DIY Industrial Shelves – Bathroom Makeover

DIY Industrial Shelves – Bathroom Makeover

I’m back with another bathroom makeover
DIY, and in this video I’m showing you how I made these industrial slash rustic
bathroom shelves. For this DIY you’re going to need some, spray paint a nipple, a
flange, a cap, a sander or sandpaper, some wood stain, and a wooden shelf. I did use
a couple more things so I’m going leave a link to my blog post in the
description box down below, which will give you all the listed items that I use
as well as the measurements. So starting off I sanded down each shelf. This is
very important! You shouldn’t skip this step, because it helps the stain soak
into the wood better and it gives the wood a smoother finish. Then next I
stained the wood – I would recommend using painting rags rather than a paint brush
for this step. So while the stain was drying on the wood,
I grabbed the flange, the cap, and the nipple (which in case you were wondering
was the long thing in the middle), and a couple screws. Then I assembled them
as shown. Again, there will be a link in the description box to my blog post
which will tell you exactly what size of these items to get, because there are
different sizes in the hardware store. So depending on what look you’re going for,
you might want to go with my recommendation or you might want to size
them different but all those instructions will be there for you. I had
four of these assembled: two for each shelf, and I spray painted them copper
and this is a final look! If you follow me on instagram or you watch my previous
video, you’ll have noticed that the walls are no longer lime-green and they’re now
gray. I think it looks a little better, what do you think? Let me know in the
comments section down below. Make sure you hit that subscribe button for more
videos like this and the like button, and I’ll see you in the next one!

17 thoughts on “DIY Industrial Shelves – Bathroom Makeover

  1. Great color scheme, I loved it! My Daughter's walls are that color, definitely gotta try these shelves in her room❀️

  2. I think once they pipes were spray painted it totally changed the look completely! I like what you did here! It's such a cool look! Thanks for sharing! πŸ’•

  3. Girl you make it look so easy! loved how it turned out and I would have had no idea how you made them if you just showed them to me LOL great job!

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