D-0 the day I start my race around the world (almost) – Ep95 – The Sailing Frenchman

D-0 the day I start my race around the world (almost) – Ep95 – The Sailing Frenchman

All right, so like every morning we are moving the boat because some days we’re open boat other days we’re not open boat Dale wants to talk to you on the radio. Hello Dale.
Hi, are you guys close to being ready? 30 seconds.
Alright bud All right, so we are here in St. Katharine’s Docks with actually all the crew for Leg 1 right there And yeah, apparently there is an open bar really soon Let’s go It’s our naming ceremony. It’s supposed to be really really Symbolic. Oh, I know. I know I know but the dehydration really really bad at this stage It’s really warm in London at the moment. So yeah, we don’t want that So for this race we have 8 people on board that are doing the whole thing and I’m afraid they’re not that that you know, they’re getting there and here they are You’re getting ready guys? everybody even Josh is doing the round the world Distinguished guests, friends and of course not forgetting the crew You’re looking remarkably smart and I hope you stay that way Stay clear of booze lads And it’s wonderful to be tied up with Vietnam again So you’ve got the boat. Actually I’m rather proud of her, she looks very smart I’ve done my best to give you a good crew You’ll have to see how they perform when they get out there So now we gonna stand back and watch to see how well they do on your behalf I’m just gonna ask the skipper now Josh Stickland just to say a couple of words Josh Good afternoon everyone. Thank you very much for coming Mon i bah (vietnamese) Ladies and gentlemen and the crew of Halong Bay Vietnam Is an enormous privilege and pleasure to be given the opportunity to speak to you all today Sailing across oceans is not an easy task. It takes planning determination, teamwork and courage But this task is made easier by the support of those around us our families our friends And as importantly you our partner Halong Bay Vietnam. Thank you All right, so we’re going back into the fancy office but this time with 200-kilo Spinnaker’s to mark them I don’t know how much the guys of the security are going to like it Hello How are you doing John ?
Coloring in, the technical job So what are we doing Ivan ? What’s the process ? We’re marking sails so that if we need to repair them in a confined space inside we can find where we are on the sail easily So they’re coordinates, right? you have like one two, three, four five and then like letters across yeah Whenever we grab the sail somewhere we know which part of the sail we’re getting hold on And then we can work our ay to where the tear is or the hole and fix it easier quicker Because when we have all the sails piled in the sail locker which is just a few square meters you can find wherever the tear is and fix it Hopefully we don’t have to do this, but we will at some point You can see here in this quite big room How much the sail takes up and how difficult it is to to arrange it the confine on the boat it’s just almost impossible. Not a good day How many bodies you have in there ? Shhhs, stop moving in there Yeah, yeah we know Here with the AQP and this is the last drinks right that we’re having. Oh Yeah and this is going to be dangerous because in two days we’re leaving and then Right, you’re not going to hear anything of this so carry on All right, so yesterday was yesterday and now I’m trying to be productive we’re putting back the chickblock We just got the last part of our team kit Thank you Sam, need to put yours now All right, so hair is way too long I’m getting a haircut It’s really needed. You don’t laugh, look at his hair All right, so we’re leaving tomorrow Mom just gave me a haircut Made made me a haircut and we’re going for a drink beacuse tomorrow We go ! Well we just met with the spanish team and danger is coming, we’re going to some place we don’t know where El Jorgito from the Sanya team and we are on Towerbridge Dinner, last dinner in London, and tomorrow, we’re going Well, Jorge, what is your strategy for leg 1? The most important is not to hit the bridge Like the one we are on rught now
This is Tower bridge To me it’s fundamental If you manage to get out of the river, great, it’s done For me it’s a very important strategy.
We got this, we got this Well we went to have dinner in a chinese festival but they were closing at 9 pm so we’re eating in the street But it’s very good, I like the experience, very chinese. How do you like yours ? super spicy, I’m crying, I’l actually crying I’m almost crying So today is race start, we are leaving London and we’ll be at anchor tonight. I’m hoping to post this episode tonight while we are at anchor because the real start, the line start is Monday morning so tomorrow morning from the estuary of the Thames All right parade, are you ready ? Gonna walk walk walk picture picture picture and then hopefully finally we are done with that shit So many people, ok, they don’t let me put my nice Crocs, but Manuel is representing Good job Manuel And it’s gonna rain right when you’re gonna take the picture All right, that’s it we are off From London going at the top down the Thames now Pretty nice sunset And yes today Sunday, we’re going up… down the Thames now, gonna anchor, in the estuary and tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock is the is the start, the real start or line start
and towards Portugal 1200 miles We’re really looking forward to be on the water and just, just sail, just yeah go fast and get off the land for a bit. It’s gonna be it’s gonna be nice and Really cool seeing some of you during this week. Sorry if I was not on the boat when you came Quite a a lot of admin to do before leaving and yeah, I had lots of you coming to tell me, you know that these videos I’m doing are actually helping you maybe getting on the water or completing whatever project you might have on and and thank you so much that’s cool. I spend lots of time editing these videos. I mean filming and editing and and on these so if it does have positive impact on your life, I cannot be more happy about this really. Now I’ve a bit more sailing eleven months That’s gonna be quite cool But I can’t wait to sail now. We have pretty good forecast to go to Portugal We should be having these boats moving and it’s a bit the big trial now for Josh and I Can we make this boat go? At least as fast as the others ? That’s what we’re gonna find out. And yeah, I mean when I post this video I’ll be in Portugal already Or even a bit more. If you want follow the race live go on the Clipper website And they have a fleet tracker. It’s pretty easy to see real-time. There’s an update every six hours So if you want to see the advance of the race back home, that’s where you should go Go team along by Vietnam oh, and follow us on Instagram as well 🙂

