not even looking at the age,
’cause age is only a number. – (FBE) Who do you got to win
by looking at this? – If I was gonna bet,
I’d bet on Tom. Hands down. – Oh, Tom Cruise would win.
– I think Tom would win. – He wins in tattoos
for sure. Justin does. I’d still go with Tom Cruise.
– My money’s on Tom Cruise if he were to do it.
– I would say Tom Cruise. – Bieber might be
thinking it’s funny. Tom’s like, “I’m not letting
some 25-year old kick my butt.” – I would pick Tom Cruise.
– I’d like to see age get respect. So… I’ll take Tom. – (FBE) Fun fact, did you know
that Justin Bieber has actually trained with boxer Floyd Mayweather?
– Ooh. – (FBE) Does that change
your opinion at all? – No. Tom Cruise
has trained with the best. – I just can’t see him
beating Tom. He is the missile.
I mean, he just would hone in on Justin and boom.
– (FBE) So, celebrity boxing matches aren’t really anything new.
But in the past, we’ve mainly seen this with lesser known celebrities,
versus these celebrities that some would consider to be A-list.
– Right. Yeah. – (FBE) So, what are your thoughts
on celebrities fighting each other? – Well, I think if they do it
where no one gets hurt, I think it’s fine.
If you’re a fan of, say, Tom Cruise, you want him to win.
If you’re a fan of Justin Bieber, you want him to win.
That’s entertainment. – I could absolutely
care less about it. I wouldn’t watch it.
There’s got to be money in there, or, damn, I wouldn’t
even be saying anything. – I think trained fighters
should fight each other. Their body and their face
and all that is part of their art form and should not be risked.
– Unless they’re fighters, I think it’s ridiculous.
What we’re looking at here is a way to get some kind
of media action, some kind of notice out there.
– It sets a bad example for younger people
that you can’t discuss instead of hit someone.
And it’s just stupid. Fighting doesn’t show intelligence.
– It’s more of a spectacle. And people are kind of obsessed
with celebrity culture anyway and everything that they’re doing.
So, if fighting is another thing that they’re doing,
then they’d wanna watch it. – I’m not a big proponent of fighting.
I think there’s other ways to solve problems. But yeah,
for charity, you go– oh yes, people do anything
for charity, and that’s okay. – It’s good to generate
talks and everything like that. But at the end, they should
look at it as a charity event. Once you have the charity event,
I think you have more support. It’s more fun, you know.
I think people are looking forward to that.
– (FBE) So finally, who is a celebrity that you
would like to challenge in the ring? – (laughs) Oh, me? No one.
At my age? No, there’s no celebrity I’d like to challenge.
– You don’t wanna fight. Ask any great sensei, martial artist.
It’s not about the fighting. – I’d wanna fight
with somebody fun that would make it
into something funny. Jimmy Fallon.
– Ronda Rousey. Yeah, I would challenge here.
– Cory Booker, I think. I wanna knock the [bleep]
out of him, you know? (laughs) He just talks so much smack.
– Can I challenge a celebrity to a different kind of fight?
Could we have a bake off? Martha Stewart, sure,
’cause she’s a really good baker. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Elders React. – Subscribe and hit the bell
so you don’t miss an episode. – Thanks for watching.
Gotta go training. – Hi, guys. JC here,
producer at FBE. Did you know that FBE has merch?
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