DRIFT TRIKE ELECTRICO casero TERMINADO (motorizado brushless)

Hello friends welcome to a new video
and before I start I want to clarify a couple of things, I want to tell you a couple of things that
change the drift trike, first of all change the engines that is the most important thing of all. I put these two engines that had taken them
of broken electric quadricycles that They were lying around. They are of the same voltage, more or less the same
all. They have a great difference to the others and step
to tell why I took them out, the other engines they are aeromodelling engines, aviation engines. They are engines designed to turn very fast,
at about 9800 revolutions but at a low torque, why? because the only thing they have to move is the
wooden blade that has a plane, an airplane, for what is used. So how do they handle a low torque and I
I was putting a lot of resistance as they will be able to see in the videos, they worked well
and they had a lot of strength but having greater resistance consume a lot
amperage, the controller requested a lot of amperage to the battery, and the cables were terminated
heating up a lot and you could get to even melt. So that does not happen I said good I put these
motors that what they have of particular is that turn to a lot less revolutions,
about 2000 and peak, but at a much higher torque. What about this. As they rotate at a much higher torque they are banked
more what is the resistance of the wheels and practically this use of the drift trike. Also what changed was the pinion that
I welded a pinion of 10 teeth when before I had one of 15 and the crown I put
one of 25 when before I had one of 21. By changing the relationship and putting a smaller one
and a bigger one the engine has to give more turns to move the wheel, this too
helps the engine work less and so so much less heat up, ask for less current
to the controllers and the battery and the cables and everything runs much better. and nothing remained
really good enough, I’ll leave you with the video of everything he films. And if the video liked them and they want to see another
of the trike drift, if I see that this one has many many likes, more than the previous ones,
I’m going to upload a third part more with new tricks. So I expect your likes in the video to see
what did you think

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