Drift Projekt – BMW e46 #16 – Zakończenie

Hi there! I want to invite you to the last episode of building BMW E46 As most of you probably now, I haven’t been working with Kuba for a long time now so everyone who would like to follow Kuba and his car, can visit this link And well, enjoy this video! Hi everyone, after a longer break I’m coming back with my project, I’m almost finishing the car, as you can see, I always have some tools and I keep tinkering around the car because I somehow can’t live without it. There are some things which I have to do, like switches Here I have Two switches which were fitted by Turbo Lamik They will be exchanged with something like this I’m going to to the assemblage and you can see what was happening at Hamownia I’m at Lukasz’s place near the garage At the first few trials of checking how the brakes work the adjustments the differential popped and I had to rush to buy the differential we exchanged it and it turned out that the turbines boost the pressure and the wastegates are too small and we’ve decided that I would go and buy two external wastegates. Thanks a lot to FMC Today is Sunday and as you can see it’s empty, everything is closed the guys are chilling out after a hard week I’m here for a while to look around and record something for you On Monday we’re going to get down to work we need to prepare the collectors for the external wastegates then we’re going to assemble the wastegates and bring out the funnels, so my car will have 4 funnels, not 2 we’re trying to record more, but everything’s happening do fast, there’s no time I’m alone and a bit tired But that’s life and I’m getting a buzz of it anyways Oh, and I can tell you that on 0.8 bar we’ve had 480 HP we’ll see what happens on alcohol and on lower pressure E46 is being prepared at lower pressure, I mean, 0.6 bar we’ve had 526 HP 687 N it’s a lot and I’m a bit shocked now we’ve lowered the pressure so for sure it’s going to be less but then we’re going to try on alcohol and we’ll see what happens The switches are where they should be One of them is used to start, the other one to change the map Another element of the cockpit which I’d like to show you is the panel with which you can control the whole electronics we’ve got a switch for ignition the ‘start’ button, the fuel pump the water pump and an additional fan because one of them is controlled by EMU the other one is a standby if something is wrong so if it doesn’t start at the right moment, I can do it manually at the top you can see the clocks the temperature of water the temperature of oil, the pressure of oil and additionaly we have the stream switch, which is called ‘hebel’ now let’s have a look at the electronics I have a computer from ECU Master, it’s EMU version additionally, we have a tablet on which we can see all the parametres it’s responsible for seeing the mix and checking it, I can check what mix I have the mix of alcohol and gas, I control the ingitions and other things which really give many opportunities thanks to this we have nice results from Hamownia. We have a shifter from IRP they do pay attention to details good value for money it gives many possibilities, shortens the gear change here we also have a hydraulic handbrake by Nemles it has a Wilwood 0.75 pomp with a huge press thanks to which we can use the handbreak more precisely. Now I’m going to tell you a few things about cooling we have a huge radiator at the back and honestly, these are two radiators from V8 welded together to cool down the water The cooling fans are responsible for this thanks to which the air circulation is great the brakes here are from 330, BMW E46 these are huge discs and I have the additional clip for the hydraulic handbrake. At the front, I also have the Wilwood clips on the disc from 330 The brake discs are EBC I think it’s an interesting solution and hopefully it will be great Now let’s see what happened in here for me it’s the most beautiful part of the car the whole heart of it I put a lot of hard work into this there are 2 turbines TD 0.4 from K64 which are pretty furious because I didn’t expect they would give so much power we have the external wastegates which were fitted at Turbolamik, because the original ones didn’t manage, so we couldn’t reach the power which we wanted to reach and the turbines were reloading all the time thanks to this I have additional funnels I made the air system by myself, with my own idea we have a blow off from FMIC we also have the intercooler which is from the USA Radziu, thanks a lot the oil is cooled down by the radiator from Mocal which I also got from Inter Rally I think these radiators are top shelf and they’re really great it’s a pity they were fitted in here, but we had no space under the hood so, coming back to the fuel supply system this rail is from X5 it’s made of stainless steel, due to the mix of alcohol I couldn’t use the original fuel rail because the original one was made of the black steel and then if we made a mix of fuel and alcohol, it would start to rust so, we’ll avoid this now and the fuel system will stay clean here we also have when it comes to the fuel system, the the fuel pressure regulator from Turbo Smart up to 1000HP we have the fuel pressure sensor which goes to the computer, ECU Master, thanks to which we have all the data available on the tablet here we have the Tilton tank from the USA we have 3 in 1, I mean the tank of the clutch the clutch slave cylinder the tank of the front brake pump and of the back clips here we have the coils, they are original 740 from M60 B40, some also put the coils from Audi which are supposedly much better here we have the whole cabling which was made the injections 600… 630, if I’m correct I can’t remember now, and the whole thing looks like this I guess I’ve mentioned everything probably, there are some details which I’d like to change or improve I think it’s time to start it As you can see, it’s finished I’m super happy This car was and still is my dream so… it’s a pity I can’t go on the lane because I don’t have the money for that, but I hope when I find the money and the time we will deifinitely meet somewhere and I would like to thank everybody especially those who watched me, supported me and, above all, the sponspors because without them, this car wouldn’t have been made. So, high five everyone, I hope to meet you on the lane one day! At the end, I would really like to thank Inter Rally who supported the project and thanks to them you could see how a drift car is made they provided lots of elements used specifically in motorsport so, I recommend to check out their website we’ll be very grateful and well, see you in the next Drift Project series veeeeery soon high five!

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