DIY Fold Down Workbench

DIY Fold Down Workbench

so I get questions all the time on how I built my fold-down workbench because I built it before I started making YouTube videos so when a neighbor said he was planning on building one I asked him if I could build it for him instead so that I can make a video of it and give you the opportunity to see how it did it so I’m gonna go ahead and though the second one in my shop today just for videos sake and I hope you’ll enjoy it because I really loved the ability of being able to tuck it back into the wall and use a little bit more floor space my neighbor wasn’t particular about the size and left it up to me so when I found a scrap that was looks like 3 feet by 4 feet I thought it was a great size for a workbench so I left it as is why is it that the material I need is always at the very back I came in three inches on three sides so that I would have space to utilize clamps on the workbench then I take a few measurements and started cutting and assembling the inside frame before attaching it to the wall I first figured out how high I wanted it and then I drew a level line I took an inside measurement from frame to frame then cut a 2×4 and a piano hinge to that same size then I found the studs and attached the T by four to the wall whatever works right then I simply mounted the piano hinge next was to start making the legs so I grabbed a few two by fours and cut them to size then rounded over the top so that they could easily rotate I used my drill press to drill a half inch hole in the top then I put in two pocket holes on each leg I’ll use these later to attach a stop block next I needed to drill a half-inch corresponding hole in the frame and I saw a trick on Ozzy spawn channel to use a hole drilled at the drill press as a guide so I clamp the leg in place and gave it a shot I say that’s pretty straight then I simply started attaching the hardware now if you were to stop here you would have to manually bring out the legs every time you wanted to open it so to avoid that I went ahead and attached a start block using those pocket holes that I drilled earlier I’ve routed through my hardware and didn’t find a latch so I just went ahead and stuck with scraps so all in all have about four and a half hours in this so it’s very easily project that can be done on a single Saturday but I love the flexibility of it not only for the additional floor space when I want it but like this one it’s going to my neighbor and all I have to do is remove these screws that are in the stud then I can up and and pick it up and put it wherever I want so I love that I think flexibility is really important in the shop and of course the watching the system you could always upgrade but scrubs work just fine too if you would like more details I do have a written tutorial posted on my blog which is Volker duce calm but there’s also a link in the description of the video for you so let me know what you think about this in the comment section below and I will see you soon

100 thoughts on “DIY Fold Down Workbench

  1. Great project. Very well demonstrated and easy to understand. I am redoing my workshop and this is going to be part of it. Brains and Beauty….what a combo.

  2. Great job! Thumbs up!
    If you're free next week, could you come over to the west coast of Scotland and build one for ME?
    My neighbour doesn't have the time to make one.

  3. @April Wilkerson any suggestion on a hinge of some kind to make it slam-proof, or otherwise improve child-safety? Just worried a kid might pull it down on their head. Maybe a locking latch of some kind would do it too…
    Great little project, thanks!

  4. Fantastic!! This will really help in my limited space, and I do mean LIMITED. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Great tutorial. Thanks April! Yours is the most straightforward and simplest design. I plan on doing this myself, but modified to be a material support for my miter saw.(long and narrow)

  6. Ну вот! Есть ведь женщины не только в русских, но и в американских селеньях!))) Здоровско, Эйприл! Взял идею себе.

  7. I'm losing my shop as I downsize for retirement. Been trying to figure out how to make my garage shareable with my tools. This video has given me many new ideas. I'm sure coming up with a way to lock the legs in place will be easy with the start you have given me. Thanks for this video. I'll be watching others. Glad I found you.

  8. Умничка, всё отлично, только ножки закруглять нужно было лишь с одной стороны!!!
    т.е. – полусфера!

  9. muy original y sencillo y más emocionante e impresionante que la protagonista es una dama. Muchas gracias, Luis desde la Habana, Cuba

  10. Good Job!.. For whatever reason, i never though about doing something like that. I have two shops and next weekend, Guess what? They get some of it!!! Yes.

  11. Great idea!
    I'm trying to come up with a similar idea for a fold down bench in my shop for a siding break. Id like to mount the break to the surface and simply fold it down when not on use. Any thoughts?

  12. Thanks April. New Sub Here. This is the Second Video of yours That I’ve found to be extremely helpful. The 1st Video, & still my favorite, I watched was of the French Cleated Tool Racks you made to make your Shop more functional. Cheers & Many Thanks! Looking forward to more of your videos 🍻👍

  13. So many things you could adapt this to. Use it in a craft room with shelves hidden behind it. Heck embed it into a wall and put a picture over it… then unhook picture drop the table and your golden. Only change I would make would be to add rubber feet to the legs to stop accidentally knocking them under the table and causing the to drop and put pressure on the piano hinge.

  14. Ah great project. However it is difficult to distinguish if your project is more beautiful or you. Keep it up April. It's a learning video. Appreciate your efforts

  15. Sehr Gut gemacht.
    Das Du den Schrank als Werkzeug benutzt, macht dich sympathisch. 😁
    In meinem nächsten Projekt „Werkbank im Carport“ werde ich
    Deine Variante anwenden. Danke dafür. Gruß aus Deutschland.

  16. I cant hit a nail with a hammer, but I watch all of April's videos. She is cute as hell, man! Maybe I will build something one day…

  17. I just barley came across your videos and I'm in love! You are very informative and to the point with a hint of fun. I will definitely be waiting to see more.

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