41 thoughts on “D-0 the day I start my race around the world (almost) – Ep95 – The Sailing Frenchman

  1. From a bloke sailing a boat, that was a little bit small, across the Atlantic with his dad to this… well done mate! And if you are ever in the actual Halong Bay, give me a shout – I will buy you a beer.

  2. As I watch this, y’all have just crossed the equator and are a bit more than 1/2 way through Leg 2. I am already addicted to the Race Tracker and reading the skipper’s and crew’s daily logs. Please let everyone know we do read them and appreciate very little detail we learn about each of you, the boat, and your life on this crazy, awesome race. Sail on, Ha Long Bay!

  3. Oui, je suis la course en direct sur le site, il y a aussi plein d'infos 👍
    J'adore tes vidéos.

  4. Comme d'habitude, super vidéo ! Merci de nous faire partager cette aventure de l'intérieur ! Je suis la course tous les jours ! Go team Ha Long Bay ! Je suis en train de réaliser mon rêve : acheter un bateau, et aller voguer, et c'est en partie grâce à tes vidéos que je me suis décidé à me lancer !

  5. i dont know what im more impressed by, the fact that you sailing around the world or find that big of a room in London haha

  6. This is so exciting. Press on. Win or lose it’s all a win. What an experience. I am tracking progress for sure. Be safe.

  7. Thanks for your effort in making these videos Hugo. I’m always very impressed the way you can switch between French, English and Spanish.

  8. It's been so amazing watching your whole journey from crossing the Atlantic with your father to now this – keep inspiring us all!

  9. So incredible to think that not long ago I was watching your lazy … out in the Caribbean , having absolutely no idea this was going to happen. Life is CRAZY ! So glad I'm a fanatic about finding sailing vloggers. Question, are you the only one who is a pro in the race, or were there other cruisers ?

  10. Hugo you guys are doing great… And today you are in Brazilian waters bro! Unfortunately no stops here during this leg! 😕 Well… Keep it up team VIETNAM!

  11. Great job, u should be proud of yourself to obtain such recognition on this boat. The only bad thing is that u might not like sailing anymore😂

  12. Since the first videos your english has gotten a lot better! Im so happy your team is in 3rd at the moment! My good luck wishes are with you!💫

  13. Happy for you mate, wish you well and be safe out there!

    Greets from Liverpool UK ✌️👏⚓⚓🚢🚢🚣🚣⛵🛥️🛥️🚤🚤

  14. I'm not sure if your seeing what we are seeing on the tracker but the route is decided on the shifting fronts. Quindao made a good call going south to miss that dead air that has slowed you today. Lets hope they run into some light wind before the finish but from my position, it looks like the fleet is going to have to get used to light airs for a bit before it picks up at the end. Sail smooth, sail fast. Were all gunning for you.

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