Decorating my home office – SVALNAS shelving

Decorating my home office – SVALNAS shelving

okay episode three and I’m thinking “I
haven’t shown you guys my office yet” and it’s mainly because it’s an absolute
mess. Since moving into this house I just haven’t found the right configuration.
Can’t seem to get it to work and so pretty much plop my laptop anywhere in
the room and get to work. So I thought right it’s go for a trip to IKEA. Ive seen
some shelving that i like. Let’s go pick it up and start transforming this room, making it not only a decent design room but a decent YouTube room for carrying on with this
channel going forward. Just got back
from IKEA. We just bought the SVALNAS shelving and as you can see this in my
office. It’s an absolute mess but we’re going to try and get as much this
shelving as possible. It’s now 11 o’clock and I’ve unpacked most of it. Done a couple of shelves but tired now so I’m gonna leave it. I’ll show you what i’ve done tomorrow and hopefully we’ll get this all finished by then. Day two and I as you can see from last night that’s where I kind of got to. Just got to finish
couple more drawers I was testing my desk chair to see if it fits. A little bit
high but maybe we’ll get a stool instead and still have a desk over here at some
point this is just the start of my journey and I’ve gotta go take the
girlfriend to the train station for her job and my little dog for a walk and then
I’ve got a couple of hours before work starts so let’s get to it. Hey buddy, shall we go and feed you? well that was a bit of hard work as
you can see I’ve put in the the three shelves now. The three cupboards so now I just
got to do the middle shelving and then it should be all done obviously still
got to tighten up quite a few of the screws as well underneath but don’t
tighten it too much because they have to have some flexibility if the shelving doesn’t go in. think I need a yeah think it’s coffee
break first now Oh all done. Just started putting some stuff on the shelves. I don’t think i have enough stuff to actually fill it at the moment but ill try
and style it as best I can. Well I think all that hard work over the
last couple of days is paid off. I think it looks really good and it seems to be quite a good new back drop for my youtube channel going forward so
there’s still obviously bits in this room that need to sort out and I’m going
to be doing an iMac setup over there in a future video and to clean all that
area up and I’ve got my samsung frame TV at the back that I want to sort out so
that it looks less like a TV and more like a piece of art, so I can start
displaying my art pieces on there when i have people come around. But I’m
really happy with it and hopefully you guys enjoyed the video
and hoping to do a few more tutorial videos and maybe a couple of home
lifestyle videos if that’s the kind of thing people are after. This
house is fairly new to us so we’ve been decorating going around so you’ve got a
guest bedroom, dining room, living room and kitchen downstairs as well as a
small little office for my girlfriend in the other room as well. Hopefully you enjoyed this video like and subscribe and then hopefully
I’ll catch you in the next one

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  1. Ok… How did you put those up? I think you did a beautiful job showcasing them but failed to achieve what is intended by the title of your video.

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