Defense preparations Initiated as Apophis ‘God of Chaos’ Approaches Earth

Defense preparations Initiated as Apophis ‘God of Chaos’ Approaches Earth

Skywatch Media News for October the 11th
2019 NASA has begun preparations for the arrival of a colossal asteroid Apophis
which will skim the earth in a short 10 years time the asteroid dubbed god of
chaos measures 340 meters across roughly the height of the Empire State Building
in New York City its anticipated arrival in 2029 will bring it within a minuscule
19,000 miles of the earth making its passage extremely dangerous the asteroid
will pass even closer than the communication and weather satellites
that orbit the earth at a distance of approximately 23,000 miles astronomers
and Space Agency officials are very worried about Apophis the giant space
rock is traveling at a speed of 25,000 miles per hour so even the slightest
deflection from its observed trajectory could be consequential to our planets
survival the asteroid’s size and proximity to the earth has resulted in it being
categorized as a hazardous asteroid and scientists are keen to learn as much as
they possibly can about this huge space rock which is now barreling down on
planet Earth NASA knows that when the asteroid flies
dangerously close in the year 2029 its orbit trajectory could very well change
and that this massive rock could collide with the earth on its next approach in
the year 2036 as the rock approaches our planet picking up speed it will shine
bright in our sky it will be traveling at such tremendous speed that it will
cross the entire width of the moon in 60 seconds becoming among the brightest of
stars in the night sky although the close encounter of Apophis
will change its trajectory NASA insists that there is only a 1 in
100,000 chance that the rock will collide with the earth in the year 2036
but even with these optimistic projections present models suggest that
the rocks extremely close approach could change the spinning motion of the
asteroid which could result in surface changes to the earth such as large
cracks and fissures as well as avalanches like many other near earth
observations the path of the asteroid upon its closed approach in April of
2029 has been estimated by scientists according to computer models the
asteroid will be visible to the naked eye as it approaches in the night sky
over the southern hemisphere commencing to travel from east to west across
Australia it will then cross the Indian Ocean before crossing the equator and
moving west above Africa at its closest approach Apophis will be over the
Atlantic Ocean moving so fast that it will transverse the Atlantic in just one
hour Apophis is but one of nearly 2,000 asteroids that have been labeled as
potentially dangerous the information pertaining to its passage is based on
the data published by the National Space Agency but there is another source of
information presented to the public that paints an entirely different portrait of
the dangers associated with Apophis and is perceived path according to Michael
horn a space science investigator and UFO researcher Apophis will hit earth it
will hit either on this go-around or the next one in coordination with a team of
scientists his research indicates that the asteroid will eventually impact
earth between the north and the Black Sea not far from the United Kingdom his descriptive analogy describes what
will take place when the asteroid actually hits upon impact the asteroid
will crack the Earth’s crust huge pieces of the earth itself will break off and
it will be hurtled back into space when the rock enters into the Earth’s
atmosphere tremendous heat will commence to spread across the planet this will
produce a global effect as a result of a direct impact massive amounts of methane
gas will be released from the oceans and the skies will begin to darken leading
to a nuclear winter type phenomenon as would be expected a giant object
approaching earth and approaching at tremendous speeds while glowing hot as
it enters our atmosphere would certainly result in consequential complications
for the earth and its inhabitants now no one would desire such a scenario to play
out as we know life on planet Earth is very precious but if an asteroid the
likes of Apophis were to impact the planet regardless of where it might
strike it would have the potential of being devastating and this is something
that every one of us has to consider every time we hear NASA speak out about
potentially hazardous near-earth objects because much can change when a large
rock hits the Earth many asteroids are located between Jupiter and Mars and on
numerous occasions some have come dangerously close to our planet as was
the case with asteroid 2012 DA14 which came within 17,000 miles of our planet
in February of 2013 this asteroid was small compared to others measuring 150
feet across with a mass of 130 metric tons which places this asteroid in the
same realm as the Tunguska comet of 1908 the probability of a large one striking
us today is quite remote but as we already know it is not impossible and
the approaching Apophis reminds us of that reality comets associated with the
Taurid complex approach the Earth from a close distance every century or there
abouts so it’s entirely possible for a large asteroid or comet to fall to earth
in the foreseeable future evidence indicates that a large meteorite hit the
earth as recently as twelve thousand eight hundred years ago with widespread
consequences for life on the planet which suggests that the probability of
an impact in our future does exist a very large asteroid measuring 460 feet
skimmed past the earth minutes after midnight on October the 11th traveling
at nearly 49,000 miles per hour a speedy asteroid dubbed a 2019 SX5 crossed
Earth’s orbit on a close approach trajectory this asteroid was first
spotted flying through the inner solar system on September the 6th the space
rock is categorized as a near-earth object the asteroid’s size is at the upper
echelon of known NEO’s comparable to the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt 7 and
1/2 London sized buses could fit inside of this asteroid it’s important
to understand that space rocks this large have the potential of wiping out
entire regions on earth NEO’s greater than 140 metres which is equivalent to
459 feet could inflict severe damage to continents across the globe this is a
troubling indicator because according to the data collected by Caltech space
program of the more than 20,000 near-earth objects that have been
discovered there are nearly 8000 of them that fall into this size category
objects comparable to 2019 SX5 could strike earth with a minimum energy of
690 megatons of TNT which is greater than the most powerful nuclear devices
that have ever been detonated on this planet the space rock will continue on
its journey making a close approach of Venus before visiting us once again in
September of 2025 in times of uncertainty we often look towards the
sky to help ease our mind and our soul the sky is our garden it is the poetry
of nature it is what uplifts the spirit within us we travel through the clouds
of time for it is our home it is where we came from and it is from whence we
shall return thanks for watching

3 thoughts on “Defense preparations Initiated as Apophis ‘God of Chaos’ Approaches Earth

  1. 99942 Apophis (/əˈpɒfɪs/, previously known by its provisional designation 2004 MN4) is a 370-meter diameter near-Earth asteroid that caused a brief period of concern in December 2004 because initial observations indicated a probability of up to 2.7% that it would hit Earth on April 13, 2029.
    Apophis (also known as Apep) is the Great Serpent, enemy of the sun god Ra, in ancient Egyptian religion. … Apophis is associated with earthquakes, thunder, darkness, storms, and death, and is sometimes linked to the god Set, also associated with chaos, disorder, storms, and darkness.


  2. Thanks for this great video. We are on the spaceship earth and will encounter other space objects. We need to remember that the universe is capricious. We have been given this time to make our own impact while we can. We must use it wisely.

  3. Great video Steve, damn this is some sobering information. It's only a matter of when not if. Keep up with these videos.

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