Easily Scribe Uneven Walls | No Tools | How to DIY

Easily Scribe Uneven Walls | No Tools | How to DIY

Hey Everybody, every now and again you have
a job where two surfaces don’t want to work together. In this case I’ve got straight timber on one wall going against another wall which is not straight It’s a rendered wall of mudbrick. It has it’s indentations shall we way. I want to get this timber to fit neatly against
that wall with a nice snug fit. At the moment there would be all sorts of
gaps up and down. Occasionally you’ll get a wall that’s straight but out of level and the same tip applies. But in this case it’s more difficult because
this is not a wall that’s straight but out of level. It’s all over the place. I will end up with a line on my timber that’s
also all over the place. How do I get that line? To start off with I’m fortunate in having
a level floor. The timber can sit on that level floor. While I get it as close as possible to the
where it’s touching the other wall. You can see there are many gaps. I can almost get my finger in between the surfaces. I want to close them up completely. To do that grab a pencil and a spacer. The size pf the spacer is determined by the size of the gap. I need a 10 mm spacer because my gap is about 10mm thick. Run down the wall marking the timber while the spacer follows all the indentations. Use a power saw or similar to cut along the line. You can see there is quite a discrepancy from
a straight line. A Jig Saw is a good option for lines that
are quite irregular. I’ve also slightly back cut the timber to
make sure the front edge will touch the irregular wall. There it is, a perfect fit. I will finish this off. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks in the
building trade. All sorts of other hints to come

6 thoughts on “Easily Scribe Uneven Walls | No Tools | How to DIY

  1. Can do the same with drywall just easier as you only need a knife or drywall saw , good tips Geoff some people make hard work of building.

  2. What he shows you is right but he doesn't show you how to scribe the board so it butts up nicely to the last board. Not sure why? Also I think this was a poor example. Not sure I would have gone to the trouble. It's probably being plaster boarded so a bit of acoustic silicon would have done

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