Die ersten Tage auf den San Blas Inseln – Sailing Seatramp EP 101

Die ersten Tage auf den San Blas Inseln – Sailing Seatramp EP 101

Welcome back to Seatramp, here we are again, currently we are at the San Blas Islands. We were able to recover from the horror of the attack six weeks ago and start to enjoy the sailing life again. This morning the local vegetable seller was already here, so that we could stock up a little bit again and now we actually enjoy the next days first of all here on Chichime on the San Blas, hang around a bit, come back to the boatlife and what belongs to the boatlife? That’s right. I’m going for a swim now. That was a good start into the day, now it’s time for breakfast and coffee. You’re glad the temperature’s below 36 degrees, and that’s just because what’s happening? It’s raining! It’s my fault, because I praised the day yesterday, because yesterday it was until 23.35 no rain, then I said it and it started raining right away. But it’s no big surprise now that it’s raining in the tropics. First real sailing day on the San Blas, but it’s not even a real sailing day. We’re still only out, out of the reef. I haven’t seen a sail outside yet. It’s not worth it either, how much knots of wind do we have? 1.6 knots. I think that sailing idea is over. I was swimming for it today, not 100% voluntarily… but, what do you call it? For a good deed. A good deed. Our neighbour, Luc, we haven’t seen him for a few days and we want to let him know quickly that we’re leaving now, weil wir immer noch mit den Haien schnorcheln wollten, We called first, then we unpacked the foghorn and honked, no reaction. Then we have asked other boats, which are here longer, they haven’t seen him also already for a few days. Mario wanted to put the dinghy in the water but we already had the anchor up, bikini on, jump in, swim over, knock. At first he didn’t react to it, but at some point he finally came, he probably had his headphones inside and didn’t hear it at all. But at least now we know that he is well and in the next few days we will visit him. Then we’ll go watch sharks. Now we need to make some water. All these little islands look so cute, but somehow we don’t find any uninhabited ones because we’d like to get the drone up. I didn’t want to get on anyone’s nerves right now. We are sailing! What’s the matter with you early in the morning? 8:00 a.m. and you kick everybody out of bed, we’re sailing now! Now it is not so hot, from 10 o’clock it is again so roaring hot that we anyway do anything again. So today I thought we’d get up earlier, let’s move a bit, get out of our shoes, looks good. Still the Lazymode only with the jib, but not all at once. Now that Navionics has left us again completely I’m glad I have the OpenCPN charts. Why did Navionics leave us completely? I have no idea, won’t start anymore. Now we sailto Los Crulos, where I am not sure if there is any land at all, or if they’re just reefs. But there’s Gunboat Island next door, it sounds like an island. It’s not that far now… We already have half. Handsteering, how awesome is that? That’s really working. Can’t remember the last time we did that, or? Now think about it, that must have been on the Cayman crossing and not for long. In between when we had guests there, we had them do it, and otherwise we’ve just been hanging out in the bay at Linton Bay. There was also nothing with sailing. But from the wave picture it reminds me pretty much to Croatia. And all this before 9:00, before breakfast. I’d say that’s we have pancakes for breakfast today. Sounds like a great plan. Well, you have to let the captain if he’s gonna get us out of bed so early, at least he knows what I belong to. While I took over the helm for a moment earlier the captain made us something here. Promise is promised. I told you we will eat pancakes. That means we make a short anchor stop here in Lemon Cay and then we think about where to go on? A little anchoring, a little breakfast, a little snorkeling. Let’s see if I can get the drone up. Let’s see how the weather goes. A bit dark the good one, apparently I’m out of practice. Well, are we going to open it now? It can actually be kept until 6 October. But it could be Death’s Cream Cheese. Not yet, but it will be. Speak when we open it, you have to eat it, because with refrigeration is in the moment a little difficult. The batteries that we installed in Greece last year they seem to be at the end of their rope. Either due to improper handling or because they’re really just through or because they just weren’t great. Anyway, it looks like the fridge has to be turned off by 6:00 p.m. right now, because the power output is still almost 10 amps, instead of 500 amps, a little depressed. That’s why we’re now thinking about opening the cream cheese, where we’re going to have been saving up for a long time. I’ll just open it now, wise decision. Now we have to eat him too. Small Calorie Bomb Good hunger. Time for a little drone test? Drone number four, I mean it’s called Phantom Four. Maybe it’s lucky to have number four. That’s right, but that’s actually number five alive. Don’t you remember the movie? Of course! I’m not that old. Kind of the forerunner of Wallie. He looked like Wallie, too. That’s a little true. Anyway, I’m curious if this will all work out. Here you can observe a drone in its natural courtship behavior. She’s certainly looking forward to finally being blown up again, and that signals them with very uncontrolled movements. Come home, you’ve played enough. That’s enough playing!

17 thoughts on “Die ersten Tage auf den San Blas Inseln – Sailing Seatramp EP 101

  1. Great for your work and best of all you’re making your future look better. I don’t know how to get the English. It subtitles on the screen. Happy to see you both again. Thank you for the video.

  2. Miss you, Nina and Mario 👏🏼😃

    Ich vermisse dich, Nina und Mario🙏🏼

    What are your coordinates now? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Guten Morgen, Nina and Mario. St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada here. I am really happy to see you both back to continue your adventure. And your right, it must be difficult. But I know you can do it. Just tone the, adventure parts, down a bit. { Just my poor attempt at humor. } Are you folks going to sail east this winter to welcome your buddy boat " Great Circle " to the Caribbean ? Stay safe out there.

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