DIY French Cleat Shelf – Off the Cuff – Wacky Wood Works.

DIY French Cleat Shelf – Off the Cuff – Wacky Wood Works.

It has been over a week since I put the…
blocked up the window there and I’m needing me space back, because all those
tools and clamps are on my bench. So they kind of need to get my space back, not
that I’ve got much space but I need it back. The very little that I have. So what I’m going to do, is there we gonna make
a wee shelf. Kind of thinking that it’s gonna continue along, on the French cleat.
So that if I want to move that that shelf that I can. But first, I
haven’t decided whether I’m going to paint it or not? Probably not. I was
thinking about filling in the gaps and then painting it, but I really don’t like
painting so… I’ve kind of decided against doing that and just make the shelf I think. Let’s go make something. I’ve got 8 tape measures, and I can only find one of the smaller ones. 1,200. We want the french cleat to be at least 1,200 long
so I see if I can go and find a bit that’s 1,200 long. Hmmmm, don’t know where to start looking? So I’m just gonna get a level.
Not sure how well you’re gonna be able to see this? I’ve actually decided that’s long enough. I’m not gonna do the full length because I got the shelf for you anyway Just adjusting to the level. So if we look at the smaller shelf that
I made years ago what I need to do is to give it the support it requires and to
push back against the wall, I’ve got to come down past the french cleat and then
give it the angle bracket and that actually can take a fair bit of weight
because it’s pushing back onto itself, And it just sits in there. So I can actually push down on that and that takes a fair bit of weight. So I’ve got to just repeat,
basically that, but on a larger scale. Somehow?
There’s my shelf. And what I am thinking since I don’t have a new shop but they would be asking a bit much for this video so what I’m
thinking this is not long enough I’m going to cut maybe into three pieces and
then here turian supports in a middle support I’m running out of space on my beach
because I can’t put things away excuse my miss it should be used up one
yeah good thing we rinse and repeat so let’s down to Soumya and as you can see
it’s a little bit floppy it sits there I could put a little bit of weight and
lawns let’s through the back but the further out the weight distributes more
forward put a more pressure on the back lifting it up so that’s what you need
that triangle shape for to come back down here to take the pressure off and
support it all so I now need to go in couple straps yes I might better open my cheese and
therefore beer wasted on stuff like I’m down 200 200 should be enough and I’m
thinking just one on each in a part and a portion here yeah that way I’d only
need to make two of them I mean the Y is gonna be strong I have to hold whatever
I’ll put up here so let’s go and do that that’s watermill so I’m gonna cut down
the others make two there’s maybe 20 mil to the middle of the blade through the down I go on my stratts the
more support and actually gets just hold it there thank you
I want it cut me of both should be the same yeah well that worked there are the
struts yes max you just put it em down yeah that shelf can take a lot more
white because it’s pushing unless so what I need is a strut going across the
base of it so now I’ve got that done yes you see it’s quite steely I wouldn’t put a heck
of a lot of weight on it but because of this pot here it’s now that triangle is
in full effect I have a shelf thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video
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12 thoughts on “DIY French Cleat Shelf – Off the Cuff – Wacky Wood Works.

  1. Good job man, wacky as usual but very effective shelf dude πŸ˜€. …. Just another 400 of them and you should be on your way to tidy shop πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Thanks for sharing ,

  2. Never thought about using the French cleat system but I see it’s advantages mate, it’s a bugger when you just want to get all your things away whilst building the storage system for those things πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. I like destruction – ever thought of doing a video where you make something, then expose it to increasingly extreme testing conditions until it reaches the point of catastrophic failure? would be interesting to see the results.

  4. I LOVE The French Cleat System….this is what we do often in our shop!! Thanks for sharing your AWESOME Video with us Dale πŸ˜‰

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