Diving into the Deep End – Our 1400 Nautical Mile Maiden Voyage! – Ep.2

Diving into the Deep End – Our 1400 Nautical Mile Maiden Voyage! – Ep.2

In this episode of SV Tengah we decide
against baby steps and for our first sail with Tengah we attempt a nearly 1,400
Nautical Mile nonstop voyage from Gibraltar to Greece with some surprises
along the way Last time we told you guys about the two
months we spent near Gibraltar Rock in southern Spain getting Tengah ready for a
dream come true: a five years circumnavigation Scott and Tengah got both
hail from San Francisco so before we left we raised the Stars and Stripes. We
were both nervous and excited when we rounded Gibraltar Rock and entered the
open seas This is our first sunset Varm Mediterranean summer… Mie is on watch Being on watch entails that you make
sure Tengah is happy and content and more importantly make sure we don’t get run
down by big fast container ships Sailing isn’t always what you expect it
to be. The first couple days which we hoped would be an exciting sailing adventure
ended up being calm seas and motoring boredom as you can see from the look on
our faces. The boredom got so bad we even started sewing, or what sailors call whipping lines Boredom quickly turned into excitement when we got some unexpected visitors No matter how many times we saw dolphins I would always run to the bow to see what these beautiful animals were up to. Seeing dolphins and other sea life is an amazing experience but sadly their home
is becoming more and more polluted even to the point where there is expected to be
more plastic than marine life in the oceans by 2050 So in addition to our
goal of sailing around the world, one of the major aims with this trip is to examine
ways that we and maybe you can reduce our impact on that home. We will start
with measuring certain impacts we have with our own little self-contained home.
The cleaning products we use on board the trash produced the CO2 emitted
through fuel consumption and the solar power generated. All with the aim to find
ways to reduce our ecological footprint The original plan was to head up to Ibiza
Spain and cut across the Sardinia Italy Forecast said that the wind was better
off the coast of Africa. Forecast was right and finally put up the sails turn
the smelly diesel engine off All of that sailing excitement tired Mie
out the daytime watch schedule kind of fell apart Even though we knew about the
refugee crisis in the Mediterranean, it had a much stronger impact seeing the
search and rescue messages requesting that we keep a lookout for refugee boats
in distress Since 2014 almost 17,000 refugees have
died in the Mediterranean in such incidents. This was especially powerful
to Scott whose family escaped post-war Vietnam by both as political refugees. It took them 13 failed attempts before they got out and Tengah herself is named
after the island where they spent 16 months awaiting acceptance to the United States. In the span of 24 hours we saw more than six such and rescue messages
highlighting once again how lucky we are to have grown up in a first world
country and so have been lucky in our careers After almost a week we hit the
magical thousand Nautical Mile mark on Tengah as we went around the southern tip of Sicily and began the final stretch across the Ionian Sea towards Greece Here we had some of our best sailing
hitting eight and a half Knots over ground. Eventually the night watches, lack
of sleep and confinement on a sailboat drove us all a bit crazy. Here I’m reenacting
how Mie coped with her 5 a.m. watch the night before aka: not too well With the favorable winds we made it across the Ionian Sea quite quickly and soon we got to raise the yellow flag to
announce our desire to take into Greece In eight days and 1400 Nautical Miles we had reached Zakynthos in Greece Not bad for our maiden voyage! Tune in next time as we explore shipwrecks on the beach Amazing Bay’s with our new crew Andrew and Caroline and get excited about booze

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  1. I've been following for a while. Great job guys and your boat is absolutely beautiful. 👍👍✌️✌️

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